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Dec 26, 2019, 06:12 PM 7,592 read

[EVENT] Grand Opening! House of Reincarnation!

DESTINY CHILD: PAST NEWS - [EVENT] Grand Opening! House of Reincarnation! image 1

  Bari recently opened the House of Reincarnation! In this mysterious house, you can summon 5★ Childs through various spiritual rituals like Restoration, Oversoul, and Metamorphosis!   Bari hopes you like the new service she provides and wants to promote her place! Please add comments about the Child you want to get through the House of Reincarnation below this notification!   Then Bari will never forget your kindness and favor!  

DESTINY CHILD: PAST NEWS - [EVENT] Grand Opening! House of Reincarnation! image 3

  [Rewards] Stage 1 (100 Comments) : 100 Stamina Stage 2 (300 Comments) : 300 Stamina Stage 3 (600 Comments) : 600 Stamina   The rewards will be provided to all participants every time the number of comments reaches each stage of the goals she set.   [Periods] Dec. 26, 2019, after maint. - Jan. 1, 2020, 23:59 (UTC+0) ※ The reward will be provided on Jan 2, 2020.   Well, this is it! Let's help Bari and make the House of Reincarnation rock! It's time to play! With demons.

Comment 242

  • Tsuyomi LV.22 Outlaw Dec 26, 2019, 06:18 PM

    Definitely the long-awaited feature we needed and deserved. Can't wait to free up my character space.

    I defintely can't wait to max cap Beach Mona <3

  • Kharl LV.24 Wizard Dec 26, 2019, 06:18 PM

    Bathory, Newbie Mona, Neptune, Durandal, and more from future updates.

  • dctouko LV.20 Champagne Showers! Dec 26, 2019, 06:56 PM

    Amazing as always SHIFT UP :) Thank you very much! i will definitely be using Bari's services to uncap my Neptune,Bathory,Maat,Dana and the future childs :)

    EDIT: i gave my extra Eve,Chang'e,Red Crosses and A.I to Bari and in return she gave me a copy of Lady Bathory :)

  • Reika Mae LV.34 Dragon Dec 26, 2019, 10:54 PM

    I would love uncaps of all these childs!!! Thanks for giving us HoR this early and in time for christmas! We love u Shift Up!

  • Windzz LV.5 Lurker Dec 26, 2019, 06:20 PM

    bath, n.mona, nept, iso, mone

  • BadMelody LV.21 Professional Noob Dec 26, 2019, 06:41 PM

    I'm definitely gonna try to uncap bathory, nine, and kasumi.

  • Karedo LV.13 Chief Dec 26, 2019, 07:10 PM

    1 stamina for a comment honestly that is cheap

  • Ojo018 LV.13 Chief Dec 26, 2019, 07:31 PM

    Well, since collab child must be owned for uncaps, I'd like to see any Vocaloid (Hatsune Miku) in the refresh new list. But since it will never come back. (I can dream you know.) So, nonetheless I go for uncapping Newbie Mona, Chang'e, Bikini Lisa, Savanna Serval and Neptune❤️

    Thank you for the updates ShiftUp!

  • Archfiend Laharl LV.23 Warrior Dec 26, 2019, 07:38 PM

    Hatsune Miku! I've had a single copy of her since the event and always wished I had been able to get more. Now with HoR I have my chance!

  • (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ภєאєɭ ♥ LV.39 Try Hard Dec 26, 2019, 07:46 PM

    All collaboration child.

  • Jentai LV.10 Ho Ho Ho! Dec 26, 2019, 08:20 PM


  • Shadow Mega LV.21 Professional Noob Dec 26, 2019, 08:27 PM

    Looking forward to uncapping all my current collab childs. Nine, Catherine, Kasumi, etc.

  • ShaberuSama LV.1 Mootie Dec 26, 2019, 10:37 PM

    Finally, we can uncap those collab childs :D

  • Gatrix LV.9 Nomad Dec 26, 2019, 10:43 PM

    Kasumi +6 now

  • Fuffy De LV.17 Supersonic Dec 28, 2019, 11:46 AM

    santa ate rudolph