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[Added] UPDATE NOTE: SEPTEMBER 11, 2019 (+Derring News)


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[Narrative Dungeon] ■ Narrative Dungeon: Eternal Vow (After 9/11 Update ~ Until 9/25 4:00 UTC+0) *Narrative Dungeon can only be played for a limited period.   ◇ How to play: 0. NARRATIVE DUNGEON NARRATIVE DUNGEON is an Event dungeon that only opens for a limited period in which you can enjoy the story of new Childs.   1. HOW TO PLAY NARRATIVE DUNGEON NARRATIVE DUNGEON has difficulty level of normal and hard. You need to clear all stages in the normal mode to unlock the hard mode. Each stage requires stamina to play.   2. NARRATIVE COLLECTION -Random Rewards list Gather event items by clearing NARRATIVE DUNGEON. With the collected event items, you can summon various rewards. -Collection Rewards list Collecting all the rewards in Random Rewards list will give you a special Collection reward. There are 8 rounds of collection reward. You can skip to the next round of collection reward if you have summoned the MAIN reward in the Random Rewards list.   4. PARTNER CHILD In NARRATIVE DUNGEON, you will sometimes come across a special Child as a partner. During the stages where the partner is sent in, the partner Child automatically replaces the team member in the far left slot and is set as the team leader.   5. BOOST CHILD Adding Boost Child in your team boosts your reward in NARRATIVE DUNGEON. Please remember, the partner Child does not count as a Boost Child.   6. FORTUNE BONUS There is a chance to meet a special rare boss in some stages. If you defeat this special boss, you will receive a single special reward as a Fortune Bonus.   # Enjoy the new and improved NARRATIVE DUNGEON!   ◇ Collection Rewards List 1st. Galaxy Napping Place 2nd. Gothic Parasol (Weapon) 3rd. 5* Summon Ticket 4th. Bustle Dress (Armor) 5th. 5* Soul Carta Ticket 6th. Glass Rosary (Accessory) 7th. Lady Bathory (Child) 8th~. 3-5* 10x Summon Ticket   ◇ Boost Childs: Bathory and Krampus Have Boost Childs in your team, and get additional event items! If you have more than one Boost Child, the boost will be even more effective! *NOTE: Please remember the partner Child does not count as a Boost Child.       [Child] New 5* Child - Bathory   Bathory:

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Power 2220 HP 2073 ATK 1062 DEF 825 AGL 788 CRT 945   [Auto Attack] Wood Attack - Deal 102 Auto Attack damage [Tap Skill] Blood Reception - Deal 398 Damage to 1 Enemy (Priority: Most Buffs), Debuff EVA -10% for 20 seconds, DEF -10% for 8 seconds [Slide Skill]Bloody Oath - Deal 690 Damage to 2 Enemies (Priority: Lowest HP), inflict Dancing Blade (DEF -20% and 200 DoT every 2 sec.) for 14 seconds, DEF -700 [Drive Skill] Ticket to Annihilation - Deal 2065 Damage to 3 Enemies (Priority: Most Buffs), inflict Brand (Deals [No. of buffs on target + 1] x 250 DoT every 4 seconds, max of 6 buffs [final multiplier of 7]) for 20 seconds [Leader Buff] Drive Skill Final Blow -25% to all Enemies (During PVP, DoT -50% to all Enemies) *Based on Skill Rank1 Level 1       [Costume] ■ New Costume - Naughty Krampus

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    [Item] ■ New Items - Gothic Parasol (Weapon), Bustle Dress (Armor), Glass Rosary (Accessory)       [Event] ■ Evolution Road (After 9/11 Update ~ Until 9/29 17:30 UTC+0) Chance to get 5* Soul Carta summon ticket, and Crystals!       [Summon] ■ New Child added to Bloodgem summon pool - Bathory (After 9/11 Update) ■ Crystal Pickup Summon - Bathory, Krampus, and more… (After 9/11 Update ~ Until 9/29 17:30 UTC+0) ■ Crystal Pickup Summon - Bathory and more… (After 9/11 Update ~ Until 9/15 4:00 UTC+0) ■ Crystal Pickup Summon - Krampus and more… (After 9/14 4:00 ~ Until 9/18 4:00 UTC+0) *Pickup Summon contains 5* Childs from the Premium Summon pool. Some Pickup Summons do not guarantee the 5* Childs on the banner. Please tap "?Rate" button before summoning. *Tap “?Rate” button on (top right corner) each summon banner to check the summon rate and summon pool of Childs.       [Package] ■ Guaranteed Bathory Package, Guaranteed Krampus Package, Krampus Package, Crystal Package (After 9/11 Update ~ Until 9/16 4:00 UTC+0) ■ Bathory Package (After 9/11 Update ~ Until 9/29 17:30 UTC+0) *Guaranteed package guarantees the Child. *NOTE: Krampus Package, Bathory Package contain Lucky Box. Please tap "more" to see its components. *NOTE: Purchased Lucky Box will be sent to your mailbox. Once you open the Lucky Box in your mailbox, the products will remain for 7 days in your mailbox. Please claim them before the expiry date. Expired mail cannot be recovered. *What is Lucky Box? Lucky Box contains a random combination of products from set 1 to set 4. Go to the shop, tap “More” and "?Rate" button to check the containing and rate of the package.       [Others] ■ Devil Pass Season 18 starts! (After 9/11 Update ~ Until 9/29 17:30 UTC+0) ■ Mission Pass season 8 Starts! (After 9/11 Update ~ Until 9/29 17:30 UTC+0) *NOTE: Some of the missions can be unlocked through in-app purchases.   Gather Closed Chestnut for the exclusive "Child's Limited-Time Missions!" - Collect Closed Chestnut and get special gifts! - You can gather Closed Chestnut from the Davi's Limited-Time Missions in Mission Pass, Dice complete event, Raid Shop, Narrative Dungeon missions, and Lisa's Daily Tasks. *You have a chance to get Lucky Box from Mission pass. Please check the summon rate here:

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    *Devil Pass season 8 start date has been corrected. (Start after 9/11 Update)