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[Destiny 101] Rebirth Labyrinth

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Greetings, master! Your loyal supporter Mona, at your service! ♥   Welcome to another chapter of Mona’s Destiny 101!   At least once, I bet you’ve wondered: “What if there’s Pactmaker costume for my Childs?” With Methuselah and Wodan’s help, you are now able to give new looks to your Childs!   On today’s article, I’d like to talk about “Rebirth Labyrinth”, introducing some features and information about the Labyrinth!   So, let’s get right into it, shall we?     ■ Re:Birth Labyrinth To obtain new costumes, first, you need to gather Rebirth Coins!

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  Every time you manage to break through the Labyrinth, you can obtain Rebirth Coins. The amount of coins will increase according to the Labyrinth level.  

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For each Labyrinth, you can set the difficulty from Base to +3 before you start the battle.   Higher difficulties guarantee extra bonus on the amount of Rebirth Coins obtained, but also give powerful boosts to the enemy such as ATK, Max HP, and so on.   You’ll be given 5 entries every day, so choose level and difficulty wisely!  

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Oh, and don’t forget the daily missions! Participate and clear Rebirth Labyrinth every day and claim the rewards!     ■ Re:Birth Synthesis It is time to spend Rebirth Coins for new costumes and tons of items!  

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16 items which you can see from the screenshot above is called “Synthesis Grid”. You will get one item or a costume from the grid each time you perform a synthesis with your Rebirth Coins.   Note that items that have been obtained up to maximum count will be removed from the grid.   Eventually, you can get every costumes or items on the current grid. Once you obtained all the goods, you will receive the completion reward and a brand new grid!   Are you not satisfied with the costumes and items on the current synthesis grid? Try “Grid Refresh” to get the new grid and seek for the costumes or items you want!     ■ Costume Shop

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In the costume shop, you can purchase special costumes with Blood gems including the ones from the previous Ragna:Break.   Some costumes will also change your Childs’ voice!     Mona wishes my Master to be stronger from Mona’s help! ♥ I’ll see you in the next article. Bye!

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