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[Destiny 101] Devil Rumble

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Greetings, master! Your loyal supporter Mona, at your service! ♥   Welcome to another chapter of Mona’s Destiny 101!   Haven’t you participated in Devil Rumble yet? If you’re new to Devil Rumble, I strongly recommend you to check out this post!   On today’s article, I’d like to talk about “Devil Rumble”, dealing with some information which would be useful for newcomers!   So, let’s get right into it, shall we?     ■ I’m new to Devil Rumble! Help me out!

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You might be nervous when you take your first step to the extreme battle arena. But do not worry, Rumble Trainers will help you warm up before you face off other candidates!   Rumble Trainers are NPC who stand as your opponent with relatively low-powered teams, and they will train you until you promote to Ruby I league.  

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If you win the battle or complete Daily Rumble Missions, you can earn Rumble Coins. Note that winning streak will grant a bonus on the amount of Rumble Coins obtained!   You can buy stuff like evolution materials and accessories from Rumble Shop. Defeat other candidates and gather Rumble Coins to buy tons of goods!     ■ What are the benefits of reaching higher leagues?

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By constantly participating in Devil Rumble, you can receive League Rewards every Monday at 04:00 A.M. (UTC+0). The higher you reach, the better your rewards become!   For the details, tap [League Rewards] button on the bottom and find out what rewards you will get! Also, note that you need to participate in at least 10 battles every week to receive League Rewards!     ■ I fought 10 times every week, but I just got demoted! Why is this happening?

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As I’ve mentioned above, fighting 10 times every week is the requirement for “receiving League Rewards”. Starting from Bronze League II, you need to meet several conditions in order to “maintain your current league”.   For instance, to maintain Bronze League V, you need to play at least 15 games, maintaining a 50% win rate. In the case of Gold League V, you need to play at least 90 games, maintaining 70% win rate.   Tap [(?) Rules] button on [Rival] menu, and find out the conditions for maintaining your league!   Mona wishes my Master to be stronger from Mona’s help! ♥ I’ll see you in the next article. Bye!  

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