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Forging Recipe Guide

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★ Hephaestus’s Forge <Forging Recipe> The Night World> Hephaestus’s Forge has been renovated. Accordingly, <Forging Recipe> system has been added, where you can collect the materials required for forging and forge the items you want.

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  ★ What is forging recipe? In order to forge recipes, you need to gather the necessary materials. However, even if there are enough materials, the forging period and number of times may be limited. Be sure to check the forging conditions for certain recipes!   ★ Forging Recipe Update Time Daily: 04:00, every day Weekly: 04:00, every Monday Monthly: 04:00, the first day of the month   ★ How to use recipe forging

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Step 1: Select the desired forging recipe category. Event - Limited-time event recipes, etc. Child - Recipes for creating summon tickets by type, etc. Soul Carta - Recipes for creating Soul Cartas, etc. Others - Recipes for disassembling Evolution Materials etc.   Step 2: Select the recipe you want to forge. ※ This is the screen when selecting Other> Recipe for disassembling Evolution Material

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① You can check forging information such as recipe contents and number of times limit. ② You can check the crafting rates by touching the crafting rates button. ③ You can check the ingredients used in the forging recipe.   Step 3: Proceed with forging.

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Use the + and - buttons to adjust the production forging or you can select a minimum of 1 MIN and a maximum of 100 MAX.   ★ Permanent Recipes? - Unlike event recipes that are open for a limited time, these are forging recipes that can be created at any time. - The permanent recipe may be added or changed at any time, and in this case, we will notify Candidates separately. - Please check in-game for more information on rewards that can be created with permanent recipes!    

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