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Welcome to the Night World


[Night World] Night World is available at candidate level 7. Mona will take you to the Night World when you reach candidate level 7. Some places require over candidate level 7.

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There are seven places to go. Devil Rumble, Event Dungeon, Underground, Shop, Scarlet Collection, Exploration, Bar Replay(Scenarios):   [Devil Rumble] Devil Rumble(PVP battles) is run(or broadcast) by perky A.I. Available at candidate level 10. She is going to take you to the hot Archfiend candidate battle of Channel Evil. In Devil Rumble, you face off against other Archfiend candidates to climb the ranks of the leaderboard. The further you climb, the more rewards you earn. Don’t miss out fabulous prizes every week! Check the Devil Rumble rules to get you to the top:   [Devil Rumble Rules] *Every week’s Devil Rumble starts every Monday 04:00 UTC & closes on Monday 00:00 UTC *Starting league will be determined at the same time as your rewards *Score resets to its minimum when the Weekly Devil Rumble begins, depending on your current league *The minimum win rate and battles must be kept in order to maintain your league *Failure to meet the minimum league requirements before the Devil Rumble closure will drop you 2 leagues lower *The rival list will be updated when all players are defeated or overtime *Next week’s league is determined by this week’s score and rank *You must compete at least 10 times a week to receive a reward *Those who rank in at 100th place or higher earn a bonus reward in addition to the league reward

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- Rival – You need a ticket to fight in Devil Rumble. You can carry at most 5 tickets. Tickets automatically regenerate over time. Can’t wait? You can buy 5 tickets with 100 Crystals. If your rivals are too strong to fight, switch them for free every 15 min or use 50 Crystals. You will see one unknown player which the Childs team is hidden on your first encounter. Other 4 players’ team will be shown. You will get Devil Rumble mileage as you win. *Note: Do not get disappointed even if you lose. You can challenge as many as you want to the same rival until you win when the rival is on your challenge list. Adjust and find the right Childs team to defeat your rival! Or just remove them using refresh button.  

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[Mileage Reward] *Earn mileage points for Devil Rumble battle wins *When the gauge is full you won’t gain any more mileage points *The mileage gauge will be reset once you claim your reward.   - Ranking – Find out the glorious names in top 100. You can get a hint from them to organize your own team. A.I suggests various rewards such as enhancement material, Gold, and Crystals! Check out Top 100 Ranking Rules   [Top 100 Ranking Rules] Rankings are determined by comparing players starting with rule number 1 above and moving on down the numbers each time. 1. Highest Rumble Score 2. Most wins this week 3. Highest winning rate this week 4. Lowest number of career wins 5. Highest number of career wins 6. The later the first battle time of the weekly Devil Rumble   - Daily Missions – offers you 7 missions every day. Complete the missions and get rewards such as Onyx, Gold and Rumble Coins! - League Rewards – Generous A.I gives her heart out to everyone! Except for the rank rewards, everyone who joined the battle in Devil Rumble can get league rewards. Note that at least 10 battles is a must to get rewards every week. Each league has 1 to 5 steps. Check out league information.   [League information – Leagues and scores]

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- Rumble Shop – items can be bought using Rumble coins. Coins can be earned from Rumble battles, Rumble missions or event rewards. You can purchase equipment and evolution materials at Rumble Shop. Catalog changes after a certain period of time, but you can switch up immediately by using Crystals. Want to put more up for sale? Unlock selling items slots using Gold.   [Event Dungeon]

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- Event Dungeon – is an important place. Normally you could see three daily dungeons every day which are Evolution material dungeon, Enhancement material dungeon, and Gold dungeon. All available from candidate level 7. Use stamina to play these dungeons. Entering dungeons with higher difficulties requires more Stamina, but the rarities of the materials you earn also increase. Daily Dungeons are as follows: - Evolution material dungeon – You can get various evolution materials in this place. Use evolution materials to evolve your Childs. Earn higher-grade rewards for more difficult dungeon levels. Different types of material dungeon open daily. - Enhancement material dungeon – Stronger as your Child’s level gets higher! Enhancement Childs grant lots of EXP when you combine them with other Childs. Whenever you are in need of some EXPs, head to the Enhancement Child dungeons for the type you need. - Gold dungeon - Get lots of Gold in the Gold dungeon. You can earn plenty of Gold in the Gold dungeon, with even greater spoils for the more difficult dungeon levels. [Daily Dungeon Schedule]

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Sometimes SPECIAL DUNGEON opens in Event Dungeon! We have plenty of them to show you!   [Underground]

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- Underground – is available from candidate level 12. Mobilize every Child you have as you battle your way to its deepest depths. Your foes will become ever more powerful as you near the very bottom, but you can earn the highest rarity of equipment and tons of Golds, among other rewards. In the Underground. - Difficulties - You can choose Easy, Normal, or Hard. Depending on the difficulty, the rewards you earn change. You can go to the next level when you clear previous level. Each level has 15 stations and each time you pass through 3 stations earn reward at a separately established supply station. - Entries Allowed - Entering Underground is allowed 3 times per a day, but using reset button and use some amount of Crystals to challenge again. - Childs Rarity - Certain rarity of Childs can be used in each level. In easy 3-star or higher, in normal 4-star or higher, in Hard 5-star or higher. A special stage opens for a limited time which is extreme. In extreme 5-star or higher Childs can be joined.  

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*Note: Childs’ HP does not recover after battles in Underground, but the fever gauge remains. Use your Childs skills wisely.   [Shop] Buy Gold and Stamina with Crystals. Also we are offering some merchandizes you can buy with actual money. Some of them may have purchase limits. Not a must but a great help.   [Scarlet Collection] Brigid offers a great deal! She sells exclusive items to get your Childs stronger! Check out what she has:

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[Exploration] Available from candidate level 9. Send out your Childs on explorations to earn EXPs and items. There are all 5 exploration areas. The first area will be unlocked at Candidate level 9, and other 4 areas will gradually be unlocked when you reach level 12, 18, 22, 30. There are 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours and 12 hours of exploration durations. The longer the exploration the more EXPs earned to the Childs, and the higher the rarity of items obtained.   [Bar Replay] Bar Replay(Scenarios) – Visit Hebe at Bar Replay to watch scenario again. Destiny Child offers you many scenarios you can enjoy. Main, awakening, sometimes special ones like event scenarios. Select a scenario and tap “Replay” to watch again.

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- Main Scenario – showing stories in the stages of the world. - Awakening Scenario – Find out true stories of your Childs! Check out how to awaken Child in [Getting Started] or [Make your Child stronger] posts. - Special Scenario – Want to see again when you met Mona for the first time or your first visit to the Night World? They are all here. Something more special moments can be held in here if you were lucky.  

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