Puppet & Diorama Guide

What is a Puppet?
A Puppet is a cursed doll made using soul fragments. It can be equipped for a Child of the same type or displayed in [My Room>Diorama].
※ When a Puppet is attached to a Child, an additional effect is given to the equipped Child’s Skill.
※ When a Puppet is displayed in a Diorama, the additional effect of the Diorama will be provided to All Childs.

Attaching and Detaching a Puppet
A Puppet can only be attached to a Child with the same type as the puppet.
A Puppet Detergent is required to remove the puppet from the child.
If you don’t have a Puppet Detergent, you can simply set the equipped Puppet.
You can get Puppet Detergents by doing this.
Raising a Puppet
You can increase the Puppet Level through combining.
To combine Puppets, you need other Puppets or Cotton.
The higher the grade of the material, the more experience you can get!

Increasing Puppet Skills
Raising the Puppet Level also increases the Skill Levels.
The higher the skill level, the stronger the Skill effect gets!
Uncapping a Puppet
The Maximum Puppet Level expands as you uncap your puppet.
To uncap your puppet, you must use the same puppet as a material,
and you can uncap up to +6.
Creating Puppet
Puppets can be forged in Hephaestus’s Forge in the Night World.
To make a Puppet, you need materials that fit the recipe grade.
Getting Puppet Recipe Ingredients
Materials can be obtained from various sources, such as content rewards or shops.
★ Diorama

What is a Diorama?
The Puppet Diorama is a special model made to gather and utilize the power of the Puppets. Each Diorama has a different battle effect which can be activated by placing Puppets.
* Diorama can be found through [My Room>Diorama]
Activating Diorama
To activate a Diorama, you must put a Puppet in all slots of the Diorama.
If a Diorama has any empty slots, then the diorama gets disabled.
The Effect of Diorama
All activated Diorama effects get automatically applied to battles.
The higher the average of the Puppet Levels in the diorama, the stronger the effect of that diorama.
※ Screenshots and images within the content introduction may change in the future.

Puppet & Diorama Guide +11
Puppet & Diorama Guide
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Spacewalk & Cluster Lord Guide

★ Spacewalk
※ Can enter [Spacewalk] through the Home Screen > [World Map].
What is Spacewalk?
Spacewalk tests your strength for corresponding rewards.
Passing through the Nebula, which consists of 8 Planets, and crossing the boundaries of the Cluster, a powerful Cluster Lord appears.
* Enter Spacewalk to check the Nebula in progress for the Cluster.
* Tap the [Nebula List] and the [Nebula Reward] button on the left side to check the information.
* Clear the Nebula to Get the Rewards!
After clearing the Nebula, you can finally fight the giant Nebula Boss (5-person Giant Boss). Defeat the Nebula Boss to complete the zone and get a special Soul Carta and rewards.
※ Zones that have been entirely cleared cannot be played again.
* Enter the 8th Nebula Planet and Clear the Last Zones to
* Meet and Confront the Nebula Boss(5-person Giant Boss).
* Tap the [Check Enemy] button to view information on the Nebula Boss and Battle Buffs.
* Daily Rewards based on Battle Progress!
Depending on the number of zones cleared every day, you can get set rewards!
Since the reward gets determined by the number of completed zones at the time of claiming the rewards, it is best to clear as many zones as possible before receiving the rewards.
* Tap the [Daily Reward] button in the upper right corner to
* Check your Spacewalk Progress and Available Rewards.
* Daily Rewards are reset at 04:00 every day, and you must acquire the rewards before the reset.
* Rewards lost due to the reset cannot be recovered.
★ Cluster Lord

What is Cluster Lord?
Cluster Lord (20-person Giant Boss) is a powerful giant boss that appears when you clear the Cluster.
As you continue past the Clusters, the previously encountered Cluster Lords become stronger.
* They are locked at first but become available for a fight after clearing the Cluster.
* Tab [Select Difficulty] button to change the difficulty of the Cluster Lord.

* Get Special Challenge Tickets to Enter!
To challenge the Cluster Lords (20-person Giant Boss), you need Special Challenge Tickets for the Lord.
The Challenge Tickets can be obtained as a Daily Reward from the Spacewalk or forged at Hephaestus’ Forge.
* Tab [Ready for Battle] to use the Challenge Ticket and Edit the Party to fight the Cluster Lord.
* Tap the [Boss Info] Button to Check the Cluster Lord’s Skill Info.
*Get Rewards based on Battle Results!
Cluster Lord will reward you according to the remaining HP after the battle is over.
The higher the chosen difficulty, the more rewards you get!
※ Screenshots and images within the content introduction may change in the future.

Spacewalk & Cluster Lord Guide +16
Spacewalk & Cluster Lord Guide
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Adventure of Eve Guide

Little cute Eve is lost in the underground dungeon...!
Defeat dungeon monsters by making her stronger and
escape the dark dungeon!
※ Adventure of Eve is a mini-game and does not affect other Childs in Destiny Child.
​■ How to Enter
■ Preparation Screen
■ Play Screen and Buttons
■ How to Find the Exit
(1) You can go downstairs through the stairs on each floor.
Pass through the 26th floor, and you'll be out of the dungeon.
(2) You can buy items from the Shop between floors.
(3) Your progress is renewed every time you start a new floor.
If you quit halfway through, you'll restart from the beginning point of your current floor when you reenter.
※ The map changes randomly.
※ The game ends when the HP reaches 0. You will go back to the Preparation Screen.
A new adventure will begin with Lv. 1 Eve on the 1st Floor when you restart.
■ How to Beat Obstacles
(1) Every time Eve moves and attacks, so do monsters.
Use the arrow keys to select the monster you want to attack and the Attack button to attack it.
(2) A formidable Boss monster appears for every set number of floors you clear.
You must defeat it to move on.
■ How to Get Stronger
(1) You can level by collecting Exp from killing a monster.
You may carefully increase the status upon leveling up.
■ How to Get Equipment
(1) Equipment can be obtained from a treasure chest or by killing a monster.
You can also purchase them from the shop with collected coins.
※Equipment and coins may appear from opening the treasure chest.
However, your HP may decrease by receiving damage or
you may teleport to another location on the same floor from
opening the treasure chest as well.
(2) Combine equipment at the same grade to get a higher-grade one.
(3) Combined equipment varies, depending on the combination of material equipment you use.

■ Rescue Eve from the Dungeon to Get Davi’s Gifts
New Quests in relation to the Adventure of Eve are Added to My Room > Assorted Davi’s Challenges.
※ Can be claimed once per account.
※ The weapons available as the rewards can be obtained from existing equip. summon and equip. summon ticket.
We look forward to your participation.
Thank you.

Adventure of Eve Guide +10
Adventure of Eve Guide
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RAGNA BURST Introduction

★ Ragna Burst
A single-player raid that can be challenged during Ragna Break!!
Try Ragna Burst!
What is Ragna Burst?
- Candidates can play Ragna Burst during the raid period.
Each time Candidates clear the boss, clear rewards for each level will be provided.
- A Ragna Burst Ticket required for battle is automatically given when every 20 raid tickets are used.
- In Ragna Burst, a player cannot receive help from other demon Candidates, but, Busters can help you instead.
- Period: Can be challenged during the raid period, and a player will be notified separately through notice.
- How to Enter: Use 1 Ragna Burst Ticket to enter!!
★ Ragna Burst Battle
Unlike raids, this is a single-player raid where you can't get help from other friends.
Challenge the boss to clear the highest level with your 5 Childs!
※ The shown image may differ from the actual game screen.
-For every 20 raid tickets used, a player will receive 1 Ragna Burst ticket.
(You can also purchase Ragna Burst tickets at the Ragna Shop.)
- One Ragna Burst ticket is used to participate in battle, and the battle lasts about
5 minutes.
- Boss HP does not recover even if the battle ends without defeating the boss.
- A player can challenge the boss of a certain level multiple times, and once the boss is defeated, you can challenge the next level boss.
- As the player defeats the boss by level, you will receive a clear reward.
The challenge ends when the highest level boss is defeated.
※ Raid boss exclusive options are also applied to Ragna Burst.
※After Ragna Burst ends, the remaining Ragna Burst tickets will be exchanged for
10 crystals per piece.
★ Busters
- In Ragna Burst, Candidates can get help from Busters, which are Child and Carta.
-Busters do not participate in battle, but by activating each Busters slot, they
provide a useful effect.
-The activated Busters effect is applied cumulatively, and the more individual Busters (Child & Carta) grow, the more the buff strength increases.
-Busters change by season, and can be checked in-game in the following way.
In addition, a player will be notified separately through an update notice.
※ Child Busters Growth: Applied according to the uncap and ignition level
※ Carta Busters Growth: Applied according to soul enha. level
※ Child and Carta Busters that have been acquired at least once, regardless of whether or not a player currently has them,
will be activated automatically.
※ As the buster buff level rises, the color of the gemstone in the buster slot changes.
You can instantly check the level status of Busters through gemstones on the Ragna Burst main screen.
▷ Ragna Break -> Ragna Burst -> Tap Busters!!
※ The shown image may differ from the actual game screen.
▷ Ragna Break -> Ragna Burst -> Tap Busters >> Tap ? icon!!
★ Ragna Burst Rewards
-Ragna Burst Reward is provided for clearing each boss.
-Clear rewards for each boss are paid immediately upon clearing, and you can check them in [Ragna Burst -> Reward].

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RAGNA BURST Introduction
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Forging Recipe Guide

★ Hephaestus’s Forge <Forging Recipe>
The Night World> Hephaestus’s Forge has been renovated.
Accordingly, <Forging Recipe> system has been added, where you can collect the materials required for forging and forge the items you want.
★ What is forging recipe?
In order to forge recipes, you need to gather the necessary materials.
However, even if there are enough materials, the forging period and number of times may be limited.
Be sure to check the forging conditions for certain recipes!
★ Forging Recipe Update Time
Daily: 04:00, every day
Weekly: 04:00, every Monday
Monthly: 04:00, the first day of the month
★ How to use recipe forging
Step 1: Select the desired forging recipe category.
Event - Limited-time event recipes, etc.
Child - Recipes for creating summon tickets by type, etc.
Soul Carta - Recipes for creating Soul Cartas, etc.
Others - Recipes for disassembling Evolution Materials etc.
Step 2: Select the recipe you want to forge.
※ This is the screen when selecting Other> Recipe for disassembling Evolution Material
① You can check forging information such as recipe contents and number of times limit.
② You can check the crafting rates by touching the crafting rates button.
③ You can check the ingredients used in the forging recipe.
Step 3: Proceed with forging.
Use the + and - buttons to adjust the production forging or
you can select a minimum of 1 MIN and a maximum of 100 MAX.
★ Permanent Recipes?
- Unlike event recipes that are open for a limited time, these are forging recipes that can be created at any time.
- The permanent recipe may be added or changed at any time, and in this case, we will notify Candidates separately.
- Please check in-game for more information on rewards that can be created with permanent recipes!

Forging Recipe Guide +4
Forging Recipe Guide
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Duel En Garde Guide

「Duel En Garde」, the Event League of 《 Endless Duel 》 will be updated!
Consider the banned child and battlefield buffs that are updated each season to form a team for the battle!
▶「Duel En Garde」 Schedule
Matching Period: approx. 7 days
Rank Calculation Period: approx. 1 day
Reward Claim Period: approx. 6 days
※ For details on the schedule, please check the 'Rule Description' in-game.
1. “Duel En Garde” Entry
2. Bout Matching
▶ Season Best Record Rewards
・These are the rewards based on the season's best record.
※ You can only obtain the best season reward once per season.
※ Season best record rewards may change for each season.
▶Bout rounds and round records and corresponding rewards
・One set is called “bout”, and in “Duel En Garde”, 12 wins or 3 losses are counted as 1 bout.
・You can check the current number of wins and losses.
・You can check the rewards for ending the bout according to the number of final wins.
▶ Bout End Reward
※ The reward for ending the bout is provided according to the number of final wins, and you can get a reward every time you complete the bout.
※ Bout end rewards may change by season.
▶ En Garde Matching Purchasing Bout Tickets
・Tap the start button to being the duel with other Archfiend Candidates.
・Unlike previous duels, no tokens are required to participate.
・It is possible to change teams even after matching.
・Finished Bouts can be re-challenged by using the Bout Ticket.
・Until the bout is completely over, the Bout Ticket cannot be used.
・A maximum of 2 tickets can be purchased per day. ( 1500 crystals per ticket )
・Stock will be restocked daily at 04:00 AM (UTC+0).
・If the number of bout tickets is less than 1, one will be issued at 04:00 am (UTC+0).
・Bout Tickets will be deleted at the end of the season. Be sure to use them before the end of the season!
▶ Join Conditions, Battlefield Buffs, and Forbidden Childs
・You can check the join conditions, battlefield buffs, and forbidden Childs.
※ Battlefield buffs and forbidden Childs may change by season.
▶ Check the rules
・You can check the basic rules, rewards, and schedule of 「Duel En Garde」.
・You can check the battlefield buffs for the season of “Duel En Garde”.
・You can check the score obtained according to the number of wins.
※ Duel scores are obtained according to the number of wins achieved after the battles have started.
Example 1) After the Battle Start: 6 wins, 1 loss
Victory: 40 points
Defeat: 40 points
Example 2) After the Battle Start: 11 wins, 1 loss
Victory: 65 points + 200 additional points
Defeat: 65 points
※ You will get a Duel Score even if you lose a battle, but you will not be able to get a Duel Score if you give up the battle or forcibly quit the game.
3. Ranking
・You can check the rankings from 1st to 100th.
▶ Check here for the rules for calculating the rank of “Duel Engarde”!
4. Rank Reward
・You can check or receive rewards according to your rank.
※ Rank rewards can be obtained by tapping “Claim” after rank calculation is complete.
※ Rank rewards may change by season.
5. Season Mission
・You can check the details of the Season Mission or obtain mission rewards.
※ Seasonal Missions may change by season.

Duel En Garde Guide +14
Duel En Garde Guide
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Endless Duel Guide

The Full-Scale Bloody Battle! 《Endless Duel》 added!
The New «Endless Duel» is added to the Night World.
《Endless Duel》 is a new PvP content hosted by 'Natalis', an angelic demon who is dissatisfied with the existing 'Devil Rumble' operation method. Candidates can now enjoy various strategic play depending on the combination of the Child's skills and placement.
★ 《Endless Duel》 Overview
A party of 15 Childs is required to participate in the Endless Duel.
Leagues may be limited depending on the Child's base rarity.
※ Candidates can participate in all leagues, including as Frontier Duel, Expert Duel, and Unlimited Duel. They may receive rewards according
their ranks and offense history after the calculation process.
※ In order to enter the Endless Duel, Candidates must be at least level 18.
★ 《Endless Duel》 Menu Intro
Endless Duel has the following menus.
* Select League : Select a duel league between Frontier/Expert/Unlimited.
* Duel Matching : Organize a party to participate in the selected Duel League. After editing the party, participate in Duel by touching “Start Duel” in the center of the screen.
* Ranking : Check the list of rankers in the selected Duel League, it will be updated at regular intervals.
* Rank Rewards : Check the weekly rewards according to the ranks in the selected Duel League.
* Duel Log : Check the offense or defense history and scores up to the last 20 matches.
* Popular Childs : Check the info of popular Childs frequently used in Endless Duel.
★ 《Endless Duel》 Party Edit
- To participate in 《Endless Duel》, a party of 15 Childs is required.
One party consists of 3 lines, 5 Childs per line.
- If a Child in the 1st line dies , the Child in the same position in the 2nd line automatically joins the battle.
※ If all the Childs in the same position in the other line are fainted, no additional participation will take place.
Example 1) When Ophois dies in the party below, Enchant Semele automatically participates in the battle
Example 2) If Ophois/Enchant Semele/Charlotte dies in the party below, the battle proceeds without additional participation in that location.
★ 《Endless Duel》 Token
- Tokens are required to join 《Endless Duel》.
- 《Endless Duel》 tokens are charged every day at 04:00 am (UTC +0), no more than 5 tokens are charged at a time.
※ If you played in the 《Endless Duel》 once the day before to have 4 remaining tokens, only 1 extra will be charged.
※ There are separate types of token used for each Duel League and they are managed individually.
※ Tokens can be recharged up to 2 times a day per league. ( 50 crystals per charge )
★ 《Endless Duel》 Battle
When a battle starts, a random rival is matched based on the score, and the battle proceeds automatically without user intervention.
- The battle time limit is 6 minutes, and the battle speed can be selected at x1, x2, and x3 times.
* The default battle speed for 《Endless Duel》 is x2.
- The basic victory condition is of the opposing faction.
- If there is no by the end of the time limit , victory or defeat is determined under the following conditions .
(1) When the number of surviving Childs is larger
(2) If the number of surviving Childs is the same, when the remaining HP is larger
(3) If the number of surviving Childs and remaining HP are the same, when the amount of damage inflicted is larger
※ You can check detailed battle statistics and contents in the Duel Log menu.
The defense party is automatically registered as the the first match party or the most recent winning offense party.
- If you win in the first entry, defense will automatically proceed with the setting of the Childs who won most recently
- In Endless Duel, when a user attempts an offense by pressing the 'Start Duel' button, the following results are reflected in the 'Defense' as well, so automatic matching/progress will be conducted even when not connected to the game.
- In the case of Defense Records, it is calculated at a certain set time, so there may be a slight time difference from the information you see in the game.
※ This is a matter related to record notation, and actual game points, and other details will be calculated and reflected according to the actual play.
★ 《Endless Duel》 Battle Screen
↑ When the battle begins, all that's left is to trust and watch the Childs... !
★ 《Endless Duel》 Scores & Ranking
- In 《Endless Duel》, the scores decrease when defeated and increase when winning.
- If the offense wins, gold is randomly given as a victory reward.
The scores earned in this way are reflected in the ranking.
However, gold is not paid as a defense victory reward.
- The victory scores from the participated battles are updated at regular intervals.
During the update, not only the offense record but also the defense record against which other candidates challenged you will be reflected in the score.
- The ranking rules are as follows.
★ 《Endless Duel》 Battle Period & Rank Reward
《Endless Duel》 will run for a week.
- Duel ends every week, and a new week begins after the 4 hour calculation procedure.
- After the calculation, Candidates can receive rewards according to their ranking. For each Duel, they will receive rank rewards for at least 10 attacks.
Ex) If you participate in 10 Frontier Duels / 6 Unlimited Duels, you can only receive Frontier Duel rewards
Ex) If you participate in 10 Frontier Duels / 10 Unlimited Duels, you can receive rewards for both Frontier Duels and Unlimited Duels
- In the calculation, the weekly stats are reset, but the victory scores are not reset.
Also, the rank reward for each Duel changes every week, so please check the reward details.
Frontier Duel Rewards
Expert Duel Reward
Unlimited Duel Rewards
※ For each league, different types of crafting stones, crafting tools, suspicious ores, and equipment (summon tickets) are provided in rotation.
( ex - Frontier Duel Week 1 : Weapon -> Week 2 : Armor -> Week 3 : Accessory -> Week 4 : Weapon )
Other TIPs
《Endless Duel》 Check out popular Childs before joining the battle
- You can check the popularity ranking by job of the Childs from the list of the most used Child who participated duels last week.
Prepare for the next battle by checking the battle details of the duels you participated in through 《Duel Log》.
- In the detailed log, you can check the Child placement/damage given/damage taken/battle log of you and your opponent!

Endless Duel Guide +17
Endless Duel Guide
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IGNITION System & Hephaestus's Forge Guide

We are informing you about the IGNITION system and Hephaestus' Forge that will be added after the Dec. 3 update.
■IGNITION system■
- From this update, a new IGNITION system to grow Childs is added.
- Ignition is a way to grow your Childs beyond the limits.
- Childs can grow their status and skills to a higher level through ignition and acquire amplified status.
- Ignition Cores required for Ignition can be crafted by consuming core materials and Childs in Hephaestus' Forge in the Night World.
▶ What is Hephaestus' Forge?
Blacksmith Demon Hephaestus succeeded in creating an Ignition Core that strengthens the Childs by studying the reincarnation, a unique system of exorcists. It was thanks to the devil Loki stealing the Kabbalah document, the secret of the exorcists, and the revival flower hidden by the Demon Willow Doryeong and handing them over to Hephaestus. In order to make the Ignition Core, you need to put the core materials and Childs into the furnace. When the completed core is mounted on a Child, the Qliphoth Tree inside the Child awakens, thereby unlocking a higher level of abilities.
■Hephaestus' Forge■
Hephaestus' Forge has been added to the Night World.
* You can enter the Night World from user level 7.
You can craft Ignition Cores in Hephaestus' Forge.
If you equip the created Ignition Core to a Child who meets the necessary conditions, you can proceed with the Ignition.
For Hephaestus' Forge, please refer to the in-game tutorial.
■How to make Ignition Core■
- Tap Ignition Core Creation.
- You can create 4 types of Ignition Cores through Ignition Core Creation.
- There are 4 types of Ignition Cores: Amplified ATK, Amplified DEF, Amplified AGL, and Amplified CRIT.
- When making Ignition Cores, you need 99 core materials of each type, a 5★ Child, and 150,000 gold.
※ Evolution and experience material Childs cannot be used as ignition materials.
※ A Child’s type does not matter when creating a core.
※ The Child used as a material gets diminished and cannot be restored.
- If the number of core materials is less than 99, the core material can be purchased through the material purchase button as shown in the image below.
- 50 crystals per core are required to purchase core materials.
-Three stats are given to Ignition Core at the moment of creation.
-The first stat is fixed with Amplified ATK, Amplified DEF, Amplified AGL, and Amplified CRIT depending on the type of core.
- For the second and third, stats other than the first stat are given according to the probability.
e.g) In case of creating Amplified ATK Ignition Core:
The first stat is given Amplified ATK, and the second and third stats excluding amplified attack power are also given randomly.
※ For more details, please check the Ignition Core Production Status Probability below.
- You can check the created Ignition Cores in the Ignition Storage and Item Inventory.
1) Ignition Storage
2) Item Inventory
Ignition cores and core materials can be sold in Child inventory.
- The selling price of Ignition Core is 7 Blood Gems.
- The selling price of the Core Material is 1,000 gold.
■How to Install Ignition Core■
-The Ignition Core can only be installed for 6★, Lv 60, and 100% awakened Childs.
- Ignition Menu will be added to Childs eligible for ignition.
- Ignition Cores can be installed in the Ignition section in the image above and in the Hephaestus’s Forge in the Night World.
-As shown in the image below, if you attach the core to the first Qlippah, the Qliphoth will be unlocked.
- Check the Ignition Core and click the Install Core button.
- Equip with the Ignition Core to unlock Qliphoth.
※ Used Ignition Cores cannot be returned.
- As shown in the image below, the Child's Qliphoth is released, and the level and amplification stats increase.
- When you unlock Qliphoth, you can activate Qlippah as shown below.
- The core stats of Qliphoth is determined by the Ignition Core installed on the first Qlippah.
- The core stats in the image below varies depending on the Ignition Core.
e.g.) The stats according to the core installed in the first Qlippah are amplified ATK, HP, CRT
Tap on the lock mark to activate Qlippah in sequence.
- The materials required to activate the Qlippah differ depending on the base stars.
- A Child used as a material must have the same or higher base stars than the target Child and must have the same type.
- No. of required Onyx is applied differentially for each Qlippah stage.
- Ignition level can be reached from 1 to 12.
- Details of growth can be checked by clicking each Qlippah as shown in the image below.
- In the case of skill enhancement, click the skill up icon as shown in the image below to check the change in skill.
※ Changes in skill are different for each child, so please check in-game.
- As shown in the image below, Qliphoth is divided into a stem located in the center and branches on both sides.
- The Qlippahs of the Qliphoth stem enhances amplified stats and skills, and the Child's star color changes accordingly.
- The amplified stats you get is determined by the Ignition Core installed on the 1st Qlippah.
- Skills to be enhanced are fixed for each Child.
- The Qlippahs of the Qliphoth Branch increases the 2nd and 3rd stats of the Ignition Core installed on the 1st Qlippah.
- The acquired stats is determined by the Ignition Core installed on the 1st Qlippah equipped.
■ How to Replace the Ignition Core
- The 1st Ignition Core can be replaced in the Hephaestus’ Forge in the Night World.
- Even if the core is replaced, the opened Qlippah is maintained, and the growth value of the changed core is immediately reflected as much as the ignition level.
- If the core is replaced, the core that was previously equipped will be destroyed and cannot be returned.
■Stats Probability given when making Ignition Core■
- Ignition Core material acquisition routes:
Ragna Break Slayers Rank Reward, Devil Pass, Lanfei Shop product, Mona's Emergency Support, etc.
※ Ignition Core material acquisition routes may be changed in the future and will be announced through a notice upon change.

IGNITION System & Hephaestus's Forge Guide +29
IGNITION System & Hephaestus's Forge Guide
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Hecate's Library

Hecate's Library will be added on the Oct. 20 update.
Hecate's library tells the story of the Destiny Child
to be viewed again.
You can also enjoy 'Hecate's library-exclusive story' that does not appear in the main game.
For more information, please refer to the following.
■ How to enter the library ■
(Night World> Hecate's Library)
■ Library Entrance ■
Find and read the books you want!
New books that have recently been stocked can be found at the entrance of the library, regardless of the story type.
■ Book Registration Criteria ■
Most of the stories that appear while playing the game are registered in Hecate’s Library.
1) Main Story: Book registered when clearing a dungeon stage or a specific difficulty level
2) Special Story:
- Book registered when clearing Ragna Break or Narrative Dungeon
-At the end of the event period, the stories of Ragna Break, Narrative Dungeon, and Scenario Dungeon are registered as books regardless of clearing or not.
- Books registered when updating other special stories
3) Awakening Story: Book registered step by step according to the achievement of child awakening grades D, B, S
4) Other Stories: Stories such as tutorials are registered as books
5) Exclusive Books for Hecate’s Library will be registered in the main story or special story, and detailed information will be provided through a notice.
■ Library User guide ■
As for the Awakening Stories, you can view the books for free when you achieve the corresponding Awakening grades.
Even if you do not achieve them, you can enjoy the books by consuming Golds
■ Notes ■
1) Existing 'Bar Replay' was remodeled into 'Hecate's Library' through regular maintenance on Oct. 20.
2) Other newly added books will be announced in detail through notice.
3) The cost of purchasing the book cannot be refunded. Please choose the books carefully.
(i.e. After purchasing and viewing the awakening story of a specific Child, the book purchase cost will not be refunded even if the Child is actually awakened.)
Please look forward to visiting Hecate's library.
Thank you.

Hecate's Library +2
Hecate's Library
CM Alt
CM Alt CM Alt
LV.25 GameManager 2years

Skill Reserve System Guide

Skill Reserve System will be updated on the Jul. 23 update.
Unlike the previous method of using Tap / Slide / Drive Skills
when the battles were proceeding in AUTO SKILL or FULL AUTO mode,
this is a function to set the order of both skills and the drive skill for each Child.
■ Skill Reserve System Applicable Contents ■
- World Map Battle, Ragna Break, World Boss Trial, Narrative Dungeon, Re:Birth Labyrinth,
Underground, Event Dungeon, Scenario Dungeon
※ Skill Reserve System will not be applied to Devil Rumble.
■ How to Reserve Skills ■
Skill Reserves can be set in both the Child Tab and Battle Preparation.
In Skill Reserve Screen, you can reserve the order of using the drive skill and the tap / slide skills for a Child.
- How to Set Child’s Drive Skill Order
※ If you touch the Child to use its drive skill, the drive skill will used in the order of selection.
The order will be displayed on the Child icon.
※ You cannot register a Child for multiple orders, and only the Child with a reserved the order will use the drive skill.
※ During a battle, the set skills may not get triggered and move to the next order according to a specific timing or situation.
- How to Set Child’s Tap / Slide Skill Order
※ For Tap / Slide skills, you can reserve up to 5 for one child.
※ If all slots are blank, the skills will be randomly used according to the existing automatic combat method.
※ During a battle, the set skills may not get triggered and move to the next order according to a specific timing or situation.
※ If there is an unreserved blank slots between reserved skills, the blank slot is deleted and the skills will be rearranged as shown below.
Please enjoy Destiny Child more entertainingly with newly added Skill Reserve System.
Thank you.

Skill Reserve System Guide +5
Skill Reserve System Guide
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LV.25 GameManager 3years

[NOTICE] Craft System Guide

'Crafting System' will be updated on Jun. 11.
Craft System is a content that allows you to enhance equipment items further by giving them options (weapons, armor, and accessories).
Among the options that can be granted, there are various types like ‘Increase ATK by ~’, ‘When attacking with Slide Skills, add ~ Damage’ and ‘When attacking, absorb ~ Damage as HP’. Utilize the options to diversify your strategy!
■ Required Materials ■
In order to craft, you will need an equipment item that has been enhanced +5 or more times / the same type of crafting stone as the equipment item you want to provide an option to.
- Crafting Stone
There are 3 types of ‘Crafting Stones’: for weapon / armor / accessory. They are used to grant an equipment with options.
※ How to Get a Crafting Stone
① Earn them as event rewards or purchase them at the store
② Make them by combining ‘Suspicious Ores’ and ‘Crafting Tools’.
- How to Create a Crafting Stone
There are also three types of 'Crafting Tools': for weapon, armor, and accessory.
You can make Crafting Stones by combining 'Suspicious Ores' and 'Crafting Tools'.
You will get the Crafting Stone of the same type as the Crafting Tool you used.
To create a Crafting Stone, touch the 'Convert Crafting Stones' button on the item tab / option succession screen.
You can set the number of Crafting Stones that you wish make for each equipment type and touch the icon to create them.
- Enhanced Equipment
Equipment must be enhanced to +5 or higher to give it an option.
Each option slot gets activated upon +5 / +10 / +15 enhancements.
■ How to Craft ■
※ If you use Reroll function, Crafting proceeds automatically until you obtain the desired grade option or the material runs out.
■ Option Succession ■
You can transfer the options given to the equipment to other equipment you like.
Options can only be moved to the same slot, and the target equipment must also have that slot active.
■ Option Types and Rates ■
Each type of equipment / slot has different options.
There are grades from E to S, and options are granted according to their rates.
The types and rates of options will be guided in the table below.
Option Types and Rates

[NOTICE] Craft System Guide +10
[NOTICE] Craft System Guide
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CM Alt CM Alt
LV.25 GameManager 3years

Beginner's Guide to House of Reincarnation

Beginner's Guide to House of Reincarnation +7
Beginner's Guide to House of Reincarnation
CM Alt
CM Alt CM Alt
LV.25 GameManager 3years

[NOTICE] Updated Minimum Specifications

As new Spa system will be added on the Feb. 27 update, please note that the minimum hardware specifications required will be changed as follows.
[Minimum Specifications]
■ Apple Device
※ IOS 10 or later version must be installed.
- iPhone
- iPad
- iPod Touch
■ Android Device
※ Android 4.4 or later version must be installed.
- Phone
- Tablet
Devices below the minimum specifications may experience difficulties in playing Destiny Child.
Thank you

[NOTICE] Updated Minimum Specifications +5
[NOTICE] Updated Minimum Specifications
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CM Alt CM Alt
LV.25 GameManager 3years

[NOTICE] Infernal Realm Spa Guide

The spa will be updated on Feb 27.
It's a slow paced content for enhancing Childs that's different from the traditional combat-oriented contents.
Please read below for details.
★ Spa ★
How to enter: NIGHT WORLD → Infernal Realm Spa
The spa is largely composed of Hot Springs and Midnight Parada.
1. Hot Springs
- Every Child (exc. 1-2★ Childs, and enha. / evol. Childs) can bathe in the spa (proceeds for 6 hours).
- To bathe, one bath towel is required for each child.
-Up to 5 Childs can bathe in the Hot Spring. Upon completion, you can increase a Child’s likeability and get rewards such as spa EXP, stamina, gold and evolution materials.
- Though a Child is covered in fog at first, you can tap Defog while bathing after acquiring the Child’s spa costume to reveal its real appearance.
1.1 Spa Main Screen
① Top Bar
- Spa Level: The candidate’s spa level is displayed.
- Spa Coin: The amount of possessed spa coin is displayed.
Can be obtained at Hot Springs and Midnight Parade to purchase items at Spa Shop.
- Bath Towel: Needed to bathe a Child, can be purchased at Spa Shop.
② Spa Menu
- Midnight Parade: You can earn spa coins and spa costumes. (Please refer to Midnight Parade section below for details!)
- Spa Shop: This is where you can spend Spa Coins collected from Hot Springs and Midnight Parade.
- Spa Archive: This is where you find spa costumes, spa accessories and stickers.
- Spa Items: Currently possessed spa related items (bath items, presents, lanterns, spa accessories, and stickers) will be displayed.
③ Hot Springs
- New Hot Springs will open as you reach hot spring levels of 11, 21, and 31 respectively.
1.2 Hot Spring Screen
① Child in bath
- With the spa costume, you can view the Child’s real appearance like “Hestia” above.
(After acquiring the spa costume, bathe the child and touch Defog to equip the skin.)
- Without the spa costume, the Child will be covered in fog like “Mona” above.
- Touch and hold the Child while bathing to enter Hot Spring Edit Mode.
② Touch More button - Child’s detailed spa information
- Spirit Owned: The spirit held by the Child is displayed.
- Give all Spirit: You can give all of the collected spirit to the child.
- Likeability: The Child's current likeability is displayed.
- Presents: You can give a present to the selected Child.
- Finish Bath Immediately: You can consume Crystal to complete bath immediately.
③ Giving a present
- A maximum of 5 presents can be given per bath.
- The bath cannot be canceled if more than one present is given.
- The Child will show hearts upon receiving its favorite present.
※ What is likeability?
As the likeability level rises, the Child’s base stats increase
(If you have the same Child, the likeability and stats will only increase for the Child who bathed).
Likeability can be quickly raised through bathing, giving presents, using bath items (essential flower oil), and giving the Child's spirit obtained from Midnight Parade.
The maximum likeability level depending on the Child’s star is as follows:
※ Hot Spring Edit Mode
Touch and hold a Child in the bath to enter Edit Mode.
In Edit Mode, you can adjust the position and size of the Child in the Hot Spring.
If you touch somewhere other than the Child, Edit Mode will end.
The changes you made are saved when you leave the Hot Spring, and will be kept when you enter again.
However, the flip function is supported only if Live2D spa costume is applied.
※ Hot Spring Menu Description
※ Hot Spring Special Chance!
The costume for the Child that was used for the spa tutorial can be acquired 100%.
(Once you select a Child to bathe in the spa tutorial, you can't change it afterwards, so please choose carefully.)
2. Midnight Parade
You can play Midnight Parade to catch Will o’ the Wisps.
When you succeed in catching Will o’ the Wisps, you can obtain a Child's spa costume.
If you already have for the Child, you will gain spirit for the Child instead.
You can consume the gained spirit to increase the Child’s likeability EXP.
2.1 Midnight Parade Screen
① Midnight Parade EXP
As you proceed Midnight Parade, you will be filled with Midnight Parade EXP.
When your Midnight Parade EXP is full, you will not earn any of them more unless you
the reward.
You can acquire 5★ Child’s spa costume (x 1, random) upon claiming the reward.
* As you claim the reward, the mileage will be reset.
② Lanterns
There are 5 Lanterns: Azure Lantern (water type), Scarlet Lantern (fire type), Viridian Lanterns
(wood type), Yellow Lantern (light type), and Violet Lantern (dark type).
Before starting Midnight Parade, you can select a lantern of specific type.
If you have chosen the lantern for a particular type as you enter Midnight Parade, Will o’ the Wisps
of that type will appear.
Midnight Parade will be then be played automatically.
Lanterns can be obtained through Spa Shop and other events.
③ Increased Chance of Encountering Will O’ the Wisps
Some Childs have an increased chance of facing Will O’ the Wisps.
④ Start Midnight Parade
You can begin Midnight Parade by consuming stamina.
The maximum number of entries allowed per day is 10 times and you may reset it using Gold.
⑤ Use Lanterns Consecutively
If you have selected a series of lanterns, Midnight Parade will progress automatically until you have remaining no lantern remaining.
2.2 Midnight Parade Screen
① Entering Midnight Parade
② Catching Will O’ the Wisps - Upon finding Will O’ the Wisps, you will proceed to the mini-game in which you have hold the gauge in the dedicated area by touching the button to catch them successfully.
③ Successfully caught the Will O’ the Wisp - If you catch a Will O’ the Wisp, you can get a .
2.3 Results Screen
3. Spa Shop
This is where you spend Spa Coins collected from Hot Springs and Midnight Parade.
The shop has four basic slots open by default, and you may unlock more slots for an additional fee.
Spa Shop’s stock is updated every three hours, and the items sold each time are chosen randomly.
The following items will appear in Spa Shop:
※ The shop reset time may change due to events.
4. Spa Archive
This is an archive where you can see items related to Spa.
※ Some Collabo Childs (SNOW MIKU, Serval, Raccoon, Fennec, Hatsune Miku, Yuki Miku) will only be displayed with Will O’ the Wisps as they do not have corresponding spa costume.
※ Costumes and items without Live2D effect will be displayed in 2D.

[NOTICE] Infernal Realm Spa Guide +19
[NOTICE] Infernal Realm Spa Guide
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LV.25 GameManager 3years

Beginner's Guide to Archfiend Contest

Beginner's Guide to Archfiend Contest +7
Beginner's Guide to Archfiend Contest
CM Alt
CM Alt CM Alt
LV.25 GameManager 3years

[Destiny 101] World Boss Renewal

Greetings, master!
Your loyal supporter Mona, at your service! ♥
Welcome to another chapter of Mona’s Destiny 101!
A few but good changes on World Boss Trial.
Let’s review World Boss Trial together to see what has been changed!
On today’s article, I’d like to talk about “World Boss Renewal”,
dealing with some information which would be useful for Candidates!
So, let’s get right into it, shall we?
■ Let’s get it started
The battle part is almost the same as before.
Firstly, you need to set your team to fight against World Bosses.
But don’t get too nervous in setting your team, because you could always test your team without any cost in the practice mode!
So after some practice, I believe you would have some trust in your team!
Now tap the [TRIAL: READY] button to build a real team.
You can set up to 20 Childs in your team. The front row gets damages first, so wouldn’t it be wise to put defenders at the front?
Once you have finished assembling your team, tap the [BATTLE START] button to start the battle!
Keep it in mind that it is very important to assemble your team in consideration of ‘Attribute’ and ‘Drive Settings’. If you have forgotten about the ‘Attribute’, I highly recommend you to go back and read my past article about ‘Attribute’!
In Drive Setting menu, you can choose one or more Childs from your current team, and they will use Drive Skills during the world boss battle in the order you’ve arranged in advance. If you have not set, or chosen Childs have fainted, random Child will use Drive Skill instead.
When a World Boss is defeated, the next one will come right after!
Before we used to have phases and levels, but now phases and levels have been removed from the system. So there is no change in difficulty of World Boss by level.
■ I want some rewards!
Every time you manage to defeat a World Boss, you can obtain Magic Mirror Fragments as a reward.
You can purchase items in the shop using these Magic Mirror Fragments.
There is a limit on purchase count for each item. So, manage your budget wisely!
More victory means more Magic Mirror Fragments, so make sure you defeat as much World Bosses as you can!
■ Rewards… I want more!
1. Boost Child
You can earn more Magic Mirror Fragments when you have Boost Childs in your team.
And each Child has different boost rates.
2. Trial Mission
Gather more Magic Mirror Fragments by conquering all the missions!
■ Ranks
In the World Boss Rank tab, you can see the ranks of daily scores and season score.
Tap [(?) Rewards] button on [World Boss Rank] menu to find out more about the rewards!
*Daily Rank Rewards:
World Boss Rank resets daily. Unlike the last World Boss Trial, now you get rewarded on daily basis. Unclaimed rewards will be lost forever, and it is impossible to be recovered. So make sure to login every day!
The calculation for the rank will take place every day from 4:00 to 5:00 (UTC+0). You are not able to join battles during this time.
*Seasonal Rank Rewards:
Also, the seasonal rank rewards are obtainable by tapping the "Obtain Rewards" button.
Now hold your hands together! Defeat the World Bosses and earn your rewards!
Mona wishes my Master to be stronger from Mona’s help! ♥
I’ll see you in the next article. Bye!

 [Destiny 101] World Boss Renewal +10
[Destiny 101] World Boss Renewal
DestinyChild DestinyChild
LV.25 GameManager 4years

[Destiny 101] Ragna:Break

Greetings, master!
Your loyal supporter Mona, at your service! ♥
Welcome to another chapter of Mona’s Destiny 101!
I’m pretty sure that my master already knows what Ragna:Break is, however it would be good to review Ragna:Break together!
It's because there are some changes in Ragna:Break. Now it opens for 2 weeks ( it was 3 weeks before), and the Ragna shop has become much more valuable than ever!
On today’s article, I’d like to talk about “Ragna:Break”,
Dealing with some information which would be useful for Candidates!
So, let’s get right into it, shall we?
■ Raid Story
First, let’s start with the Raid Story. In this section, all you need to do is enjoy the stories of the Raid Child!
Follow the story from stages 1 to 8 to know the Child you are fighting against. There will be ★rewards just like the normal story mode.
■ Get into a fight!
There are two ways you can summon the raid boss.
One is to buy a ‘Raid Summon Ticket’ at Raid Shop.
And two, the raid boss will appear at a certain rate when you clear the raid story or the normal story dungeon.
■ Two useful tips for the battle!
*Ragna Booster
Ragna Booster is a crucial factor when it comes to gathering Ragna coins.
By activating Ragna Booster, you can get 200% bonus Ragna coins when the boss is defeated.
Following are the details of Ragna Booster:
- You can useRagna Booster only once per boss
- Boosters will remain in effect even if the raid boss is not defeated on the first attempt.
- Unlike Raid tickets, you cannot recharge Ragna Booster with crystals.
- Ragna Boosters will be recharged up to 10 every day at 04:00 (UTC+0)
Don’t miss out 10 chances to get extra Ragna coins every day!
In Ragna:Break, there are special buffs and debuffs that affect the entire battle.
Go to [Raid List] menu and enter one of the battles on the list.
You’ll find area buffs and debuffs listed just below the HP gauge.
Area buffs/debuffs vary according to the Boss level.
■ Raid Shop
So what do we do with all the coins that you have earned?
You can exchange them for valuable rewards up to fifth reset rewards with coins that you earned.
You might have wondered: what do I do with Ragna coins once I’ve purchased all the goods?
If you manage to buy all the catalog and obtain the 5th final reward and enough chests,
you can convert coins into gold after the season ends!
And here is good news. There are few changes in the Ragna Shop. Resetting Ragna Shop is free and the Platinum chest is available from the first catalogue! Most importantly, the prices of the Childs and Costumes that come out after the 5th reset rewards, has lowered!
■ Ragna & Slayer Ranks
*Ragna Rank
Ragna ranking is determined by the amount of damage dealt to Lv.40 raid boss in a single battle.
There will be ranker’s rewards for those who rank in the top 100 when the season ends.
* Slayers Rank
Slayers Rank is for those who discover and defeat Lv.40 Raid Boss on their own. You can get slayer points every time you deal a certain amount of damage to the boss in the Slayers Raid.
There will be rewards for everyone, 1% ~ 100% who have participated in Slayers Raid.
That is it for now.
Good luck on the Raid, Candidates!
Mona wishes my Master to be stronger with Mona’s help! ♥
I’ll see you in the next article. Bye!

[Destiny 101] Ragna:Break +5
[Destiny 101] Ragna:Break
DestinyChild DestinyChild
LV.25 GameManager 4years

[Destiny 101] Narrative Dungeon Renewal

Greetings, master!
Your loyal supporter Mona, at your service! ♥
Welcome to another chapter of Mona’s Destiny 101!
Master, do you know that there are some changes in the “Narrative Dungeon”?
On today’s article, I’d like to talk about “Narrative Dungeon Renewal”,
reviewing new system and introducing some changes of new Narrative Dungeon!
So, let’s get right into it, shall we?
■ Gathering Event Items!
There are several things you need to know when it comes to gathering event items in Narrative Dungeons!
* Now the resetting is gone. And it costs Stamina to play!
This is one huge change of new Narrative Dungeon. Now the reset system is gone and you will need Stamina to play. So if you have a lot of Stamina, this means that you can play Narrative Dungeon all day long!
* Special Rewards
In narrative dungeons, you can get additional rewards according to the battle result(★).
After clearing each stage, 5 extra reward cards will be displayed and you can draw as many cards as the stars(★) you obtained.
Also, you can draw one more card with 30 crystals.
Make sure to clear the stage with 3 stars(★) to get more event items and other rewards!
* Dungeon difficulties
Of course, you can gather a lot more event items by clearing hard mode than clearing normal mode.
Note that you need to clear Stage 8 in normal mode to unlock the hard mode.
However, this rather obvious information becomes quite important since the dungeon progress is shared between hard mode and normal mode in Narrative Dungeons.
Please keep in mind that previous stages cannot be played until the narrative dungeon is reset. So make sure that you have chosen the right difficulty!
■ Narrative Collection
* Random Rewards list
Gather event items by clearing NARRATIVE DUNGEON. With the Event items achieved, you can summon various rewards just like the Rebirth Synthesis!
* Collection Rewards list
Collecting all the rewards in Random Rewards list will present you a special Collection Reward. There are 8 rounds of collection reward. You can skip to next round of collection reward if you have summoned the MAIN reward in the Random Rewards list.
■ Boost Child & Partner Child
* Boost Child
There are one or more Childs who are designated as Boost Childs in each narrative dungeon.
Check the info on the top right corner of the narrative dungeon menu to find out who the Boost Child is!
Clearing stages with Boost Childs in your team will guarantee you extra event items.
If you have multiple Boost Childs in your team, the boost effect will be stacked and you can earn even more event items!
* Partner Child
In NARRATIVE DUNGEON, sometimes you will get some help from a special Child, partner Child. During the stages, the Child on the first slot will be replaced with the partner child as a leader.
Oh, and please note that Partner Child does not count as a Boost Child.
You might encounter a special rare boss in some stages if you are lucky. And if you defeat this special boss, you will get a special reward as a Fortune Bonus.
Fingers crossed!
Mona wishes my Master to be stronger with Mona’s help! ♥
I’ll see you in the next article. Bye!

[Destiny 101] Narrative Dungeon Renewal +7
[Destiny 101] Narrative Dungeon Renewal
DestinyChild DestinyChild
LV.25 GameManager 4years

[Destiny 101] Soul Carta

Greetings, master!
Your loyal supporter Mona, at your service! ♥
Welcome to another chapter of Mona’s Destiny 101!
Everyone knows that a good equipment is essential when it comes to powering up the team.
Yes, This time, it is Soul Carta!
Soul Carta is a special equipment item that has been given the power of the soul.
On today’s article, I’d like to talk about “Soul Carta”,
dealing with some information which would be useful for Candidates!
So, let’s get right into it, shall we?
■ What is Soul Carta?
Soul Carta is a special equipment item that has been given the power of the soul. Soul Carta exists in a card form and shows another aspect of a Child.
Soul Carta boosts up your Child’s basic stats and gives special powers to your Childs.
It can only be equipped to those who are fully awakened. So don’t forget to awaken your Child before you put it on!
Now let’s see where we can find it!
If you go to [Item] inventory, you will see brand new category, [Soul Carta]. Click it and your collected Soul Carta will show up!
Tab your Soul Carta, then the UI will show various details.
1. Level – Can be upgraded by Enhancing
2. Rarity - There are 4 rarities: 3★, 4★, 5★ and Prism Soul Carta.
3. Features – ‘Enhance’, ‘Soul Enhance’, ‘Sell’ and ‘Equip an item’ features are available.
4. Ability - Some Soul Options are activated only for those with specific attributes or types. Make sure to check them!
5. Soul level – Can be upgraded by Soul Enhancing.
Each Soul Carta has its unique powers and special options. Don't forget to check out the options and conditions of Soul Carta!
The Prism Soul Carta is the rarest Soul Carta.
5★ Prism Soul Carta is coated with the various colors of the light spectrum. Not only the special effect on the image, but it also has unique and more powerful options.
The true beauty of the Prism Soul Carta shows when you shake your phone.
■ How to upgrade your Soul Carta?
There are two ways to enhance your Soul Carta. One, ‘Enhance’ with equipment. Two, ‘Soul Enhance’ with Soul Carta.
‘Enhance’ is an ordinary enhancement, just like the others, weapons, armors, and accessories.
The second option is a little more special. You will need to use Soul Carta for this ‘Soul Enhancement’.
■ Love collecting!
All acquired ‘Soul Carta’ can be seen in [Archive].
Try to collect as many Soul Cartas as you can, then enjoy watching your collection!
I think that is all for now!
Collect and power up the team, Master!
Mona wishes my Master to be stronger with Mona’s help! ♥
I’ll see you in the next article. Bye!

[Destiny 101] Soul Carta +4
[Destiny 101] Soul Carta
DestinyChild DestinyChild
LV.25 GameManager 4years

[Destiny 101] Rebirth Labyrinth

Greetings, master!
Your loyal supporter Mona, at your service! ♥
Welcome to another chapter of Mona’s Destiny 101!
At least once, I bet you’ve wondered: “What if there’s Pactmaker costume for my Childs?”
With Methuselah and Wodan’s help, you are now able to give new looks to your Childs!
On today’s article, I’d like to talk about “Rebirth Labyrinth”,
introducing some features and information about the Labyrinth!
So, let’s get right into it, shall we?
■ Re:Birth Labyrinth
To obtain new costumes, first, you need to gather Rebirth Coins!
Every time you manage to break through the Labyrinth, you can obtain Rebirth Coins.
The amount of coins will increase according to the Labyrinth level.
For each Labyrinth, you can set the difficulty from Base to +3 before you start the battle.
Higher difficulties guarantee extra bonus on the amount of Rebirth Coins obtained,
but also give powerful boosts to the enemy such as ATK, Max HP, and so on.
You’ll be given 5 entries every day, so choose level and difficulty wisely!
Oh, and don’t forget the daily missions!
Participate and clear Rebirth Labyrinth every day and claim the rewards!
■ Re:Birth Synthesis
It is time to spend Rebirth Coins for new costumes and tons of items!
16 items which you can see from the screenshot above is called “Synthesis Grid”.
You will get one item or a costume from the grid each time you perform a synthesis with your Rebirth Coins.
Note that items that have been obtained up to maximum count will be removed from the grid.
Eventually, you can get every costumes or items on the current grid.
Once you obtained all the goods, you will receive the completion reward and a brand new grid!
Are you not satisfied with the costumes and items on the current synthesis grid?
Try “Grid Refresh” to get the new grid and seek for the costumes or items you want!
■ Costume Shop
In the costume shop, you can purchase special costumes with Blood gems
including the ones from the previous Ragna:Break.
Some costumes will also change your Childs’ voice!
Mona wishes my Master to be stronger from Mona’s help! ♥
I’ll see you in the next article. Bye!

[Destiny 101] Rebirth Labyrinth +5
[Destiny 101] Rebirth Labyrinth
DestinyChild DestinyChild
LV.25 GameManager 4years

[Destiny 101] Devil Rumble

Greetings, master!
Your loyal supporter Mona, at your service! ♥
Welcome to another chapter of Mona’s Destiny 101!
Haven’t you participated in Devil Rumble yet?
If you’re new to Devil Rumble, I strongly recommend you to check out this post!
On today’s article, I’d like to talk about “Devil Rumble”,
dealing with some information which would be useful for newcomers!
So, let’s get right into it, shall we?
■ I’m new to Devil Rumble! Help me out!
You might be nervous when you take your first step to the extreme battle arena.
But do not worry, Rumble Trainers will help you warm up before you face off other candidates!
Rumble Trainers are NPC who stand as your opponent with relatively low-powered teams,
and they will train you until you promote to Ruby I league.
If you win the battle or complete Daily Rumble Missions, you can earn Rumble Coins.
Note that winning streak will grant a bonus on the amount of Rumble Coins obtained!
You can buy stuff like evolution materials and accessories from Rumble Shop.
Defeat other candidates and gather Rumble Coins to buy tons of goods!
■ What are the benefits of reaching higher leagues?
By constantly participating in Devil Rumble, you can receive League Rewards every Monday at 04:00 A.M. (UTC+0).
The higher you reach, the better your rewards become!
For the details, tap [League Rewards] button on the bottom and find out what rewards you will get!
Also, note that you need to participate in at least 10 battles every week to receive League Rewards!
■ I fought 10 times every week, but I just got demoted! Why is this happening?
As I’ve mentioned above, fighting 10 times every week is the requirement for “receiving League Rewards”.
Starting from Bronze League II, you need to meet several conditions in order to “maintain your current league”.
For instance, to maintain Bronze League V, you need to play at least 15 games, maintaining a 50% win rate.
In the case of Gold League V, you need to play at least 90 games, maintaining 70% win rate.
Tap [(?) Rules] button on [Rival] menu, and find out the conditions for maintaining your league!
Mona wishes my Master to be stronger from Mona’s help! ♥
I’ll see you in the next article. Bye!

[Destiny 101] Devil Rumble +4
[Destiny 101] Devil Rumble
DestinyChild DestinyChild
LV.25 GameManager 4years

[Destiny 101] Event Dungeon

Greetings, master!
Your loyal supporter Mona, at your service! ♥
Welcome to another chapter of Mona’s Destiny 101!
On today’s article, I’d like to talk about “Event Dungeon”,
dealing with some useful tips that you might have missed!
So, let’s get right into it, shall we?
■ Event Dungeons
Basically, Event Dungeons consist of three dungeons: Enhancement Child, Gold, and Evolution Material.
And yes, as you have already noticed, Narrative Dungeon is also included in Event Dungeons.
Since I have already talked about Narrative Dungeons in the previous chapter,
I’d like to focus on the basic three event dungeons in this chapter.
Have you noticed that special effects or restrictions are applied in Event Dungeons?
Check out below for the details!
* Enhancement Child Dungeon
In Enhancement Child Dungeon, your Childs in specific attributes receive buffs during the battle.
For instance, in Dungeon of Forest, your Fire Type Childs’ ATK and AGL are boosted.
In case of Dungeon of Darkness, your Light Type Childs’ ATK and AGL are boosted.
Boost effect will be applied to different attributes every day,
so check your team’s attribute composition before you enter the dungeon!
* Gold Dungeon
As you already know, the attribute is one of the crucial strategies in Destiny Child.
However, in Gold Dungeon, Weak Point damage does not occur to both allies and enemies!
No need to worry about attributes, just bring your strongest Childs!
* Evolution Material Dungeon
In Evolution Material Dungeon, there are some restrictions in using debuff skills,
which could relatively give some advantages to the enemies.
As you can notice from the image above, [Freeze], [Petrify], [Silence], [Confuse], [Stun] effects will be nullified against enemy Childs.
If your current team is specialized in using debuff skills,
make sure to double check and adjust your team member before you enter Material Dungeon!
Mona wishes my Master to be stronger from Mona’s help! ♥
I’ll see you in the next article. Bye!

[Destiny 101] Event Dungeon +3
[Destiny 101] Event Dungeon
DestinyChild DestinyChild
LV.25 GameManager 4years

[Destiny 101] Costumes

Greetings, master!
Your loyal supporter Mona, at your service! ♥
Welcome to another chapter of Mona’s Destiny 101!
When it comes to Childs’ outfits, which one do you prefer: E class costume or S class costume?
Have you noticed that you can change your Childs’ outfits anytime you want?
On today’s article, I’d like to talk about “Costumes”.
So, let’s get right into it, shall we?
■ How do I change my Childs’ costumes?
As you know, Childs’ outfits automatically change when they are S awakened.
But have you noticed that you can change their outfits into E class costumes?
Go to [Child] menu, select one of your Childs,
tap [Costumes] button on the top right corner, and choose a costume you want your Child to wear!
■ I’ve obtained a costume from mailbox, but I can’t find it!
Unlike awaken costumes, some costumes are obtained as a form of “Costume Items”.
Costume items will be stored in your inventory’s costume tab just like the image above.
Please be careful not to sell the costume item by accident!
Once you used the item, you’ll be able to see the new costume from your Child’s wardrobe.
Mona wishes my Master to be stronger from Mona’s help! ♥
I’ll see you in the next article. Bye!

[Destiny 101] Costumes +3
[Destiny 101] Costumes
DestinyChild DestinyChild
LV.25 GameManager 4years

[Destiny101] Attribute

Greetings, master!
Your loyal supporter Mona, at your service! ♥
Welcome to another chapter of Mona’s Destiny 101!
Ragna:Break season 0 has begun at last!
Hope you’re having fun with your first boss raid!
On today’s article, I’d like to talk about “Attribute” system,
the very basic but also crucial strategy for Ragna:Break!
So, let’s get right into it, shall we?
■ What are attributes?
Attribute is a standard that determines each Child’s strength and weakness.
It affects the amount of damage both dealt and received.
There are five attributes in Destiny Child: Fire, Water, Wood, Light, and Dark.
* Group A: Fire / Water / Wood
* Group B: Light / Dark
<Weak Point!>
For example, Fire Type deals more damage on Wood Type, and receives less damage from Wood Type.
On the other hand, Fire Type deals less damage on Water Type, and receives more damage from Water Type.
Note that damage increase or decrease only occurs within each groups’ attributes.
As you can notice from the image above, damage does not change when Light Type Child attacks Fire Type Child,
meaning that there are no relations between attribute group A and attribute group B
When it comes to group B, Light Type and Dark Type deals increased damage to each other, receiving more damage from each other as well.
■ Skill effects and conditions
Oh, and I’m absolutely certain that my master has already noticed that some skills have extra effects or conditions regarding Childs’ attributes.
Just like the skill above, some skills can deal even more damage when attacking certain attributes.
Note that these kinds of bonus damages stack with Weak Point damage.
When it comes to buff/debuff skills, they might have “Attribute Priority” just like above.
Buff/Debuff will be applied first to certain Types of Child mentioned in the skill tooltip, then the rest of the Childs will receive the effects.
Take a closer look at enemy’s team composition, combine your Childs’ attributes and skills!
■ Any tips for team making?
Simple! All you need to do is to choose Childs that have stronger attribute than the enemy as your team member.
For instance, the efficient way to defeat Ragna:Break season 0 boss Krampus is choosing Fire Type Childs, since Krampus is Wood Type Child.
By doing so, your Childs will deal more damage to Krampus, and receive less damage from Krampus, making the entire Ragna battle much more easier and stable.
If you have no choice but to bring Water Type Child to Ragna:Break battle, make sure to fully buff the Child with your Defender or Supporter Childs, otherwise it may instantly lose all its health by Krampus’ merciless skills.
Mona wishes my Master to be stronger from Mona’s help! ♥
I’ll see you in the next article. Bye!

[Destiny101] Attribute +4
[Destiny101] Attribute
DestinyChild DestinyChild
LV.25 GameManager 4years

[Destiny101] Uncapping

Greetings, master!
Your loyal supporter Mona, at your service! ♥
Welcome to another chapter of Mona’s Destiny 101!
Have you ever experienced being your inventory full of same Childs?
If you’re thinking of just extracting Onyx from them, I strongly suggest you read through this article!
On today’s article, I’d like to talk about “Uncap” system,
which is also important when it comes to making your Child stronger!
So, let’s get right into it, shall we?
■ What is Uncapping? What are some benefits of doing it?
<Comparison between +0 Davi and +6 Davi>
Uncapping is the method of binding two or more same Childs into one.
This will unlock its skill ranks by 1 tier, allowing you to train your Child’s skill level even higher.
Also your Child’s stats will also increase every time you uncap the Child.
Maximum uncap count depends on your Child’s rarity(★).
In order to fully uncap your Child(up to +6), you need to evolve it into ★6 first.
Please note that you should NOT “combine” them if you’re trying to uncap your Child.
One more thing you should be aware of is that you should not use evolved/awaken/leveled-up Child as an uncapping material.
Once the uncapping is done, you will lose all of the progress you had made to your material Child.
Please make sure to double check before uncapping!
■ Can I split it? What happens if I do so?
With a little bit of Onyx, you can unbind an uncapped Child anytime you want.
However, there are some disadvantages of unbinding, please check the details below.
* Obtain material Child in its original state
For example, if you unbind S class 6★ Lv. 60 Davi(+6), you will eventually get:
- S class 6★ Lv. 60 Davi(+5)
- E class 3★ Lv. 1 Davi(+0)
Even if you had used S class 4★ or higher Davi as an uncapping material,
the system will give you the original state of material Child, which is E class 3★ Lv. 1 Davi(+0).
* Stat decrease
As you unbind your Child, it will lose the stat bonuses obtained through uncapping.
* Skill level and tier decrease
As I mentioned before, uncapping unlocks the Child’s skill ranks by 1 tier.
After unbinding, skill levels will be adjusted based on the uncapping value. For instance:
<Example: Unbinding Davi(+1)>
As you can see, since Davi(+0) cannot maintain Rank 2 skills,
they will decrease into rank 1 when the Child is unbound, adjusting those skills’ levels into 10.
And of course, you cannot retrieve Onyx you had spent to increase the Child’s skills.
■ What happens if I use uncapped Child as a material?
Not to worry!
The uncap value will increase according to material Child’s uncap value.
As you can see from above, if you use an uncapped(+1) Child as an uncap material, uncap value will increase by 2!
It’s simple! Just think that you’re using two Davi at once as an uncapping material.
Mona wishes my Master to be stronger from Mona’s help! ♥
I’ll see you in the next article. Bye!

[Destiny101] Uncapping +4
[Destiny101] Uncapping
DestinyChild DestinyChild
LV.25 GameManager 4years

[Destiny101] Awakening, Onyx!

Greetings, master!
Your loyal supporter Mona, at your service! ♥
Welcome to another chapter of Mona’s Destiny 101!
On today’s article, I’d like to talk about “Awaken” system,
the fastest way to make your Childs stronger in no time!
Also, I’d like to share some of my tips to gather more Onyx.
So, let’s get right into it, shall we?
■ What is Awakening? What are the benefits of doing it?
Awakening helps your Childs show their true potentials.
As awakening Class gets higher, the bond between you and your Child gets stronger,
granting a MASSIVE boost to your Child’s stats as you can see from above.
As you fully awaken your Child, you can unlock new costumes, accessory slots, new scenarios, and voice data!
■ What do I need?
Basically, you will need Onyx to awaken your Childs.
But first, you need to level-up your Childs certain awaken classes.
Check out the level requirements below!
Oh, and you will need more Onyx to awaken your Child with higher rarity.
* Amount of Onyx needed for full awakening
1★ = 9,000 Onyx
2★ = 18,000 Onyx
3★ = 36,000 Onyx
4★ = 77,000 Onyx
5★ = 152,000 Onyx
■ I need more Onyx! How can I get it?
There are lots of ways to get Onyx in the game!
With introducing the very basic method of getting Onyx, I’d like to share some of my tips too!
* Child extraction
You can gather Onyx by extracting your Childs.
Childs with higher rarity will give you more Onyx when extracted.
Please lock your necessary Childs if you don’t want them to be extracted by mistake!
Of course, I believe my Master already knew about this which I said before in Level-up article!
The new features for the convenience!
- Now you can extract max 200 Childs at once!
- You can set preferences of auto select option!
Let's go through how to set the Extract Onyx options.
*Onyx Extraction setting Guide
1) Tab [Awaken in Child Inventory-Extract Onyx]
2) Tab the setting button.
3) In the settings, you can set the maximum number of selected Child and setting options.
* When pressing ‘Auto’ button, Childs are automatically aligned to the slot as shown above.
Options are:
- Enhanced, Item equipped, and 4* or higher Childs
- Plus, you can choose the number of Childs by auto selecting (max 200!!!)
* If you do not set the options at the bottom, extraction only applies to Childs of 3 stars or less by default.
However, Candidates!
You need to be very careful when extracting Childs. You might extract some Childs that you didn’t mean to.
So in order to avoid such an accident, Mona advises you to check the list of Childs everytime you extract.
Tap "+number" button! (Red Square above), then you will see the full list of Childs.
You also can undo the selections by touching on the Childs.
* Rumble Mission
You can also gather Onyx by completing Devil Rumble daily missions.
Join the battle of Devil Rumble every day!
* Friend Coin Summon
Have you noticed that you can also get Onyx from Friend Coin summon?
Don’t forget to bring your friends to battle and gather Friend Coins!
You can also get Crystals and Stamina from Friend Coin summon as well.
Mona wishes my Master to be stronger from Mona’s help! ♥
I’ll see you in the next article. Bye!

[Destiny101] Awakening, Onyx! +10
[Destiny101] Awakening, Onyx!
DestinyChild DestinyChild
LV.25 GameManager 4years

[Destiny101] Level-up!

Greetings, master!
Your loyal supporter Mona, at your service! ♥
I’ve prepared new series of article to help you become Destiny Child expert!
I’d like to call them: Mona’s Destiny 101!
Mona’s Destiny 101 will be uploaded to our official community!
Hope you can get some tips through this series of article.
On today’s article, I’d like to share some of my tips to level-up Childs in an efficient way!
So, let’s get right into it, shall we?
■ Leveling through battle
Let’s start with the very basic method, leveling through world map battle.
For your efficient Child leveling, make sure to grind in a stage which has “EXP+” mark.
This will give you extra bonus EXP compared to other stages.
Note that battle result(★) has nothing to do with total EXP your Childs get.
Even if the battle result was 1★, your Childs will still get the same amount of EXP from 3★ battle result.
Oh, and Childs who have fainted in the battle will also get the same EXP as well.
Just make sure to choose a stage that you have the least chance to be defeated since you cannot get any EXP when defeated.
Don’t forget that you can get double EXP every weekend!
I strongly suggest you check out [Hot Weekends!] event post on our official community!
■ Combining Childs
Using your unnecessary Childs as combining material can also be an option.
When it comes to dealing with unnecessary Childs, you can also extract them to get Onyx.
So it’s totally up to you whether to extract them or to combine them as EXP materials.
Combining Childs which have the same attribute will grant 110% EXP Bonus.
And if you’re lucky, you can randomly get 120% / 150% / 200% EXP bonus when combining.
■ Enhancement Childs
I must say combining enhancement Childs is the most efficient and fastest way to train your Childs.
Your Child will earn even more EXP by using enhancement Childs as EXP material.
Don’t forget to play enhancement dungeon 3 times every day and obtain enhancement Childs!
One more thing! I highly suggest you check your inventory for these items.
These are Enhancement Child Summon Tickets, from which you can also get enhancement Childs.
You might have received these as quest rewards and stored in your inventory!
Mona wishes my Master to be stronger from Mona’s help! ♥
I’ll see you in the next article. Bye!

[Destiny101] Level-up! +5
[Destiny101] Level-up!
DestinyChild DestinyChild
LV.25 GameManager 4years

Make your Child stronger

It is a must to make your Childs strong. Childs can become strong in various ways. Let’s find out how.
Raise a Child’s level! By battles, or using another Childs and gold also could be an option:
- Why do I need combining? - ATK, HP, and other stats increase as a Child’s level goes up.
- How to combine? – Use Combine button to combine.
- At most 6 Childs can be combined to a Child. When using auto fill, Childs will be selected as combining material starting from the one displayed on the far left. Locked Childs, those on a team, and those on an exploration will not appear on the material selection screen.
- You can earn 10% attribute bonus EXP by combining the same attribute Child.
- You can earn more EXP by combining EXP Childs than other Childs. You can get EXP Childs in Event Dungeons.
Level caps vary by Childs’ rarity. When the rarity increases by evolving a Child, the level cap will rise as well.
Skill’s Rank and level can be enhanced.
- What is skill level? – Childs have skill levels and when they go up, the effects of skills improve. Raising levels and ranks requires Onyx.
<Skill Types>
Childs have 5 different types of skills: Auto Attack, Tap skills, Slide skills, Drive skills, and Leader Buff. Only Auto Attack, Tap skills, Slide skills can be leveled up by Onyx.
- Skill Level Up – The level of skills can be raised up to 10. Skills have the rank of 7 at most. When the skill reaches level 10 you can raise its rank if the Child is uncapped enough. Check on [Uncap] chapter for the details. Raising a skill’s rank rolls back its level by 1, but you can raise the level even higher and it can be used as an even more powerful skill.
Awakening will change your child forevermore stronger!
- Awakening System – The awakening system requires Onyx to deepen your bond with a Child. Awakening a Child unlocks an awakening story, boosts stats, and gives you a reward.
You can extract Onyx from a Child. Childs you extract Onyx from will be lost, so make sure to lock those you deem important.
- Awakening Reward – When a Child’s awakening class goes up, its stats get a boost, and new voices and awakening scenarios will be unlocked. Raising a Child to S Class unlocks a slot for equipping an accessory and gives you a new costume.
All Childs can be 6-star! All stats will be improved significantly when your Child star-d up! Childs maximum level increase as well.
<Evolution Requirements>
-Childs must be at max level
-Collect necessary evolution materials
-Collect Evolution Childs or Childs of the same rarity
- Evolution materials - Prepare Evolution materials with the same attribute as the Child. You can earn materials for each of the attributes every day in Event Dungeons
- Material Childs – needs the same star as the Child you want to evolve
When evolution is complete, the Child will retain the same strength but its level will roll back by 1. However, it will retain its skill levels and ranks.
Use the same Child to uncap your Child. Uncapping dramatically improves a Child’s stats and raises its skill ranks.
- Uncapping Count Limit – You can uncap a Child the same number of times as its rarity. 6-star Child can be uncapped up to +6!
*Note: If you use an uncapped Child to perform uncapping, the uncap count will be increased incrementally, but any increase that exceeds the limit permitted for uncapping will be lost. You can uncap your Child regardless of its rarity. i.e.) You can uncap 6-star Fraj with 5-star Fraj.

Make your Child stronger +9
Make your Child stronger
DestinyChild DestinyChild
LV.25 GameManager 4years

Welcome to the Night World

[Night World]
Night World is available at candidate level 7. Mona will take you to the Night World when you reach candidate level 7. Some places require over candidate level 7.
There are seven places to go. Devil Rumble, Event Dungeon, Underground, Shop, Scarlet Collection, Exploration, Bar Replay(Scenarios):
[Devil Rumble]
Devil Rumble(PVP battles) is run(or broadcast) by perky A.I. Available at candidate level 10. She is going to take you to the hot Archfiend candidate battle of Channel Evil. In Devil Rumble, you face off against other Archfiend candidates to climb the ranks of the leaderboard. The further you climb, the more rewards you earn. Don’t miss out fabulous prizes every week! Check the Devil Rumble rules to get you to the top:
[Devil Rumble Rules]
*Every week’s Devil Rumble starts every Monday 04:00 UTC & closes on Monday 00:00 UTC
*Starting league will be determined at the same time as your rewards
*Score resets to its minimum when the Weekly Devil Rumble begins, depending on your current league
*The minimum win rate and battles must be kept in order to maintain your league
*Failure to meet the minimum league requirements before the Devil Rumble closure will drop you 2 leagues lower
*The rival list will be updated when all players are defeated or overtime
*Next week’s league is determined by this week’s score and rank
*You must compete at least 10 times a week to receive a reward
*Those who rank in at 100th place or higher earn a bonus reward in addition to the league reward
- Rival – You need a ticket to fight in Devil Rumble. You can carry at most 5 tickets. Tickets automatically regenerate over time. Can’t wait? You can buy 5 tickets with 100 Crystals. If your rivals are too strong to fight, switch them for free every 15 min or use 50 Crystals.
You will see one unknown player which the Childs team is hidden on your first encounter. Other 4 players’ team will be shown. You will get Devil Rumble mileage as you win.
*Note: Do not get disappointed even if you lose. You can challenge as many as you want to the same rival until you win when the rival is on your challenge list. Adjust and find the right Childs team to defeat your rival! Or just remove them using refresh button.
[Mileage Reward]
*Earn mileage points for Devil Rumble battle wins
*When the gauge is full you won’t gain any more mileage points
*The mileage gauge will be reset once you claim your reward.
- Ranking – Find out the glorious names in top 100. You can get a hint from them to organize your own team. A.I suggests various rewards such as enhancement material, Gold, and Crystals! Check out Top 100 Ranking Rules
[Top 100 Ranking Rules]
Rankings are determined by comparing players starting with rule number 1 above and moving on down the numbers each time.
1. Highest Rumble Score
2. Most wins this week
3. Highest winning rate this week
4. Lowest number of career wins
5. Highest number of career wins
6. The later the first battle time of the weekly Devil Rumble
- Daily Missions – offers you 7 missions every day. Complete the missions and get rewards such as Onyx, Gold and Rumble Coins!
- League Rewards – Generous A.I gives her heart out to everyone! Except for the rank rewards, everyone who joined the battle in Devil Rumble can get league rewards. Note that at least 10 battles is a must to get rewards every week. Each league has 1 to 5 steps. Check out league information.
[League information – Leagues and scores]
- Rumble Shop – items can be bought using Rumble coins. Coins can be earned from Rumble battles, Rumble missions or event rewards. You can purchase equipment and evolution materials at Rumble Shop. Catalog changes after a certain period of time, but you can switch up immediately by using Crystals. Want to put more up for sale? Unlock selling items slots using Gold.
[Event Dungeon]
- Event Dungeon – is an important place. Normally you could see three daily dungeons every day which are Evolution material dungeon, Enhancement material dungeon, and Gold dungeon. All available from candidate level 7. Use stamina to play these dungeons. Entering dungeons with higher difficulties requires more Stamina, but the rarities of the materials you earn also increase. Daily Dungeons are as follows:
- Evolution material dungeon – You can get various evolution materials in this place. Use evolution materials to evolve your Childs. Earn higher-grade rewards for more difficult dungeon levels. Different types of material dungeon open daily.
- Enhancement material dungeon – Stronger as your Child’s level gets higher! Enhancement Childs grant lots of EXP when you combine them with other Childs. Whenever you are in need of some EXPs, head to the Enhancement Child dungeons for the type you need.
- Gold dungeon - Get lots of Gold in the Gold dungeon. You can earn plenty of Gold in the Gold dungeon, with even greater spoils for the more difficult dungeon levels.
[Daily Dungeon Schedule]
Sometimes SPECIAL DUNGEON opens in Event Dungeon! We have plenty of them to show you!
- Underground – is available from candidate level 12. Mobilize every Child you have as you battle your way to its deepest depths. Your foes will become ever more powerful as you near the very bottom, but you can earn the highest rarity of equipment and tons of Golds, among other rewards. In the Underground.
- Difficulties - You can choose Easy, Normal, or Hard. Depending on the difficulty, the rewards you earn change. You can go to the next level when you clear previous level. Each level has 15 stations and each time you pass through 3 stations earn reward at a separately established supply station.
- Entries Allowed - Entering Underground is allowed 3 times per a day, but using reset button and use some amount of Crystals to challenge again.
- Childs Rarity - Certain rarity of Childs can be used in each level. In easy 3-star or higher, in normal 4-star or higher, in Hard 5-star or higher. A special stage opens for a limited time which is extreme. In extreme 5-star or higher Childs can be joined.
*Note: Childs’ HP does not recover after battles in Underground, but the fever gauge remains. Use your Childs skills wisely.
Buy Gold and Stamina with Crystals. Also we are offering some merchandizes you can buy with actual money. Some of them may have purchase limits. Not a must but a great help.
[Scarlet Collection]
Brigid offers a great deal! She sells exclusive items to get your Childs stronger! Check out what she has:
Available from candidate level 9. Send out your Childs on explorations to earn EXPs and items. There are all 5 exploration areas. The first area will be unlocked at Candidate level 9, and other 4 areas will gradually be unlocked when you reach level 12, 18, 22, 30. There are 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours and 12 hours of exploration durations. The longer the exploration the more EXPs earned to the Childs, and the higher the rarity of items obtained.
[Bar Replay]
Bar Replay(Scenarios) – Visit Hebe at Bar Replay to watch scenario again. Destiny Child offers you many scenarios you can enjoy. Main, awakening, sometimes special ones like event scenarios. Select a scenario and tap “Replay” to watch again.
- Main Scenario – showing stories in the stages of the world.
- Awakening Scenario – Find out true stories of your Childs! Check out how to awaken Child in [Getting Started] or [Make your Child stronger] posts.
- Special Scenario – Want to see again when you met Mona for the first time or your first visit to the Night World? They are all here. Something more special moments can be held in here if you were lucky.

Welcome to the Night World +12
Welcome to the Night World
DestinyChild DestinyChild
LV.25 GameManager 4years

Getting started of Destiny Child - Game Basics

Basic game menu. Red [!] or [number] appears when there’s a new event you haven’t checked yet.
- Home – sweet home! This will be your shelter between extreme battles for Archfiend Contest. But you have many things to do at home. Check out all the details to find out including adjusting game settings and options, we even have a mosaic filter!
- Child - Browse, enhance your Childs
- Items - view your items including summon tickets and costumes!
- My Room - check and complete your goals to claim rewards, such as Crystals and Onyx!
- Summon - Get new Childs by using Crystals or gold!
- Friends - view your friend list. Send friend coins and be a good buddy!
Check out each menu below for the details.
- Stamina –gives you the power to fight in a battle. Stamina automatically regenerate over time
- Gold – looted from battles, quests or other rewards
- Onyx – can be obtained by extracting Childs. Used in leveling up skills
- Crystals – can be obtained through in-app purchase or by completing quests. Used in summoning Child, equipment, reset challenge number of times
- Blood Gem – is the most valuable currency. Can be obtained through in-app purchase or event rewards. Used in blood gem summoning, equipment, reset challenge number of times
- Friend Coins – can be obtained from your friends. And you can send some to your friends! Get a variety of items including Gold, Onyx and other useful items. You can even get Crystals!
- Rumble Coins – can be obtained through Devil Rumble mission rewards
On the top of the screen contains current resources and your profile:
- Stamina – To the battlefield!
- Crystals, Gold, Onyx, Blood Gem – looted from battles, quests or other rewards
- Your name
- Candidate level – Leveling up your Candidate level allows you to unlock the night world, and increase the party capacity
User experience – it can be earned through the battle.
The top left side contains menus including settings, mailbox and more:
- Lisa’s Tasks – shortcut to Lisa’s tasks
- News – take a quick look of current events
The top right side contains menus including settings, mailbox and more:
- MENU – Adjust game settings and options
- Mailbox – contains rewards you received from events
- Archive – A showroom for you to check all the Childs in Destiny Childs
- Background – provides various backgrounds for you. Make yourself at home!
- Gallery Mode – Enjoy your Child without any barriers
The bottom right buttons would take you out of your home:
- Story – Get your Childs into the world of Archfiend Contest!
- Night World – various playgrounds for Demons such as Devil Rumble, Event dungeons, Underground and more. Available at Candidate level 7
Whilst on the home screen you can meet your favorite Child!
Displays all Childs you have collected.
On the top of the screen contains your team of Childs:
- Team – Check enemies and organize an appropriate team. At most Five Childs are a team. You can organize more teams as you level up. Select a leader for proper leader buff and check out your team power for the battle. Find out an amazing team just for yourself!
On the middle area of the screen contains thumbnails of Childs:
- Childs’ thumbnails – You may not see all the Childs you have collected. Just tap and slide to check out all your Childs. Want to find out more? Tap [More] to view Child’s stat, detail and more
On the bottom of the screen contains Child information such as:
- Child stats – View your Child’s stats. If you can’t find them, tap [Change View] button to check the Child’s stats or leader buff
- Child enhancement – combine, awaken your Child or level up skills. check out [Make your Child stronger] post for detailed information
- Child Slot – can be extended from 100 to 350. Need Crystals or gold for extending every 10 slots
Childs can be obtained from battles, summon tickets, event rewards, summoning and more. Check out the easiest way to get Childs: SUMMONING below on [Summon] chapter!
Viewing all items you have. There are six types of items including weapons, armors, accessories, summon tickets, costumes, and others for your Childs. Tap each tab to view categorized items:
- All – Check all your items in a single page
- Weapons, Armors, Accessories – Childs can equip weapons, armors, and accessories. By equipping items to boost Childs’ stats such as HP, ATK, and DEF. These items can be obtained as rewards for missions, event, and battles or by summoning. Equipments have various stats, choose wisely for your Childs. Equipment can be enhanced, check out [Make your Child stronger] post for detailed information
- Other items – mainly consist of evolution materials which can be obtained from missions and as event rewards
- Summon tickets – are used to summon Childs and items. Earn them as rewards for completing missions and event bonuses
- Costumes – acquired in various ways including Event rewards are stored in this place. In order to use the costume for your Child, you must wear it. Each costume has its owner Child. You must have the Child to wear the costume
You cannot obtain items when inventory is full. Don’t forget to clear your inventory once a while:
- Inventory Extension – item inventory capacity can be extended From 100 to 350. Need Crystals or gold for extending every 10 slots
[My Room]
Remember, you are living with Childs. Go to your room and check out your three best supporters’ suggestions and earn rewards such as summon tickets, items, various assets including Onyx and Crystals!:
- Daily Lisa’s Tasks – A brilliant example of succubi Lisa gives you daily tasks. Get your amazing bonus she provides every day!
- Assorted Davi’s Challenges – You certainly have a spot(maybe a bit small) in Davi’s mind full of Mona. Dare to be a real Devil?
- Dungeon Mona’s Missions – Do what Mona says! To the dungeons and earn rewards!
- Step Tutorial –Finish simple seven steps of tutorial mission and get 5*Child summon ticket!
Summoning is the easiest way to meet Childs, get new equipments or others. We are offering various options:
- Child – can be summoned with Crystals or gold. Use 2,700 Crystals to summon 10 Childs, guaranteed one Child of 4* or over! Also use 330,000 gold to summon 10 Childs, available 3 times a day. There are two types of summoning: Basic summon, and Special summon.
- You can summon basic Childs from Basic summon, excluding those who are newly updated to the game.
*Note: Lists of Childs you can obtain from Basic summon will not change.
Through Special summon, you can summon both basic Childs and newly updated Childs
*Mileage – accrues when a 3* Child is summoned. There are 3 steps of mileage rewards.
Step1 - 4* Summon ticket + Step 1 Bonus
Step2 - 4-5* Summon ticket + Step 2 Bonus
Step3 - 5* Summon ticket + Step 3 Bonus
Note: Mileage resets to 0% when you earn the rewards of the step you reached.
You can earn the rewards of the step you reached, not including the previous step(s).
- Equipment – Give Childs items to get stronger! Use 200,000 gold to summon 10 equipments!
- Blood Gem Summon – Glorious Blood Gem will give you the power of fateful contract of a 5* Child! Need 150 Blood Gem to summon 1 guaranteed 5* Child.
- Friend Coins – Get a variety of items including Gold, Onyx even Crystals! Need 100 Friend coin for 1 spin. Make more friends to send coins to each other! Find out more about making friends and sending coins below on [Friends] chapter.
Keep your friendship hold fast for your own good. Friends may help you to overcome hardships:
- Friend List – view all your friends. Use the top right button to sort friends such as by login dates, candidate level, Child’s Type and more.
Here are some tips:
You can bring your friend’s Child to your battle
Some battles are not allowed to bring friend’s Child
Only 10 friends can be removed in a day
Check out your friend’s team in Friendly Battle, it might deliver a surprise to your friend!
Send Coin to make your friendship tighter
- Send Request – manage friend requests you received and sent. We also recommend friends just for you.
- Find Friend – here you can send the request to certain friends. You need to know friends account ID.
*What is account ID?
Destiny Child allows duplicated nickname. Each account has its own account ID to identify players.
Go [Home > Menu > Support] to check your Account ID.

Getting started of Destiny Child - Game Basics +10
Getting started of Destiny Child - Game Basics
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