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Mar 12, 2022, 05:44 PM 713 read

PSA for everyone having issues after the update


For Android users who cannot play after the update, here are a couple of backup solutions:   If you can make it into the game, but the UI is messed up, download locale.pck and pack.pck for the current patch from this link: Replace the old ones located in the internal storage in /Android/data/com.linegames.dcglobal/files/ and see if the issue is fixed.   If you can't see the data folder, use a file explorer that grants you access to it like X-plore, File Manager Plus or Solid Explorer.   If you have attempted to reinstall the game and are stuck at the downloading stage because it keeps continually failing, you can download a copy of the full asset folder for the current patch (low resolution, no voices) here:   Go to Android/data/com.linegames.dcglobal/files, back up the !config.sav file to save your local settings. Delete the old com.linegames.dcglobal folder in Android/data, then move the unzipped folder into Android/data. Put the old !config.sav file back in the new com.linegames.dcglobal/files folder and start the game.   EDIT: for iOS users, there are no such options available. You might be able to play on an Android emulator if one of the link options on your account works on Android (everything except the Apple account)  

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  • Gbedders LV.4 Lurker Mar 13, 2022, 08:35 AM

    I've carried the instructions out but still have no luck. It verifies game data and has nothing left to download. It flicks to download and then straight to Unstable Connection please restart game.
    I suppose I will just have to wait until its fixed.
    Gutted though missing out on leveling and EnGarde.