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The 2nd crystal farming strategy


For F2P players, this could be a good tip. We all know the 500 a day crystal farming at the exploration, which is very important to F2P players. And now with the new high exp stages, we can finally start farming 3 stars for crystals as well.     When you get a bunch of 3 stars, you used to immediately extract them for onyx, well no need to do that anymore.     If you put them in Chapter 4-1, area 4-1 (Stage 7 - Doubtful Disciple), or Chapter 4-3, area 4-1 (Stage 7 - What Matters), every 7 runs during hot time/weekend you can get four 3-star childs to max lvl and giving you 12k gold + 120 crystal. You leave one of your strong characters in team to carry the whole team (quite easily for “Doubtful Disciple” stage, so I recommend this one for now)     I do this every weekend. We often get those 10x summon packs, and I summon 10 at once (for higher chance of getting 5 stars). And they will give you a ton of 3 stars.   Make sure you have enough space/child slots first before doing this crystal farming.     We need to do these stages farm 2 stars anyway for the 500 crystals a day from exploration, so why not farm from 3 stars at the same time?     One weekend I lvled 80 3-stars gaining 2400 crystals plus 240,000 gold, and during these runs I farmed 100 2 star childs (equivalent of 2000 crystals and 200,000 gold from exploration) since we often get free stam and combine childs, I still had more than enough to lvl my 50s and 60s to max afterwards.     If you open those 10 packs of x10 summon, you can get 80+ 3 star childs easily; but if you don’t have enough child slots, then open one at a time (getting about 8 or 9 3-stars at a time), and after you have lvled 8 3-stars and extracted them for onyx, and then open a pack again and repeat.     I get about 50 free 3-stars every week (since we get many free x10 summon packs from events), so I farm about 1500 crystals + 150,000 gold from them every weekend.     Right now it still costs 175 stam to lvl 4 3 stars (because you need at least one of your hero in case your assisting friend is weak or you run out of friends at the time), Chapter 4-3, area 4-1 (Stage 7 - What Matters) gives 1200 exp at hot time which you will still need 7 runs to full lvl a 3 star.     To lvl a 3 star, you need 7488 exp, so if only that stage give 1250 instead of 1200, then you will be able to lvl 4 3-stars in 6 runs (1250 x 6 = 7500 exp total).   So I highly suspect that with the next update (if not, surely after the next), the next chapter (chp. 4-4) will bring 1250 (just 50 more from previous chapter, or 25 more when no hot time) or more exp during hot time, then you will get 120 crystals + gold farmed with just 150 stam, and not to mention the bonus 2 stars from runs.     To do this please note that you should only farm the stage 7s as I found out chapter 4-1, 4-2, and 4-3 all only their stage 7 will drop 4 star equipment, and yeah, not to mention all the 4 star equipment you'll get.     In order to farm crystals from 3 stars and still have enough to lvl up you 5 and 6 star waifus, for F2P players, you will need to use all your excess stamina to below 394 (at player lvl 80 394 is max) so your stamina is in constant regen; this will give you 290 additional stam a day, more than 2000 every week. With this (plus the events and devil pass), you will almost always be in excess of stamina.     I got 10s of ks crystals from maxing 3 stars and I still had excess after lvling all the 5 and 6 stars I needed to lvl. You can also put your 3 stars in the exploration to gain exp after you have already maxed your 25 2-stars over there for the day (or you run out 2 stars that day).       There are many tricks and stuff you can do in this game, just can’t list them all in one go.   Remember to use the new chapter (after the new chapter is out) to lvl the 3 stars and likely you will only need 6 runs to lvl 4 3-stars full and get 120 crystals and 12k gold.       Btw, I’m quitting, so I may not be able to answer your replies lol.     Final side note: I had a lot of fun playing this game, I enjoyed it very much and I don’t regret playing it one bit. It helped me relax at times and I even dare say I had some endearing memories during this. It’s a bit of a sad goodbye.   Well, farewell, enjoy the game and good luck to you guys.  

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