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Before I go, here’s the Chapter 4-3, area 4-1 (Stage 7 - What Matters) farming stats


Since I am quitting the game, I think I might as well do a final service for the community before leaving. I did say I’d collect and share this before, so here’s the data:     Chapter 4-3, area 4-1 (Stage 7 - What Matters) (1200 exp at hot time)   Total stamina used: 14025   Farmed childs/items:   2 star child: 414 3 star child: 41 4 star child: 0   3 star fire crystal: 109   Agility core material: 34   4 star equipment (sailor suit): 143       Average stamina per 2 star child: 33.9 Average stamina per 3 star child: 342.1 Average stamina per 4 star child: N/A   Average stamina per 3 star fire crystal: 128.7 Average stamina per core material: 412.5 Average stamina per 4 star equipment: 98.1     (Above means that after spending an average 33.9 stamina on this stage, you will get one 2-star child)       Remember, you want to farm only stage 7 as only the 7th stage for these advanced chapters will yield 4 Star Equipment for faster/cheaper carta enhance.     Please note you can farm 4 stars from this stage, but 4 stars are unpredictable and we should not rely on getting them from here. I have experiences of getting 4 of them with just 10k stam or getting none after 10k + like this one (all in the 7th stage of these new chapters (4-1,4-2,4-3)). But 2 stars has a fairly constant per stamina so we can focus on them.                 Now this has nothing to do with the data above, just a side note one why I’m quitting. If you got your data and don’t care to know, then carry on and enjoy the game.   I was going to do at least 30k stam collection data, but since I’m quitting, I can’t get there, so might as well share the data I have now.     In PVP, the auto battling system is simply trash. My attacker almost always have crit on the first skill charge (carta + buff), and she can hit 10k+ on defenders with each slide hit, and easily on attackers hit over 15-20k plus (60-80k total slide dmg). Once she hit a lvl 60 30k + (140k total slide dmg), I think the child was naked, but I simply know that if my attacker hits a critical the game is pretty much mine.     But the auto attack almost never does it critical or slide. After many auto battle losses (which I did not see), I decided to look at what is going on. And first match, my attacker hit critical 3 times in a row, and the auto system never hit once, and tapped 3 times (her tap is just one hit 3-5k) on top of that until she died...     And 4 more matches, NOT A SINGLE CORTICAL ATTACK USED, Always waited until she is no longer critical or does just a tap or both. And this is why I lose battles to teams 40 or 50k less power than me. I played the 5 match myself again and it was easy wins all with 90%+ health left, all just with one simple, easy attack from my slider. This ticked me off so much I instantly decided to quit. I have to work, I can’t just attack every battle. Why would anyone spend money if their critical core is never going to be used?? And they still have to grind? The point of spending money/building your team very strong is so that they don’t have to grind anymore.     If the other hits first and kills off my attacker then fine, good job to my opponent, but my opponent kept on sliding critical and my attacker just wait, and every time I ask: please use the critical skill, please use the critical skill, please use the critical skill, and for 3 times, and system just says: no I won’t, no I won’t, no I won’t even though it is just so easy and so clearly the choice to make here.     Making the enemy strong is fine, but purposely making your team not attacking or doing the worst attack is not fine. That is the worst way to implement a game. I know another game (can’t remember name) forcing the player to stand still after the player getting too strong so the AI has chance, that crap just did not work there, either.   You can’t make the player lose on purpose so that game can win. That system just does not make sense.     I played the 5 matches myself and really did not do anything special, I even waited a while on purpose before using the attacker, and all quick wins. Just don’t do the obvious losing thing (1 weak tap after critical is gone instead of 4 critical slide) the match is easily won.     I watched the auto match, she and another child both got skill charged at the same time, she has critical; so the other kid attacks first, very, very slowly; that’s fine and she still has critical, but during that attack another child is charged, and after this child that other child attacks, again very slowly, and she/the attacker still has critical, so still fine; but then another child was charged up again during this third attack, and that other child attacks, and her/attacker’s critical gone...     And she taps... I watched this happening 3 times in a row until my entire team died. The priority the game giving the critical skills is not utterly pathetic, it is none.     The PVP system seriously needs a skill assignment and a critical priority check button.     I don’t have time to baby the game anymore. If it can’t manage very simple things, it simply is not fun that you have to baby everything.     And now plus the raid has newly critical slide/tap attack restriction (lvl 30 boss s21), the game is just getting a bit too difficult and too much work for me. Time consuming is a good reason, but making the player losing on purpose by doing useless/dumb stuff was the real reason why I want to quit without reservation.     But did I have fun with the game until this point? Yes, I had A LOT OF FUN. The game was very enjoyable to me and I know many players will continue to enjoy it. Just fix the PVP auto system and perhaps not forcing players to buy new hero so they can have a chance at the new raid boss (no critical slide/tap attack allowed), maybe making players to spend money because it/something in game brings more fun, then I’d definitely recommend it to just about everyone interested in this type of game.     It’s not just losing a little bit rewards in PVP, which I don’t care much, but making players losing on purpose so the game can function is just a bit too much for me. The house is on fire and the auto gaming system will shoot water to put out fire, but half the time, instead of shooting at the fire, it purposely shoots the water at the wrong direction so it does nothing and then long enough until you have no water left, so you can lose that game... really??     Though I can’t stand that, I just can’t help but say that game was still really, really fun for many its other parts and I really did have very fond and happy memories playing it. Now saying goodbye, it’s not a bitter one, and I want to thank the ShiftUp team (and the original creators) for making such a wonderful game. Well, goodbye and good luck to you all!  

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  • Ericool Lim LV.18 Sage Oct 30, 2021, 07:38 AM

    agree on the baby sitting time is d@mn increase, especially the restrictions of new Ragna break critical rules apply, new Ragna same rules again next time, I will quit too

    To the game admin :
    Do you play the game your self this time? ask your self, will you baby sit your game every match?

  • Maxea LV.2 Lurker Nov 7, 2021, 12:01 AM

    I don't like the way the UI is not optimize, it sometime lag and break the smoothness of the game.

  • Maxea LV.2 Lurker Nov 7, 2021, 12:08 AM

    Maybe someday you will be back again. I just get back after around 1 and half year of afk time from the game. And suddenly it is fun again