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Chapter 4-1, area 4-1 (Stage 7 Doubtful Disciple) farming stats


Chapter 4-1/4-1 always gave the highest amount of exp (1120 during hot time) and the only stage out of 8 stages in the chapter that gives a 4 star equipment (worth more gold and leveling up the cartas much faster). All other stages only drop 3 star equips. So I only farmed 2 stars (for 500 crystals and 10k+ onyx and 20k gold daily) on this stage.     Here are the data:   Chapter 4-1, area 4-1 (Stage 7 Doubtful Disciple) (1120 exp at hot time)   Total stamina used: 11900   Farmed childs/items:   2 star child: 335 3 star child: 30 4 star child: 4   3 star water crystal: 82   Agility core material: 29   4 star equipment (sailor suit): 117       Average stamina per 2 star child: 35.52238806 Average stamina per 3 star child: 396.7 Average stamina per 4 star child: 2975   Average stamina per 3 star water crystal: 145.1219512 Average stamina per core material: 410.3448276 Average stamina per 4 star equipment: 101.7094017     (The "Average" above means that, e.g. for 2 star childs, it means that you need to spend on average 35.522 stamina to obtain one 2-star child)   (And now all this data useless, nice)     I spent many stam on this stage before this, but did not write down the data or as clearly. In my experience, these advanced stages has higher drop rate, and less stamina required, for farming 2 star childs than stage 1-4/6 (Neamhain I).         Chapter 4-2/4-1 (stage 7 "Dark Karma"; also the only stage in the chapter that drops 4 star equipment) has more gold but cannot match the exp. But now chapter 4-3/4-1 (stage 7 “What Matters”) is here, sigh, I guess all my collected data are obsolete. Now I need to farm here (1200 exp during hot time and yes, 4 star equip drop). Time to collection 4-3/4-1 data from scratch.     As you can guess now, all 3 of these chapters only stage 7 WILL drop 4 star equip (777, lucky, huh). They are the only 3 stages in the entire game that you can farm 4 star equipment. Note all other stages’ 3 star equip drop rate is the Same as the 4 star equip drop rates on these 3 stages, so you will Always want to farm these 3 stages (stage 7) for better results.     Btw, I collected chapter 4-2/4-1 (Dark Karma) data before for only 2 stars per stam data, but the exp was not satisfactory over long term so I switched back to 4-1/4-1. The data was:   Total stamina: 3225 Total 2 star childs: 95 Average stamina per 2 star child: 33.94736842   But since I did not spend enough stam on this stage, I believe the average will go up to reach about 35 stam per one 2 star. In my experience 35 stam is about the average cost for obtaining a 2 star child on these latter stages.     Hope you all find all this helpful. Will post the 4-3/4-1 data once I have them; will also do a larger stam usage data collection this time.  

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