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Oct 2, 2021, 11:12 AM 469 read

Average Ragna coin gain?

DESTINY CHILD: TIPS - Average Ragna coin gain? image 1
DESTINY CHILD: TIPS - Average Ragna coin gain? image 2

As you can see from the full pic, I have already spent about 350k + coins at this point, so this 21 day Ragna (season 20) I total about 2.2 million coins.   Of course, I am talking about the ragna coin gain without ever resetting using crystals (that is too expensive; 2700 crystals can get you a luck core box at world boss basically = 1 5 star child + 100 core materials + better core combine results; here you get 27 tickets ain’t worth crap).   I think 2.2 million for 21 days is about right as I get usually 1.4-1.5 mil in a two week ragna (I average 80 to 120k a day with closer to the upper). This one I missed a couple of days and lose ticket left and right (bosses never finished, even lost boosters), but overall I did okay on farming the coins.       Just wonder if everyone else is getting similar results for ragnas. Or vastly better results because you know some tricks? Thanks in advance in sharing what you get.         Just on the thought, I also farm a lot of gold. Of course I would always buy the 2 copies of 5 star + the 2 5-star tickets (2 million gold for 1 5 star is every cheap), and I will net 10 million gold from the coin exchange.     During the Ragna (21 days) I spent 35 million gold (stupid S craft stat event cost me 20 + million gold and only got about 8 S stats, and two useful ones (+5-600 for all stats, so that is about 10 million gold per one good S equip stat)), and I net about 16 million gold increase, during this 21 day event I got about 51 million gold, but of course about 25-27 million is from dailies and other events (devil pass, collection, Shift gifts whatnot).   I know one guild everyone has 100+ million gain during this event with their group slime farming, but that is simply too good for me to have atm. So did everyone else also have a profitable gain during this ragna?  

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  • Gatsu86 LV.25 Champion Oct 2, 2021, 01:12 PM

    This ragna wasn’t too bad for me, I hope one day Shiftup will reduce the prices of the last tier rewards 200k are a lot (at least for the costumes).

    I played every day with about 4-5 refresh tickets to reach Top50.. about 45/50+ battles each day. I pick all rewards and gain about 10M gold (near 1k coins). I was lucky enough to found one of the 3 costumes so I chose the other 2 from the boxes.

    (I didn’t count how much gold I received from Aurora king, but not so much)

  • gamer171 LV.4 Lurker Oct 3, 2021, 11:09 AM

    Top 50 sounds nice. My damage can never get me there atm. So I guess 10 million gold (from 1 mil coins) is about the high end for no refreshes. I fought like 50+ slimes but I think i've been lucky with them this ragna and I don't think I'll do as well next ones.

  • Gatsu86 LV.25 Champion Oct 3, 2021, 08:16 PM

    If you can one shot a ragna boss, than you can achieve top100 without refresh but still it need many natural battles per day. Probably 40+ runs with slayer one shot.