Chris P Bacon LV.5 Lurker
Feb 8, 2021, 01:09 PM 322 read

Help: Who to ignite and how? Need hats + good pvp setup but don't understand ignition (star=my pvp)

DESTINY CHILD: TIPS - Help: Who to ignite and how? Need hats + good pvp setup but don't understand ignition (star=my pvp) image 1

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  • Kharl LV.23 Wizard Feb 8, 2021, 01:24 PM

    The mission asks you to just create cores, not using them. So if you only want the hats, then you don't need to ignite anyone if you still don't feel confident in doing so.

  • Chris P Bacon LV.5 Lurker Feb 8, 2021, 01:46 PM

    Ah, that's a releif! Which cores do you think I should make? I've saved about six "throw away" 5-star childs to use, I consider them valuable so I don't want to waste cores. Since I hear people recommend the +6 attacker at 6-Stars being the first to ignite, I'm guessing ATK and CRT should be priority, correct? Thank you

  • Gatsu86 LV.23 Champion Feb 8, 2021, 10:35 PM

    1-2-3) Yes the atk core with amp atk amp crt and atk is better. You can change the first core any times you want, but remember that the old core will not come back.

    4) in that case, the middle nodes will have amp atk, left amp crt, right atk. (The first stat in the core will always be the middle, than left and right)

    5) yes, it is expensive, so focus full ignition later when you have a reached a good box for WB/ragna content. Maybe save dupes for HoR sistem first to get more uncaps. Yes the core stats determine what the child will get (in order: middle, left, right = example
    your core: amp atk amp crt atk)

    5b) yeah it will need lot of cores and 5 star childs (5x 5 childs middle + 5 cores.. 1 core as start + 6 cores on the side. In tot 12)

    No problem, glad to help you. You can wait a x3 red core, your box need more childs uncaps skills etc first for wb/ ragna so take your time, ignition is important if you want be competitive, if you want now focus on other things so you can improve your box.. than you can ignite 1 attacker x color to help in the contents.

    For ignition choose those child that can help you in multiple content (as C Bathory, she is great for all 3, pvp wb and wood ragna)

  • Chris P Bacon LV.5 Lurker Feb 8, 2021, 01:13 PM

    I want the hats, but I have to do ignition stuff. I'm too afraid of doing the ignition stuff because I have limited materials and spare 5-star characters, never sure what characters to use for ignition. Fear I'd create something and it'd end up bad. But I want to get hats for the mission event.

    I was told it is best to ignite an attacker first, but my only 6-star attacker is Wood Attacker Luin, who is not top ttier for PVP. So if I ignite her, I'll probably be screwed up later since I'd be better off igniting another character...but not sure who that character is or how to ignite that character.

    I hear you're supposed to ignite it with certain stats in mind (atk, crt, or whatever) and I don't even know what to do there. It's all confusing to me, so I thought I should ask for help. I've shown my best characters, most of my best equipment, and my ignition materials to give you guys an idea of what I'm working with so you guys can recommend me a good ignition setup. Thank you

  • Gatsu86 LV.23 Champion Feb 8, 2021, 02:23 PM

    Ignite C. Bathory with a good atk core or crt core... if that core have more red stats is better (a atk core with amp atk + amp crt ... or amp atk + amp agi are good options).

    Her in pvp is really good, at full ignition will get a 6hit slide so can help your team better than Luin attacker.

    (+4 is still good, later little by little you can make her +6, thanks to HoR sistem : trade 6 5 star childs for a chance to get her, you can add her in the House of Reincarnation editing 1 of the 6 starter chids there)

    To create a core you need cores materials (x99) and a 5 star child (that child will be sacrificed so chose 1 that you don’t care or is a dupe or bad tier child)

    Only the first core used on the child decide what stats she will gain, so use your best core than feed the worst to complete the ignition

  • Chris P Bacon LV.5 Lurker Feb 8, 2021, 04:20 PM

    Thank you. These are the cores I have

    ATK - Amp ATK, AGL, Amp AGL
    ATK - Amp ATK, CRT, ATK
    ATK - Amp ATK, HP, DEF
    ATK - Amp ATK, AGL, AGL
    AGL - Amp AGL, CRT, CRT
    AGL - Amp AGL, Amp DEF
    CRT - Amp CRT, ATK, Amp DEF
    CRT - Amp CRT, CRT, ATK
    CRT - Amp CRT, CRT, AGL
    DEF - Amp DEF, Amp AGL, Amp ATK
    DEF - Amp DEF, Amp ATK, ATK

    and when I do insert the cores, where do I insert them (there are three columnes, left/right/middle), and how many do I insert?

    Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much. I'm really confused about all of this and am not sure how to proceed. Most people just say "Oh yeah, ignition is awesome? What, you want advice? Just don't use ignition yet" doesn't really help.

    Again, thank you very much.

  • Gatsu86 LV.23 Champion Feb 8, 2021, 04:40 PM

    Atk - amp atk, agl, amp agl seams the better one with 2x red stats. You can wait to ignite if you want and see if in the future you can get a x3 red stats core, if you want to do it now here how:

    Select the child, than ignition, tap the first node on the top. In this node add your best core and confirm.

    For reference (as your core as example) amp atk will go in the middle so each those nodes will have that... agl will go on the left and amp agl on the right nodes.

    Now to unlock those modes you need extra cores, onyx and a 5 star child of the same color (this for the middle nodes, you can see it if you select one of them it will ask core + onyx + fire child for C Bathory) ... The cost in onyx should be shown there as well.

    The first node will add 150 red stats (from type of core you choose, atk core give you atk, crt crt etc). Middle nodes will add 50 red stats, left and right nodes will give you 100 red stats.

    If the stats is white (agl) will add 500 of that.

  • Gatsu86 LV.23 Champion Feb 8, 2021, 04:43 PM

    So in total the middle nodes can reach 400 red stats and left and right 300 red each.

  • Chris P Bacon LV.5 Lurker Feb 8, 2021, 07:08 PM

    Ok, see attached. It is a list of my updated cores, after I made 7 more just now.

    1) I don't think I should wait for a x3 red stats core, it could be months before that happens.

    2) Should I use the ATK core with Amp ATK, Amp CRT, ATK as the top main core? I think it's new.

    3) Can I replace the top main core at a later date if I do find a x3 red stas core?

    4) So if I place that ATK core with Amp ATK, Amp CRT, ATK, then what will happen is the left side gets Amp ATK, Middle gets Amp CRT, right side gets ATK?

    5) unlock the other slots takes cores, AND another 5-star character of the same element? Oh man, I just spent all my extra 5-star characters creating new cores. So essentially you place cores in the middle, and deepending on the makeup of the core's three stats determines what goes in the left/middle/right?

    5) To completely fill up a character, will it only take 6 cores (the six down the middle), or will it take 12 (six down the middle, 3 on left, 3 on right)?

    I appreciate all your help. It seems like after making all tthose cores, it's best that I do nothing now because I can only put one core in the very first top node, I don't have any more 5-star fire childs to open up other nodes. So at this point it's best to just wait until I have more throw away 5-star fire childs, or until I have a x3 red stats core.

    Again, I appreciate any advice you give me. Thank you very much

    But let's say I did have extra