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Suggested team for Labyrinth 4-3

DESTINY CHILD: TIPS - Suggested team for Labyrinth 4-3 image 1

At first, I was hesitated to go to 4-3 and use N.Mona since respectively, I had a trauma in playing 4-3 before lol, and N.Mona is a bit weak in defense imo. But I decided to give it a try and I would say it had a 80% success (though the team didn't failed for the past 3 days). Here are some insights that I want to bring more details and what I had found out: -Yes, you need your Childs to be in higher uncaps to have much longer survivability, and improving their skills is also a must. -You also need your friends' Childs as well, preferably stronger ones/with DoT Attacks/Debuffs. (In my case, I use my friends' Eve since most of them are sharing Eve lol. -Chang'e and N.Mona give buffs to two Highest ATK so in this team, Eve and Syrinx have the Highest ATK. You can set Dana as the Highest ATK via a SC with ATK so she can provide barriers faster. -On personal, I noticed that Chang'e taps almost always, and I think this is because of N.Mona's skills (but idk if that was the case). -SC they used (in order): Best Friend Trio (Prism), Showtime!, Forbidden Fruit (Normal), Forbidden Fruit (Prism), Best Friend Trio (Normal). -Set N.Mona as the Leader since her Leader skill gives an additional 8% skill to ALL Childs vs. Chang'e gives to ONLY Water Type Childs.

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  • Medkit Channel LV.13 Carry Me Feb 17, 2020, 03:53 AM

    Thx for tip

  • Fransiskus LV.12 Chief Feb 20, 2020, 05:50 AM

    My team for labyrinth 4-3 is
    chang'e (Prism Showtime)
    N.Mona (Promise under Wisteria) (Leader)
    Syrinx (The Ultimate Showdown)
    Moa (With a certain Priestess)
    Cleopatra (STF)
    All +6 and maxed out
    all with maxed out carts
    all with optimal equipment
    Cleopatra is the best attacker for rebirth lab, period. If you can get her to have Focus JUST prior to fever, she can immediately slaughter the second wave after dazing them out with chang'e's monkey.
    drive order is Chang'e, Moa, and Chang'e again
    Moa's petrify is NOT a speed based debuff, so it does work for this dungeon
    and on many occasions, Lanfei is petrified by the time that the first drive is ready, so typically diablo is forced to use drive instead.
    Cleopatra's curse is important to attrition Lanfei and Aurora through diablo's annoying taunt, inasmuch that I prefer STF over Pride (despite having that optimized as well).
    Plus with moa, you don't want cleos slide to hit a petrified lanfei anyways. Diablo's taunt is more of a gift than a problem.

    75% of the time, I tear through the stage without losing any units. 90% of the time, I win even with cleopatra dead (pick your buddies carefully)
    I almost always best the second stage if I do not get Focus for Fever. Aid from n mona is enough to kill lanfei and 1 other unit.

  • ReddlsRow LV.13 Chief Feb 21, 2020, 04:22 PM

    Chang e, Bast, Dana, Eve, Bath (wood) + Lead

    give Eve HP/Def SC

    Works on full auto (near 100%), the AI will use the 3rd drive on the 2nd Stage.