LemonDr0p LemonDr0p LV.21 Dragon
Feb 1, 2020, 11:01 PM 989 read

Rebirth Lab Auto Mode Teams


Which teams are you using for 4-3 auto? I’m currently using this team for 4-2 auto and I never die but I sometimes die when I do 4-3. My Olga isn’t fully skilled though.  

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  • Reika Mae LV.33 Dragon Feb 3, 2020, 03:39 PM

    Rita lead, Neptune and Moa top attack, all with HP DEF cartas and ATK AGL equip with DEF focus armor.

    If you want to be extra sure on winning, make sure friend share is Bathory/Jupiter/Rita.

  • LemonDr0p LV.21 Dragon Feb 4, 2020, 03:35 AM

    I better start working on my Rita, MOA, and Neptune. Thanks for the tip.

  • Dragon Quest Fan LV.25 PlayStation Feb 2, 2020, 01:03 AM

    I think many have a high success rate with Dana-Chang’e-Neptune-Bathory (lead) and either Rita or Moa with Dana and Moa as high attack, but RNG still crushes me often enough on auto to not be worth it. I can manual with consistent success, but auto annoys the hell outta me 😡

  • LemonDr0p LV.21 Dragon Feb 2, 2020, 02:15 AM

    Thanks for the tip. I switched out Olga for Bathory and made her lead and was able to beat 4-3 with most of my life still intact and no deaths.

  • IraqVet LV.18 Dragon Feb 2, 2020, 09:00 AM

    I use moa +6 and the same 4 u got and I auto it fine

  • gamer419795065 LV.9 Nomad Feb 2, 2020, 12:23 PM

    i have been using Mafdet, Eve, Mei, blind Maat, and Declarative Dana. Works great on auto.

  • Bananazan LV.6 Nomad Feb 2, 2020, 02:34 PM

    What items have you given them?

  • gamer419795065 LV.9 Nomad Feb 2, 2020, 05:26 PM

    Mafdet: halberd, sc prism pride that pierces
    Eve: scimitar, subaquatic date sc