Toeknee Toeknee LV.7 Nomad
Oct 23, 2019, 12:09 PM 813 read

Surviving Wild Crimson Katherine

I see some of you wondering how to survive this ragna boss's drive attack. I'll explain. Use defense Soul Carta on Maat and the rest of the team except the primary attacker. Attacker should have the most lethal SC available to you for this job. - Playing Ragna bosses manually is always best, but for this one it's an absolute must. - With this team in the video everyone swipes up. Pantheon and Daoine will buff MedB, while Chang'é will keep things productive. - Fever time is not as important as it usually is. When learning to survive do not rush it. "You want to hold Maat's drive skill and cast it when its time." That last sentence is everything. Set game speed x2 Game speed x1 is best for any fever time, because the fever will combo at the same speed no matter how fast the game is running. That being said fever time on x1 speed will save time on the clock which means we can deal more damage. Playing at x3 speed does the opposite. So in a nutshell. Play manually, swipe up with everyone if your team is like this one, keep an eye on Maat's health, and everyone lives. Keep you eye on Maat. Also if you're wondering what that strange cursor is, it's from a stylus. Playing this game on a Note 10+ is splendid.

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