Suggestion: Photo Gallery

They locked the comments and links to this post, but couldn’t there also be somewhere to put print screens like the old board? It clogs up the forum with post of pics. Just a suggestion.

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Prediction 7 New Upcoming Hero between November & December

Here my prediction video about New Upcoming Hero Guy's ( beware Terrible English inside 🤭😁)

LV.18 Sage 2d

Worth investing in this beauty ?

For the incoming light ragna, I was wondering if it be worth the time leveling/uncapping this wolf girl?

My team would consist of Elizabeth, Melpomene,Dana and maat. So I can fit one more support. Usual options would be Change and newbie Mona which I don’t need to invest in at this point.

Any thoughts, suggestions?

I love her design.

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Dark Midas Narrative

Hey there! I was wondering what team you all will be running for the narrative? With narrative events, it’s easy to adjust as we go, but was curious. I don’t have the Light Frey, and won’t be pulling in this banner, I am in saving crystals mode after spending all my crystals on 17x10 for my two Party Medb. She was expensive for me, but I really wanted her!

[likely similar team if we have DeviLive next RAID]

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8 Million, I really wanted another Ailill

So I got over 8 million with just another uncap of Ailill and a little equipment tweaking.
Pretty much same team as last post, BUT unlocked more Pantheon+6 Lvl 7 Slide Skill, because I finally realized that is a great investment for DMG (it's so expensive though, and random as hell for WB since I range from 7.1 to 7.9 million depending on Full-Auto RNG).
Ailill is pretty OP for this WB, but incentive to do WB is pretty low. Honestly I wouldn't recommend this too much, I just really love her design and wasted way too much to get another copy. Thank Crystal gods a ND is next.
Ailill Slide:
Deal 955 Damage and 850 Ignore DEF Damage to 3 Enemies (Priority: Wood Type), 600 Bonus Damage to Wood Type Enemies. For World Bosses, inflict Hellfire (1500 Bonus Damage for every Fire Type Ally, up to 10)
Guess how many Fire Childs are on my team.... 10.

LV.17 Nightmare 14d

This has been my team for this world boss. Is it good or was it bad? 👍🎃👎☠️

LV.3 Vampire 14d

Why am I only 2 mil?

I saw this other dudes post about hitting 7. Now he’s got a team over 300,000, but I’m not that far behind. Anyone have a clue at my problem is?

LV.7 Nomad 17d

Finally broke 7million

Yay! I think the most damage I've ever done to a WB. Granted I have the two pickup boost childs and a Sytry+6 (from pulls throughout the WB so far). I wanted to post if some people needed team comp ideas.

LV.17 Nightmare 17d

Welp, I need ur help.

I feel like my WB is capable of doing more than 4mil but I’m not sure what else I can improve. Maybe some advice with my drive or leader select? Thx! :)

LV.2 Lurker 19d

Team testing, the green guys power isn't great but his skills make all the difference I tell you

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Help me Plz,how to team up!? (for world boss)

Guide me, plz.

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Help me Plz,how to team up!? (for world boss)

Guide me, plz.

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Eochaid - How much damage are you dealing?

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The Best Recommend/Suitable Hero Vs World Boss Eochaid Halloween

Here the Recommendation Hero video

LV.18 Sage 22d

World boss guide

By: Shippu

LV.21 Try Hard 23d

Depressing Collab event...

So I was able to get 3 Crimson Katherine Skins from plat chests... yea cool lucky me I guess, but I did nearly 25 10X Cheating Catherine banner summons and didn't get ONE of her...

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Hades Guide

I play PvP mainly, and notice very few teams with Hades.
I'm having tons of fun with this under-rated child, so I'm posting a short guide here for discussion.
1) Hades is a "Premium" child
As in, it is a common-stock child and thus much easier to uncap
2) Enrage tap skill aka "Rage Bomb"
Enrage is a confusing skill, but this is what I understand of it:
Once Enrage is first activated, it remains turned on for the rest of battle.
It will start charging up when taking damage from normal attacks (not DoT nor slide skills) up till the limit.
The next time Enrage is used again, the stored damage is dished out, and it does get Weak and Critical bonuses applied where relevant.
Charging works even if the attack hits your barrier.
If your attack is evaded, the charge is not used up.
A fever-time attack unleashes the Rage Bomb as well (at least for Hades)
Normal full-charge Rage Bomb on Bathory
Critical full-charge Rage Bomb on Pantheon
As you can see, Hade's Rage Bomb can potentially do 10K+ damage, on top the regular attack! Works especially well when targeting Leaf childs and/or with Crits or to kill off almost-dead Childs before they re-heal.
With Hades, you are in control of when to release the Rage Bomb. Just tap when the correct target (eg. Bathory) is standing in front of you!
3) Taunt + Reflect slide skill
Taunt + Reflect is a useful combo that Hades pulls off together in one simple slide attack.
Most other defend childs have these as separate tap/slide skills.
Taunt attracts normal attacks (but not debuffs), and reflect returns some of the damage to the attacker.
Reflected damage is deducted off the attack. ie. if you had 100% reflect then your child will take no damage.
Reflect also seems to work 100% of the time and ignores DEF, I also don't think it can be evaded (anyone knows?)
Also, Hade's slide attacks twice, instead of just once for most Defenders.
4) Drive skill
Not useful, avoid
5) Items
I think +DEF is most helpful, followed by +HP
Though +CRT is interesting too if you want to play an offensive Hades
6) Soul Carta
Midnight Partners: HP and DEF, plus powering up Reflect
Central Fiction: HP and DEF
With a Certain Priestress: To raise ATK (for buff targetting), and HP
Best Friend Trio: ATK, for buff targetting. AGL helps EVA, but EVA means no reflect?
Any other SC that helps heal/regen and buffs DEF/HP
7) Child Synergies
Chang'E: There is an interesting effect when Taunt is combined with Charge Accel. When a child is hit, charge gets an extra boost. And Taunt makes sure Hades gets hit a lot.
Astrea: Secret Heal + Taunt = Lots of healing. Very deadly during enemy Fever-time. Watch them heal Hades, while taking damage from Reflect, hahaha
Dana: Dana's barrier helps to keep Hades alive, while not intefering with her Rage Bomb charging
9) Basic Play
First, activate Enrage by Tapping. After that, just keep sliding to Taunt and use Tap to fire Rage Bomb or when HP is low.
9) Secret
Hades may be burning hot, but it has the fastest cooldown!
That's about it for now, please feel free to add on to this or just comment your questions!

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Highly recommended team


LV.12 Elite Four 25d

Skill Leveling Order

With onyx always an issue for most of us I was wondering, depending on the child you're using or their kit should you level skills to the max while ignoring others?

Example being if they have a good slide, but somewhat bad tap. Wouldn't it make sense to focus on leveling the slide skill to max while ignoring the tap all together? Or would that eventually screw us the child's usefulness overall by not getting all their skills maxed at the same time?

Also is it workable to max out one skill while leaving another around halfway done to avoid any future issues if that's the case?

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Halloween WB strategy guide


LV.20 Clearly Hacking 1mo

HELP: Optimized healing?

Hi there,

Good evening. Question: how can I make the most of my healers?

I've read rumors that claim a healer can recover more, when they land a crit. Is this true?

Most of the claim seems to come from the Japanese server. I hope this the case and that the mechanic applies to the global server as well.

With gratitude,

P.S. Is any other way to optimise a healer? I'm a F2P user and would really appreciate some advice on surviving this ragna.

P.P.S. This isn't related to the main inquiry, but does anyone know where I can find some leaks on future events? Thanks! ^^

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Next World Boss Child Info/ Prediction

Party Star Medb {Fire, Supporter}
Tier (PVE/PVP/Ragna/WB):
6 / 6 / 7 / 9
· +10% Skill Gauge Charge Amount for Fire type allies.
· (Increase Weak Point damage + 10% in WorldBoss).
· deal 100 auto attack damage.
· Deal 382 damage to target, +15% Skill Gauge to two Fire type Attackers.
· Deal 660 damage to target.
· Skill Gauge Charge Amount +35% to 3 highest attack Fire type allies for 16 seconds and Slide skill damage +1100.
· For WorldBoss Only, prioritizing 5 highest attack fire type allies, Weak Point damage +10% for 20 seconds.
· Deal 1733 damage to 3 random enemies.
· Prioritizing the allies with the lowest HP, heal 1525 HP to 5 allies.
· For WorldBoss only, +1500 Tap Skill damage for the back row for 20 seconds.
Ailill {Fire, Attacker}
Tier (PVE/PVP/Ragna/WB):
7 / 5 / 7 / 8
· +8% Slide skill damage to Fire type allies.
· Deal 113 auto attack damage.
· Deal 486 damage to target.
· For WorldBoss Only, apply "Fire Prison" (deal 1500 Bonus damage for every Fire type ally, up to 10).
· Prioritizing Wood type enemies, deal 942 damage to 3 enemies plus 850 Ignore Defense damage.
· On wood type enemies, deal 600 Bonus damage.
· Deal 2386 damage to all enemies.
Ohad {Grass, Attacker}
Tier (PVE/PVP/Ragna/WB):
7 / 7 / 8 / 9
· +12% attack for Wood type allies.
· Deal 113 attack damage.
· Deal 482 damage to target.
· Apply "Vampirism" (restore 15% of damage dealt as HP) to self for 20 seconds.
· Prioritizing Water type enemies, deal 852 damage to 3 enemies.
· On Water type enemies, deal 800 ignore defense damage and to 2 random enemies apply "Stigma" (Continuous damage every 4 seconds [total buffs +1] x50 continuous damage, maximum 6 buffs [Final tick 7]) for 20 seconds.
· Deal 2227 damage to 4 random enemies , on enemies with a "Stigma" debuff, deal 500 Bonus damage.

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Surviving Wild Crimson Katherine

I see some of you wondering how to survive this ragna boss's drive attack. I'll explain.

Use defense Soul Carta on Maat and the rest of the team except the primary attacker. Attacker should have the most lethal SC available to you for this job.

- Playing Ragna bosses manually is always best, but for this one it's an absolute must.

- With this team in the video everyone swipes up. Pantheon and Daoine will buff MedB, while Chang'é will keep things productive.

- Fever time is not as important as it usually is. When learning to survive do not rush it. "You want to hold Maat's drive skill and cast it when its time."

That last sentence is everything.

Set game speed x2

Game speed x1 is best for any fever time, because the fever will combo at the same speed no matter how fast the game is running. That being said fever time on x1 speed will save time on the clock which means we can deal more damage. Playing at x3 speed does the opposite.

So in a nutshell. Play manually, swipe up with everyone if your team is like this one, keep an eye on Maat's health, and everyone lives.

Keep you eye on Maat. Also if you're wondering what that strange cursor is, it's from a stylus. Playing this game on a Note 10+ is splendid.

LV.7 Nomad 1mo

Hitting 3million damage?

Hi all! I was scrolling through the top 100 for this Ragna and noticed a lot of players there have the same team as me!
With this team I hit around 2mil, but players in the top 100 are hitting 3.5mil! Does anyone have any tips on how to reach that much damage? I usually just play on full auto since I don’t know how to effectively use their skills or drive order.
Skills are all maxed out as much as I can except for Daione and Medb who are both at about rank 5 for skills.

LV.16 Big Chungus 1mo

I’m Confused!?

Dana over Catherine?
Chang’e over NMona?
Should Patheon be in here?
Is Daoine worth it?

Who should be leader?

I’m barely hitting 1mil.

LV.4 Lurker 1mo

Ragna breaks boss lvl 40

Mine maat cant survive 3min

Any suggestions eq or soul carta or teams should I change?

LV.10 Nomad 1mo

Thoughts on my team?

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(finished)New Facebook share event

Thank you for the participation.
Hello everyone!

DC started a new Facebook event. Details:

Go to FB and share this post:

Event start: 10/17
End date: 10/26

- 100 share -> 3-5 * 10x summon ticket
- 200 share -> a 5* evo material child

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