HELP: When is the best time to summon?

Hi there,

What is the best time to make summon? Early in the mornings? Or every server reset? Speaking of which—what time does the EU server get reset?

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Improve my raid team!

So far this is what I'm rolling with...Pantheon needs to hit 60 Maat will be replaced with Werewolf once evolved and maxed with XP jelly. Any suggestions? Can show what I have if needed.

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Does child placement matter in full auto mode

While doing the ragna break the full auto mode uses only leda and frej which is fine but I got pantheon so I was wondering if putting child in a specific placement will lead to being able to plan which child goes when and to keep a crit buff on frej when he goes into frenzy. Thanks

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Which 4* Light Types to 6*

If one of our next events is a Dark World Boss (Khepri), which light units should we definitely boost?
If it's a WB, should we go with the fire team set up and have light types around them?

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Looking to 6* a non-attacker

As the title states, I think I'm addicted to making attackers 6*, but I think I need a change. I'm jonesing to do Cleopatra, especially if Khepri world boss is coming, but I have so many support characters that are good but are just middling at 5*. So the choices are...

Pantheon +5
Selene +5
Quirinus +5
Melpomene +5
Erato +5
Epona +5
Mayahuel +5
Freesia +5

Hermes +4
Aria +4

Maat +3
Diablo +3
Mars +3
Persephone +3

Midas +2
Jupiter +2
Olga +2

Nirrti +1
Naias +1

Syrinx +0
Lan Fei +0
Moa +0
Elizabeth +0

Any advice is appreciated!

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Help me with Ragna Break S2! :c

So i've been playing this game for a while now, a bit over 2 months and i've decided that i will stick with it from now on, i even put some money on the monthly rewards (not the pass tho, too expensive) and somehow i got 3 cleopatra skins in this new ragna event, what do i do with the other 2??? this the first skin i get so far except for girl chang'e.
BTW loving the game so far.

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Ragna Coin Cap?

Hey guys & gals,

Thinking of savings all my coins for a few days so I can go on a spluge later in the week.

Is there a cap on ragna coins? Thanks.

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6* (need help)

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Hm, i don't understand

why do we need tickets for resetting the boss level?

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Ragna Coins

Ragna coins into cleo and horus child for 250k or dump all in platinum chest?

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I lost all my data

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Shud i evo my leda to 6 star?

As title, thanks

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HELP: Under-leveled Ragna boss!

Hi there,

And good evening. Question: how can discover bosses with a higher level? The current bosses I run into are at level 13, at best. Their level seems to increase by +1 each time...

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ragna twin crit tap build

i thought some ppl might be interested in seeing the popular crit tap build in action. it's a lot of fun ^^

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Ragna team. Double tapper?

Top ranked ragna teams are all composed by 2 dark tapper, mostly Elizabeth and maat, plus leda, change and panth. So this is the secret to do absurd amount of damage in this ragna? What are your thoughts?

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HELP: What time does the money boss appear in Ragna?

Hi there,

And good evening. What time does the Golden Charinn and the Aurora King appear in Ragna?

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Help! How to unlock "Slayer"?

Hi there,

And good afternoon. Question: can anyone know clarify on the prequisites; needed to unlock Slayer? I can't seem to figure it out.

I've beaten the Lv.40 boss several times. But this hasn't rewarded me with the mission bonus, yet.

Ps: Upon writing this, it has just occurred to me that "...could the intended boss be the one from the story mode?"

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How to hit 4 x Fevers
Here's another Demonstration with tips on how to hit 4 Fevers relatively easily. Damage may vary depending on your primary attacker.
The only requirement is to have Chang'e at +4 or 5. Every other child can be replaced.

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My team

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Budget Fever Comp with Metis
Planning on doing a series of videos like this, demo'ing different compositions + tips and tricks. Hope you find this helpful.

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Who should I 6*

I'm not sure which one to 6*. I have heard frej is good when he has high uncap but I'm not sure.

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Ragna tips

I am missing something or what? This team has the same power of the fire ragna one but I'm doing actually only 1 million damage to lv40 boss while in fire ragna I was doing actually 1,7 auto.

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Which supporter is better? Need advice

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this ragna, you NEED to try confuse!

EDIT!!!: it seems lv40 bosses are immune to confuse, so this only works on boss lv39 and below.. sorry to get your hopes up >n<
over the past few weeks i've seen ppl mentioning to get someone on your team that can apply the confuse debuff for ragna, and i didn't quite see why until i experienced it just now...
cleo can apply this buff to herself:
and if she's confused, she will apply it to one of your allies. this buff is insane because it lasts at least 30 seconds and the child who has it can crit DURING FEVER.
i did a run where elizabeth had the buff and she was tapping for 9500 dmg in fever.
pls give it a try for yourself! i personally recommend using melphomene, who is a crit buffer with confuse on her drive

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Help me chose my 5th Child for Ragna

Hello, my team is:
60 Maat +4
60 Dana +2
60 Eve +4
60 Chang'e +2
I think of adding a dark attacker, this is what I have:
50 Frey +0
50 Elisabeth +2
50 Artemis +2
50 Innana +4
Elisabeth's Tap skill is pretty fast (well it's a tap skill) and do pretty high damage, it's a x4 so it scales well with poison from Eve. Artemis is doing some good damage too. I haven't try Innana and Frey yet. Innana is +4 but not a top tier unit during raids.
What do you think ?
Btw, surviving seems pretty easy so I think I may remove Dana and add a buffer like Hermes or Pantheon ?
Thank you for reading :)

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Need advice on Ragna team

What team should I use? I can uncap persephone anytime to +5

LV.4 Lurker 9d

How do I discover raids more often?

It's kinda frustrating me

LV.3 Clearly Hacking 9d

Should I 6* Artemis now or wait to see if I can get more frej uncap?only 1 copy of frej atm.

Any advice would be appreciated...

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My final team comp, with more Theory Crafting

So I already posted, but I was lucky enough to get another copy of Frej and Change from my last crystals b4 banner disappeared. More theory crafting too.
I decided to go all out with Pantheon and barely try for wolf. Mostly because my Leda now has the 2nd highest attack after gear manipulation. Pantheon will give her the huge crit chance boost so my healing should be sky high (pantheon crit chance + change speed buff). Also I'm pretty sure my Frej is now at 100% crit chance (not sure on math, but with buffs close to 70% and his own attributes... should be right?)
Wolf wouldn't touch Leda with the buffs. Wolf probably has better damage buffs for Frej, but wolf doesn't give crit chance, and just knowing RNGesus is watching I won't crit and take advantage of the extra attack and crit damage
In theory, my Power should also increase everyday. Everybody is 100% awakened but I'm lacking alot of onyx to max everyone's remaining skills.

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