I’m a new player

If there are any veterans out there I’ll really appreciate if you give me some tips I could use to get a hang of the game

LV.7 Clearly Hacking 12h

What is "EVA%"

Sorry but I have no clue for that is it used 4

LV.5 Lurker 1d

What is the point of Midas?

I built a level 60+6 Midas for Raids and Worldboss, and I'm frustrated. It was a huge investment.
It was a better strategy to use two attackers versus Bari, and she was WATER, and Midas is a WOOD debuffer! Even Dark attackers fared better than Midas, because of the Demon Hunter Carta.
I figured at least I can use Midas during world boss and he could debuff at every turn. But sometimes he cannot apply a debuff at all, for the entire fight. I'd be better off evolving a 4* Light attacker.
I have given him my best AGL equipment +15. What is going wrong?
Buffers are so much better. Are Debuffers almost useless in this game outside of PVP?
I specifically call out Midas because Fressia, Jupiter, Moa, and Olga are very powerful in some modes.

LV.13 Beast 2d

Some tips?

This is my top at the moment. Obviously they lack in uncaps/leveling/awakening but how do you think i can get over 2M?

LV.5 Try Hard 2d

Max naias baset or titania for more damage for world boss? Only hiring for 1.7-1.9 mill with current

Don't have much onyx tryin to min max as best I can with what I have...

LV.16 Sage 2d

Help with WB

I am currently using this team. Soon I will get 150K onyx for wins in devil rumble so I was thinking of building one buffer/debuffer. I do not know which Child is going to be most useful for me in WB to finally get to 1M dmg.

I was thinking of building Freesia +4, Aria +2 or Jupiter +2. Or maybe Bastet. Currently Khepri is resisting my def debuffs. I barely hit 900K with this team.

So if you can suggest me which Child to build i'd appreciate it.

LV.6 Nomad 3d

Update: 2.4 mill DMG

Currently using this team comp. DMG varies between 2.1 mill to 1.9. Dione made a huge difference, going from 1.5 to 2.1. Also attached my ULT order. If anyone has suggestions on improvements, let me know.

UPDATE: With suggested changes. DMG is now AVG 2.1 to 2.4 mill.

LV.4 Lurker 3d

Newbie Tips for WB.

I'm not great by any means, but I've picked up a few things by searching and asking. Since I see a lot of the same questions I had, I figured I'd share what I know. I'be probably got a free things wrong, feel free to (gently) correct me if I do and add any tidbits you've found.

So, World Bosses:

For Defense, Tanks > Healers > Debuff/Support > DPS. So all Attackers to bottom two rows (back row), everyone else can be in the front. World Boss CANNOT HIT back row if even one front row is alive, even Drives.

Key Childs: Maat & Leda heal all Allies; Mars shields all allies; Dana buffs all Allies Defense with her drive; Lisa boosts Attack for all Allies, and gives +8% Attack to entire team as Leader. Eve has the strongest Poison, but Danu or Elysion work too. Multi-hit Attackers proc poison the most, and putting poison-boosting Carta on poisoners maximizes each proc.

If your Attacker isn't Light element, shoot for multi-hits on Tap or Slide. Attacking "X enemies" is also multi-hit if there's one one target.

Best Crit gear on Maat & Leda, best Def armors and Def/Agl accessories/Carta on front row. Attackers that apply DoT or Debuffs also get Agl gear, otherwise Attackers get next best weapons and Crit gear.

Defense above about 5k starts to become redundant, so my best armor is on non-Tank frontline, so Mars & Maat (or Tanks/Healers) need only enough to get above 5k, the rest is probably just wasted.

GEAR. Get 5 star gear. Gear with 2 starts is ALWAYS better than one-stat. One free Gear summons daily all week, fight through Hard Underground daily if you aren't already. If the ONLY 5 STAR GEAR YOU HAVE is C-rank 'Chucks and Wetsuits, it's still night and day vs no gear or non-maxed 4 star Gear. Getting a few +15, even trash, is better than +0 Nothing, can help you collect better Gear, and once your Tanks and Healers get their Defense high, they're still useful.

- Top Weapons: Halberds, Scimitars, Brooms.
- Top Armor: Bikini, Maid Outfit, Wedding Dress.
- Lock Childs and Gear ASAP, unlock as you sort.
- Awakening makes a bigger difference than Skill upgrades.
- DoT ignores Defense, high HP gear for Attackers can be useful
- Matched-element blobbies give +10% EXP
- Fever damage ONLY cares about stats and Tap Skill Dmg. Increasing Slide or Auto has zero effect.
- Fever doesn't freeze time, and (seems to) take as long real time at 3x as at 1x speed, so slowing to 1x while you Fever gets a small Dmg boost.

LV.3 Lurker 3d

WB Adjustments

Eeeee I pulled her! She’s not uncapped and I don’t have onyx, but I assume she can be put on the back line for her bonus.


LV.12 Chief 3d

Is hitting three fevers still possible?

I have a quirinus, aria and fish lady going at it to try to get to the third fever, but I barely get to the 8th drive if I'm lucky. Is there a change to the mechanics which makes it impossible to achieve at this point? I have noticed that drive order will only go through your list and then onto random childs until 7 drives have been completed, then start on the list again. That makes it basically impossible to consistently use fish lady's drive to get to fever fast enough. Is this a bug, or is it intended? Either way if it isn't viable, are aria and quirinus worth keeping around? And the fish lady too, if she can only use her drive at most twice she can hardly compete with a child that can consistently put out damage or buff/debuff at regular intervals.
Any thoughts on this? I'm feeling like I've wasted onyx and gold on the wrong strategy.

LV.8 Nomad 3d

Best Suitable/Recommend Hero Versus World Boss Khepri

As my promise before about Best Recommend Hero Vs Khepri on BlazBlue Trailer board
Here the proof

LV.14 Chief 4d

Child's gone wild

I'm looking for the place to find the uncensored version of the game


Naias aria sytyry or freesia Which should I max out next I don't have a lot of onyx need to make it

LV.16 Sage 4d


Dear GM,
Please kindly to notice my advice.
Last update you went 2 hours too early,i didnt even notice it going to be early maintance.
Please inform it through game (we have mail ingame can you use it to inform the player aswell?) or other social media such facebook(i didnt see you put any notice regarding the early maintance)
Cause of it,i cant claim my ragna break rewards that i already farm enough coins for 1 extra bari and her skin(i dont rlly care bout the skin i can buy it tho but the efforts to get 400k coins is a hassle).
Next time,please kindly to inform the players not only on MOOT but in game or other social media as well.

LV.2 Lurker 5d


Is 500k-300k dmg on WB good or bad I am only level 54

LV.3 Lurker 5d

HELP: Is this Noob-bait??!

Hi everyone,

Good morning. Guess what? I got the weirdest stoke of luck earlier this month. It came in the form of the [misleading] golden Axe!

While it looks great and all, it's stats are complete poop, at best. And yet, somehow, I got the best quality available!!! ˢʰᵒᵘˡᵈ ᴵ ᵗᵃᵏᵉ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵃⁿ ᵒᵐᵉⁿ?!!!🙀

At any rate, my question is: Is a grade A, golden axe worth keeping? Or should I just use it as fodder material?

Usually, in most games, strange items like these often get a late update; thus, turning them into something viable. Is this the case with Destiny Child, or am I still in denial? 😭😭😭

Kind regards,

P.S. Fingers crossed!🤞✨🙏
ᴵ ʰᵒᵖᵉ ᶦ ᵐᶦˢˢᵉᵈ ˢᵒᵐᵉᵗʰᶦⁿᵍ💦...

LV.7 Pokémon Master 5d

Leader for WB

In my opinion, Jupiter leader buff is the best. But guides says, that Lisa will be better. Why?

LV.2 Fast as Lightning 5d

Should I boost any limited edition cards?

Ayane? Tamaki? Luna? Nyotengu? The only way to level those cards now is by using the booster cards. Or should I use the booster cards on the regular cards? Any advice is appreciated.

LV.19 Dragon 6d

[World Boss] My World Boss Team.

Nothing special just want to share my team for incoming world boss. Assume it will be Dark element boss from "The darkness is coming" and "new rules" maybe this time we can choose who to tap during fever time. Anyway. Here is my team.
Appreciate any advice or discuss. If you have any question feel free to ask I will try to answer it. XD

LV.9 GG 6d

Which light debuffer is best against Dark WORLD BOSS?

I have a Horus+4 (blind debuff), Moa (pertify debuff), Nirrti +2 (confuse debuff) and only resources to max one of them for the World Boss. Could anyone advise me what to pick?
Or none of these debuffers are actually good?

LV.7 Nomad 10d



I've got a question with regards to the purpose of the Raid Reset tickets. Is there any point to them? So far, I can't seem to think of any logical reasons as to why anyone would want to reset their Raid Level. Making progress is hard enough, but resetting your progress, only to achieve nothing, seems like a time waster to me. Is the purpose just that? To "grind"???

Kind regards,

LV.7 Pokémon Master 13d

Abaddon +3 or Jachebonji +0?

Looks like my resources will make me choose who to promote to 6*, skill up and awaken.
Should I invest Abaddon +3 or Jacheongbi +0 right now? I just want to promote who would give me the highest average score. I think it's obviously Abaddon, but I'm not sure ... at all. I use Siren's tap every turn, so Jache's leader skill would be great.
I'm currently using Siren+5 and Serval+4 with Pantheon.
I would be replacing Serval, who does okay. Her leader skill is her main advantage on my team.

LV.13 Beast 14d

Have questions about PvP

I just started this game maybe slightly over a month ago, and I really love it. But the PVP is causing some raised eyebrows from me ... : ( I mean, I get that its a game that does encourage whaling. So I whaled the game myself too since I love playing it. But it kind of gets me down that there seems to be this mostly fixed pvp team that almost everyone uses, and few teams use any other heroes. And worse than that, this team are all original heroes that has been around since launch.
This team I always see will have Dana, Changi, Eve, Orga, and a healer (either Sprinx or Moot). The attacker could be Eve, or Jupiter or Thanatos.
Now, all of these are original existing heroes since launch. I thought there was this thing called power creep. Where new heroes being introduced are slightly better than the original heroes. Otherwise, why bother with all these banners on the new heroes? Let me give an example.
I have whaled lots but up till now, I only have 1 copy of Eve. Count it... just one. On the other hand, I have a Kasumi+6 and a Asteroth +6. (Because those were in banners, and I thought, no matter what, a +6 attacker is still going to be much better than a +0 attacker).
Now I am facing teams that have +4 to +6 Eves. And despite having Dana, Sphinx and ChangE, I still lose to them. I am using Lan Fei instead of Olga, but Lan Fei actually lets me get off an ultimate skill first. The problem is that usually I can't even kill anyone with it. Despite trying out both Kasumi+6 and Asteroth+6 with full +15 items and a lv 50 Carta.
So, then what's the attraction of the new childs? Why bother to whale a +6 Kasumi or +6 Asteroth? Same with other new childs that have come out. I have had my team face the exact same team with only the attacker as the difference. We were both using Lan Fei, Spinx, Dana and Change. My heroes were higher limit broken too. Yet, in the end, the +4 Eve team beat my +6 Asteroth team...

LV.1 Mootie 15d

RAID Team / Damage

Show you mine if you show me yours!

I would be really interested in seeing your RAID team as well as your average damage on a level 40 Bari.

I spend so much resources on my Midas and Epona when I had an awesome team all along lol. RIP Onyx!

LV.12 Chief 17d

Dont accidentally buy a raid reset ticket

Yep almost dropped my phone caught it , looked at the screen and and it was purchased time to regrind my way back to try and get it to 40 asap....good grief

LV.12 Mobile 17d

So I switch it up to have epona as second highest atk an I can survive a bit better. Still Rng tho.

LV.16 Sage 17d

I'm having trouble surviving with this team I tried to use my +3 epona and still die... maat only +1

LV.16 Sage 17d

Trying my best

So if anybody doesn't have hope that they are going to do this ragna as well as others, just know that it's possible even with low uncaps. Going with 2 attackers and epona is a race against time. Pantheon never heals himself with vampirism, and because my attackers are low uncap they really don't have alot of health, so if Bari gets her drive when they don't have full, they die on rare occasion. On Cleo ragna my max damage was 2.6 million with a Frej +5 and Werewolf +2. So buffing just one slider is not that much better than slightly buffing 2 tappers
(All my wood attackers suck, don't think I've gotten many good rolls from tickets and aside from Krampus don't think there's been banners with wood attackers)

LV.7 Nomad 18d

What I've learned so far from a >lv35 Bari

Imf2p and not a ragna strategist but I have always made slayer and decent tier since Krumpus and always experimenting , I think that's the fun of these events ,tweaking etc

Did my first assist to a friend on a high level Bari, she was a 38 edit - then a lev 40 --this time, I hadnt fought anything over 30 so far , so wasnt sure about survivability
Heres what I learned
1. No tank works if you have a tanky supporter w def buffs and shields , my maxed out flora [about/almost 17k so far meter] working well
I thinks she [Bari] has a skill that affects defender class specifically if I read her skills sheet I saw earlier
2. She is susceptible to stun, it may be an agility scaled ailment but my maxed change stunned her several times [her meter is >18k]
3. I didnt go the weak point defense debuff route w midas or muse yet, I wanted to increase total damage all will do including water , fire and light attacks from Change , Snake girl ,and kitty Bast so I used my maxed out snek snek Tiamat, her slide and tap defense debuff and her leader debuff are out performing damage reduction from her weak element direct attacks since she is fire , so I time a tap or a slide just before fever to boost Amor's blitz. Counter intuitive but my hunch h was correct
Had no issue w squishiness this go around and posted my first >1M assist [props to my friend Snower for leveling so dang fast and putting up almost 3 mil over 2 attempts or 1 bad ass battle and break again ticket

LV.12 Mobile 18d

Is Jacheongbi better than Krampus?

I had Krampus as my wood attacker for this Ragna Break event, but now I just pulled Jacheongbi...
Witch one is better? I am having hard time to tell. Does any one have an advice for me?
I need to decide if I should continue pulling on Krampus or on Jacheongbi.

LV.7 Nomad 19d