LV.4 Lurker 1d

Narrative dungeon obtain 1x or 5x reward

I could use some advice, maybe I’ve missed something. I always obtain 1x narrative dungeon reward at a time in hopes of nailing the main reward. However, I’m curious if obtaining 5x has any benefit at all such as better chance at getting the top three rewards.

I just don’t see the 5x as a smart choice of spending the event currency, am I right or am I missing something? Thanks ahead of time for advice!

LV.10 Dragon 3d

Go the 3rd!

LV.4 Lurker 3d

I'm live

LV.4 Lurker 4d

LV.4 Lurker 4d

Need some tips for new ragna

I’m currently preparing for the new ragna break I checked that Rita can just destroy you if you use your tanks/barriers so I was thinking about using syrins and try to build up Marie rose since they can give fortitude but don’t know if Marie rose is a great choice to keep the team alive , I’m also debating on increasing my cleopatra or Bastet to lv6 stars but I was going to cleopatra because she can get a critical fever , so what do you guys think ?

LV.3 Lurker 4d

Next Ragna Break info child / Predicition

· +10% Debuff Evasion for Light Allies | Additional +10% in Ragna.
· Deal 100 damage.
· Deal 380 damage & 70% chance to remove "Death Heal" from 2 allies.
· Deal 660 damage to target.
· Attack +1680 and Slide Skill Damage +1280 for 3 Light Allies (Prioritizing Highest ATK) for 16 seconds.
· In Ragna only, Skill Gauge +20% for 2 Light type Allies.
· Deal 1758 damage to 3 enemies.
· Attack +40% for 20 seconds and apply "Silence Immunity" for 10 seconds to 2 Allies (Prioritizing highest ATK).
· +8% Tap Skill Damage to Light Allies | Additional +8% in Ragna.
· Deal 113 damage.
· Deal 441 (105%) damage & +350 Ignore Defense Damage if enemy is Dark Attribute.
· Deal Tap Skill Damage 2 times, plus 150 additional damage to 2 enemies prioritizing Debuffer type.
· During Ragna+660 Additional damage if enemy is Dark Attribute).
· Deal 3114 (250%) damage to 2 enemies & apply "Curse" (300 damage every 2 seconds and additional damage when Curse ends) for 8 seconds.
· -10% Debuff Evasion to all enemies.
· Deal 101 damage.
· Deal 392 damage to 1 enemy with highest attack, target's attack -15% for 10 seconds.
· Deal 647 damage to 2 enemies with lowest HP, then 70% chance to inflict Death Heal (enemy receives damage equal to the HP heal received, Vampirism/HP Absorb excluded) for 14 seconds, and reduces skill gauge by -35%.
· Deal 2024 damage to 3 random enemies, and apply Decomposition (500 damage every 2 seconds, duration can't be reduced or extended) for 14 seconds.

LV.7 Nomad 5d

Is it good to bring bast to ragna ?

Is it possible for her to cancel the rita's necrosis/death heal ?
And if it's not okay to bring her, with the stats of leda i have, is she good enough in ragna ?
I also have selene, she is still +5 tho

If it's possible i dont wanna bring syrinx coz she is slow

LV.20 S 5d

Ragna Raid Season 5

I find this in a facebook group, so I decided to share with you. Hope it help you to setup your team!
Credits in the img.

LV.17 Clearly Hacking 6d

Tips On World Boss Raid

This an auto team, I'm sure how to set up a team

LV.9 Elite Four 16d

Facebook event (done)

Update: event finished, reward has been sent to everyone. Thank you who participated in. :)

Hello everyone!

Another Facebook event is in progress. Final reward is not a big deal, but I wanted to share the info with you.

Event details:

You have to like DC's FB post ->

Event's end date: 9/4

Goals, rewards:
- 200 likes: 5 x 5* Equip. summon ticket to everyone
- like < 200: 1 x 5* Equip. summon ticket to everyone

LV.21 Dream Chaser 16d


Its agl based for success rate right ?
And crt is how hard it hits ? Is it a multiplier to attack for total dmg?
So for crt to be more successful we boost agl like for when we want a debuff to hit or when we want to avoid the ailment right?
I may be way off so thanks for clarity

LV.17 Mobile 16d

I am happy with my Kasumi who outdamage my +6 Thanatos & +6 Eve in wb 🤔

FYI, my Kasumi only +5 and not cap her skills yet...

I have one more question tho... I am doing 2.9-3.1M depends on whose poison stick... I put Carta boost on my Eve's poison... but Danu's poison and Thanatos's posion always stick better... How do I solve that? Any suggestions? Or only lucks can solve that?... Sounds funny as weaker poison shouldn't stick better 😅

PS: my Danu only 5 stars.... She is so goooood in fact better than my 6 stars Sonnet...

LV.4 Lurker 16d

3* and 4* units possible from Ch2

I saw a post on reddit, decided to confirm and screenshot. 3* and 4* units as possible rewards from Ch2 stages. Did this run on Ch2 stage 3-4.

LV.5 Assassin 17d

How are you guys enjoying wb so far?

How much damage y'all do? Any tips I could get to line up my team better?

LV.2 Lurker 17d

I didn’t want red stone notifications

It is so suck to get a red notification on summon! Please fix this!

LV.3 Lurker 17d

Help :c

can someone tell me hoe world boss works? this is my first time having to do this kind of event. i know you put all your strong characters in, and they all fight against her but do you get coins even if you don't fight her? is there still a way to get the character if your team is too weak? besides gacha pull?

LV.2 Lurker 17d

WB: Post your Team

Figured we could try and have a post dedicated to tactical discussions relating to our WB teams, what works, what doesn’t work, who to substitute for, so on. Threw this team together this am, tagged in some equipment that I still need to fine tune. Seems to be working ok so far.

My brand new uncapped, unskilled Calypso is bringing me down! Lol

I don’t know if I will keep that fire line up in back. They aren’t that strong and I never ended up 6ing Daoine.

LV.18 Team Player 17d

Best Recommend/Suitable Hero Vs World Boss Trial Sun Beach Mona

Here My Recommendations Hero on World Boss Diver Mona 😁 Video

LV.17 Sage 18d

Can I use Isolde in Arena PVP ?

I got Isolde+4. Was wondering if I should use her in my team.
Right now, my team is Willow+2, Change +6, Dana +6, Syrinx+6, Ashtoreth+6
I struggled to move up higher than Gold V in Arena mainly because Ashtoreth doesn't have a DOT. I have never been too lucky with Eve. Up till now, even with some whaling on the latest banner, my Eve is only +3.
So, I was wondering if I should maybe replace Ashtoreth with Isolde, just go for being the first team to go frenzy.
I actually do also have Olga+5. But it all goes back to my Eve being too weak at +3. I got Kasumi+6 also. Theoratically, I could go heacy attacker, but heavy attacker with a weak Eve+3 ... >_<
I have Siren+4 and Freyja+4 too.
Have tried them before, but in the end, I lose to all those Eve+6 teams. >_<
So, should I use my Isolde+4 ? And how should I use her? in pvp. Thanks!

LV.2 Lurker 18d

Any good 4* Atackers

LV.2 Myers 19d

Soul card question

I've just got a prism DHD. If i soul enhance it with a normal DHD lvl 50 + 1, what's going to be the result? It's going to be +2 or lvl 50 +2?

LV.17 Clearly Hacking 20d

Whaaaaaaa!? [derp alert]

I’m on the train heading into work, hitting up the WB while I am reading. One minute I average 1.3-1.5 million per fight, then THIS! It’s happened 3 times. Am I loosing my mind? Same team, same equipment...

EDIT: I am not loosing my mind, simply my submission for Derp move of the year.

LV.18 Team Player 20d

One ticket per raid, Ragna Break

For anyone that uses more than one ticket per raid... DON'T. You're missing out on Ragna coins doing that.

For the top rank you get 1500 Ragna Coins. For the bottom rank, you get 800 Ragna Coins. So if you use only one ticket per raid it's a minimum on 1600 for two Ragna tickets, 2400 for three, etc. If you're getting above spot five consistently you're REALLY losing out if you use more than one ticket!

LV.15 Assassin 21d

Leda vs Maat

Got a Lvl 60 +3 Maat and a Lvl 60 +6 Leda
Is there a reason I should pick one over the other?

LV.2 Lurker 22d

does anyone know how to get 200 fireworks I've only able to get a hundred

I really can't use some help with getting the other 100

LV.4 Lurker 22d

Upcoming World Boss Water Attackers.

With so many of the water attackers using poison eve, danu , ely, sonnet and thanatos does any of there attacks stack or would they all reset each other poison?

LV.2 Lurker 23d

I'm live

LV.4 Lurker 24d

Drive skill gauge speed 4* childs

I'm just curious, the 4* childs seems to have a Drive skill Gauge faster then 5* childs. I just think about that with Leda. When you have her in the team she 's always the first who can activate it. I saw a Bast in a rumble fight and same thing, her Drive skill is super fast and always activated as soon as it's available.
When you have 5*childs, their Drive skill are available at the same time (if the child is not silenced, freezed...etc).
So is it a 4* childs hidden trait or just some childs ? It could be useful sometimes.

LV.10 Nomad 24d

Share and profit later - event reminder (finished)

Update: event finished, DC just sent the rewards to everyone. Thank you all who helped us 😘 See you next time, I hope I can catch the next share event in time.

Facebook share event reminder, almost finished.

Have you already shared? Tap to more details.💡

LV.21 Dream Chaser 25d