Chacz Kantun LV.9 Try Hard
Mar 7, 2019, 01:15 PM 601 read

Ragna Break s1 is over share your experience

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Whaaat an event!!! Had lots of fun with morgan and her pals, too many prizes from plat chests from day one till now but never enough Got the skin few days ago from the shop and later that day got a copy from a plat chest... sht happens 🤷🏻‍♂️ Welp we gonna miss u ragna break See you next season 🤳 Coming up next other minor stuff in the game and then WB

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  • NO NAME verified Mar 7, 2019, 02:06 PM

    it was alright, although I think three weeks is a bit much. I would prefer if the raids were two weeks like all the other events so DC Global can at least catch up a little bit to the other regions. Achievements and such would have to be adjusted, of course.

    The last week was a bit of a slog, although I did at least make 10 million gold selling all my Ragna coins. Those plat chests cost 350,000 gold, if you think about it... glad I didn't buy any.

  • NO NAME verified Mar 7, 2019, 02:10 PM

    Thirteen 5*, 3 Big Aurora Hearts, five 5* grade A equipments and 2 skins from Plat Chests. Didn't aim for slayers/ragna rank but got a lot of good stuff from it. Was awesome :)

  • NO NAME verified Mar 7, 2019, 03:26 PM

    13 and 3!? What the actual eff!

  • Chris.Co LV.20 Team Player Mar 7, 2019, 07:13 PM

    9x5*s for me here, also 3 big Aurora's, 4x Class A equipment, a few class B 5* equipment, numerous 4*s and 4* Aurora hearts....was my first Ragna break and the platinum chests were amazing!!!!!!

  • NO NAME verified Mar 7, 2019, 07:42 PM

    Yeah, can't complain. Funny because on Ragna S0 I got like three 5*s and spent around 10k crystals on resets. For this Ragna I spent 6k and got five times more rewards lol

  • BroknSwrd LV.15 Outlaw Mar 7, 2019, 10:57 PM

    Wait you're telling me that Platinum Chests are filled with things other than 2,500 tokens?

  • NO NAME verified Mar 7, 2019, 11:01 PM

    LOL, mine are xD

  • NO NAME verified Mar 7, 2019, 11:07 PM

    I think only for Chris.Co and Silfazaris

  • Benisuzume LV.6 Super Star Mar 7, 2019, 10:57 PM

    I didn't get as lucky this time around. I got like every single fire five star, like once, but was hoping for more Morgans. I did get one copy so she's +3 now. As far as equipment goes, I only got 3 pieces of equipment, and it was all B grade. I only got 1 5* aurora heart. :/

    I did get the skin like literally on the last day though,

    More importantly, the gems I earned from Ragna and dailies all went to the Maat, Dana, Pantheon and Myrina banner which I got a ton of copies from. Didn't spend money except for the arch devil pass.

  • NO NAME verified Mar 7, 2019, 11:19 PM

    Every single 5*? Not as lucky as last Ragna? What the hell happened last Ragna!? You and I have differing opinions on what “lucky” is.

  • Benisuzume LV.6 Super Star Mar 8, 2019, 12:26 AM

    Yeah, from the platinum chests, I got like all the fire ones once, like Morgan, Hades, Aurora, Medb, Hestia, Daoine Sidhe, Jupiter and Hermes. So Nine 5* in total. During season 0 I got more greens, but I was young and stupid back then. Didn't like how my 3 copies of Abbadon looked so I used him for six star enhancement fodder. Still probably wouldn't use him but could be a +3 since I got another one recently. Might have been useful for World Boss.

    Might feel like I got more because I got like 7 5* Aurora Heart blobs during season 0. This time I got 1.

  • NO NAME verified Mar 8, 2019, 01:20 AM

    Ok, that’s it. I’m making a post. Congrats on your good fortune though.

  • Benisuzume LV.6 Super Star Mar 8, 2019, 02:15 AM

    Lol, I'll tell myself I have good fortune the day I get a "Double" of a 5 star in a summon, and actually a 5 star I want. Like I see in the screenshots and posts on moot. Till then, I have slightly above average luck. XD

  • NO NAME verified Mar 8, 2019, 02:20 AM

    If yours is slightly above average, mine must be historically bad! :-P

  • NO NAME verified Mar 7, 2019, 11:36 PM

    I did just short of 800 raids. Ended at 790 something but timed out finishing my last ticket and didn’t get a screenshot. Didn’t get credit for the final fight either. Got greedy hoping for one more Giant Aurora King and cut it too close.

    I started the Ragna ok. Two Jupiters and a 5* aurora heart in the first 2-4 days. Then I went through a brutal 10 day stretch of nothing. Soooo many plat chests, soooo many 4*equipment/characters and 2,500 Ragna coins. In the last two days I found some redemption in one more 5* aurora heart, Hades, Med B, and Daoine Sidhe.

    Total five 5* characters and two 5* aurora hearts which doesn’t seem terrible on paper, but relative to others’ success stories it was pretty subpar. Almost 800 raids and top 2% in damage. The chests were there, they just contained garbage 99% of the time.

    Even after evolving enough for six 6*, I still have 22 4* aurora hearts and over 100 4* fodder that I can’t seem to attain fire evo mats fast enough for. #firstworldproblems