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Juhe heating mats


In winter,it has a cold ambient temperature,When the accumulated snow on walkways,Snow cable/mats can be placed in areas that are prone to collecting snow, such as driveways, sidewalks, and patios. Electric snow melting systems can keep In addition to taking care of existing snow and ice.Once the mat is in place, it can be activated to produce heat. The heat that is produced does not allow snow or ice to accumulate on the area covered with the cable/mat.   Anhui Juhe heating technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2018 and specialist in providing all kinds of electric heating cables, Heating mats together with their additional accessories. The company have more than 50 employees and 5 high speed production lines. Now we export 8-10 containers of products every month. https://www.jhheat.com/ We have already export our products to Russia, Europe, Australia and North America etc. Our company has already passed the ISO-9001:2005 , ISO14001 , ISO45001 , CE certificate and IEC60800:2009 test .   Juhe has been developing advanced heating cable solutions to provide products that meet the needs and challenges of those who make their homes in the most extreme cold climates. https://www.jhheat.com/


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