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The strategy according to kevin #2

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Seeing as my post-meme has been taken a little seriously and maybe some might think that I hate players who always use Natalis well ... I decided that in this "The strategy according to kevin" I wanted create this team where I give you some of my personal advice. Of course you are free to choose how you want your team with Natalis to do. This, if anything, is a team which I find very useful in case both you and your opponents cannot use the bonus leader.   1: I put Chang'e in place of Thisbe because I find it much more effective, together with Neptune, to increase Speed ​​of Skill Charge Acceleration, Skill Charge, and Reduced Cooldown. I know that Thisbe can perform immortality but trust that speed, in some cases, can be very useful of immortality. 2: As you well know, Natalis and Bathory can both perform Blade Dancing which, in addition to inflingere DoT damage, decreases the opponent's defense which makes them very lethal. You honestly could use it also Sytry (Debuffer Wood) which decreases the Acceleration of the skill charge and Charm which makes it very useful if you want to focus on decreasing the speed and making certain buffs useless. But if you prefer to be direct and lethal with the opponent ... We understand each other, however, rightly so, you choose. 3: While Natalis and Bathory do the dirty work Eve will help them with double the damage, mostly with Poison. Honestly, Courtesan Bathory also fits perfectly as powerful attackers, Gunslinger Hildr and Ophois. But trust me if you want to do DoT damage with attackers and you want to be even faster in taking out the opposing Child Eve and the one she does for you. Although there are other Water attackers that can do Poison but she is strangely the one who does the most damage of all with Poison.   Card Council (95% discount)   Neptune: Prince Carry Natalis: S.o.w Eve: Sweet Composer Chang'e: Prince Carry Bathory: S.o.w

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  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Mar 21, 2022, 02:39 PM

    Bathory and Natalis kinda cancel one another's Dancing Blade.

    Last raid I took a break from the game and when I returned I was demoted to Bronze III. Something like that. So I created this barbaric abomination of a party since PvP was going to be easy for awhile. (See image)

    These attackers in my opinion are the three great PvP attackers, Eve in particular being the most effective. Sure Sniper Hildr and some other attackers can deal big numbers, but all the other attackers are bound to killing 2 targets, while these 3 are more results less overkill.

    All 3 of them will hit 3 targets with swipe, and even though Tiamat has a Godly ignition ( From Lisa's extra lesson ) Eve is the one who'll score a whopping 60% of my opponents health if she scores with Lupin's buff. I made it that way on purpose, where Lupin will buff Eve and Ophois.

    Sometimes this party get's lucky and the round is over in 2 swipes. Other times 3 or 4 swipes.

    Yes debuffers will sometimes make Eve and Ophois retarded, but by the time that happens the opponent has taken massive damage from the three while Tiamat (unaffected) strikes back with lashing #19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24.

    Thisbe comes in handy cause she'll sometimes keep an attacker alive long enough to deliver more abuse before they die.

    Eve's poison... Despite it being a nasty poison, it doesn't really have a chance to shine too often in PvP with a set up like this.

    In my particular case, Eve was ignited early, while I was still coming to understand ignition, so her core offers 400 amp ATK and 300 amp DEF, Which is the point of this paragraph. My Eve takes abuse like a champ, and isn't too afraid of Clotho, who is a problem for the other 2 attackers.


    My experience against Natalis, usually comes in a Clotho package which results in a close call or a loss.

    Last week I'd reckon this party had a 90% success rate. Every loss was against Natalis parties. This week I'm starting at Gold IV and soon I might have to start countering the opponent with other units. The win rate may start to fall from here on, even so this party can still hack it.

    tldr: If my opponent survives a 2nd dose from this party, they might win.

  • TheKevinLife LV.11 Chief Mar 21, 2022, 05:37 PM

    For real? I admit that I didn't know the one from Dancing Blade. Thank you very much for the information.
    Anyway I don't know how long you have been on hiatus from the game but believe me they came out of Child strong.
    Although... Unfortunately some of those child well... If you go check out the Devil Rumble and the teams in the leaderboard you will see 95% of the teams composed by Natalis as leader (not even for his monstrous skills).
    Aside from the fact that your team is not bad at all (especially due to the fact that it is very strategic in terms of lethality) and I sincerely wish you the best of luck with the Gold IV. Trust that you will need it.
    However, this team that I created with Natalis was a sort of post, to make users understand that they had
    my previous post meme, that I don't hate anyone who uses Natalis. Let's say I can't stand that they always use natalis for its bonus leader. Just think that, like you, 90 or 80% of my losses are due to her and trust me that I am a team, which will never be like yours, but it is very strong (if anything, I send you the image of my team so maybe if you want you can give me some advice).
    More than anything else I repeat that this team I created is to make it clear that I do not hate those who use Natalis. But that's not I can stand that they always use her for the bonus leader. I honestly am one who tries to be original in party choice. Also because I am someone who would like to participate, and if I can too, win without being too much
    similar you have the others in the Devil Rumble.
    P.S. Thisbe is very useful and versatile in every party you create about that I can't say anything against it.
    Not for that and the # 1 support of this game.

  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Mar 22, 2022, 05:08 AM

    It's not entirely a bad thing that Natalis will overwrite Bathory's Dancing blade with her own, and vice versa. In the grand scheme Dancing Blade get's more uptime.

    I was gone for 2 weeks. I previously took a break before that. They brought back the worst raid and even now I noticed some other regulars doesn't seem to be active, and there's less participants on these pages.

    About that new party you just listed. My feedback is limited to how it looks on paper cause I don't use or think highly of them, except Thisbe.

    Defender, Healer, and Supporter which is Thisbe, makes up most of this party, so it's definitely a party geared toward defense.

    Serket. I don't see any reason to use her while she isn't the best at what she does. She'll wipe out 2 opponents at a time. She's also a prime target and is likely going to be the first to die. However, your party will nerf the opponents ability to deal damage greatly. Why Serket ?

    Euros looks fantastic, is she better than Pomona in person ?

    Not only is that party defensive, but if they survive, they'll reach fevertime before the opponent in most cases. Personally I only give defense cores to pvp units unless they are attackers, but it's fine if your girls can hit harder.

    Serket and Nicole counter one another's poison. Not a big deal.

  • TheKevinLife LV.11 Chief Mar 22, 2022, 06:36 AM

    But I continued to play because this game and how when you start has smoking ... It becomes a daily persecution (in a positive sense) you know? Let's just say the Narrative Dungeon that makes you want to pass after the third day.

    About Serket let's say she was the one who brought me the most luck in my account.
    I know and stupid but it has given me a lot of satisfaction believe me.
    As for Nicole well ... When I first saw her and her skills of hers (Show Bomb, Freeze and Poison) I said "Just want her right away for my team" and then the rest you can imagine. Do you think she was the first ever in which she did all the mission passes of a new child over 1,500 crystals.
    However, you must consider that Nicole, besides Poison (which is activated only in PvP), can also perform Show Bomb and Freeze. Then let's say I consider her as a second striker if Serket is defeated.
    As for Euros then I'll be honest with you: Like Pomona NEVER in life! But if you have 3 allies, water or, as in my case, an entire team, water is perfect.
    However, it was a party made up of a lot of defense.

    That's why I'm creating a dark team that focuses a little more on the offensive this time around.

  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Mar 22, 2022, 11:17 PM

    Hephaestus raid depressed me the first time. I beat the lv. 30 boss once or twice then I put the game down for the first time since it's release. The game legitimately put me to sleep.

    When they brought that raid back, I pretty much went on strike with no protest. that's when I really fell down in Devil Rumble. The breaks costed about 27,000 crystals, 2 cores, even more crystals and a bunch of other fun stuff we slave away for daily.

    I hear you with Nichole. In a normal party Nichole would annoy me as she stalls my attacker. I used to curse Moa for similar reasons. Nichole is a troll.

    These day's I wait for bosses to come around before deciding on what my next move is. I'm confident next raid I won't need to ignite any units, so I'll ignite another WB unit when that time comes.

    As for my current PvP units, they are fine for now. Still using the dumb party, which is acutally the fastest party one can imagine. I'm guessing it'll last well into platinum.

  • M00N LV.26 Bamboozled Mar 22, 2022, 07:47 PM

    Dancing blade dmg stacks, Nat and Bath are a great combo

    Recommend SCs: Accidental Valentine on Nat, Bath, and Eve; Change of Air on Nep, Chang‘e

    Please come to the discords if you wanna exchange strategies with experienced vats and get advice of ranked players

  • M00N LV.26 Bamboozled Mar 22, 2022, 07:38 PM

    Dancing Blade dot dmg stacks, just the def reduction doesn’t. So Nat and Bath are a good combo

    Eve‘s poison works well with Bath‘s -debuff eva since forever, but more important here is her buff blast on drive, since no wSytry