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Mar 4, 2022, 10:00 PM 249 read

Does someone know?


Hi guys, I'm new to Destiny Child, i loved the game so far. I wanted to know if the childs needed for the boost in Ragna Burst (the ones you need uncap + ignite to have bonus) is always the same for the events, for example If Devouring Procel was one of those childs in the last Dark boss event, so in the next dark boss event devouring procel will still be needed child and so on, does someone can confirm? Thank you guys! love the community.

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  • dikstra LV.20 S Mar 5, 2022, 12:40 AM

    One booster slot is reserved for the boss of previous ragna. I'm assuming Heph rerun doesn't count so Caduceus will be one of the boosters for the next ragna burst. New (counter) units become boost as well. We're expecting dark Eve and she'll likely be another booster.

    In short, things can and will change to an extent.

    As for the whole burst mode itself, it's a high investment affair (time and/or money). You shouldn't worry about it, just do what you can.

  • MisakiSakaki LV.17 Sage Mar 5, 2022, 03:50 AM

    In general, the new childs are for a specific use for the event, there are children who can be versatile in several events and also others that when the event passes are completely and absolutely useless.

    For this I recommend you to look from time to time the events of the page, titled "[EVENT] Ace Deck" or wait for those big images that show which characters to use (they show every event here and reddit subforum, Discord and Facebook).

    You can also check this page riceminegl mnyiaa com
    It's a childs/SC guide page, welcome to the game and hope you can enjoy it

  • jabami LV.11 Chief Mar 5, 2022, 01:34 AM

    Burst is cater to whales, if ftp just do what u can. Boosts change otherwise people that spend wouldn't. Its the way devs r able to maintain the game running