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Jan 13, 2022, 08:40 PM 316 read

So this sucks but it is what it is


So as you already know the text for the scenario for ragna Break season 23 is currently going to be in Japanese for the duration of this whole season. This sucks to an extremely high level I was really looking forward to reading through this chapter of the story for my viewers. But unfortunately I'm going to have to wait and postpone that video till later unless the devs decide to fix this sooner which they've already stated it will be stuck like this tell the end of the season. I really want to cry right now I waited a very long time to be able to read this scenario I covered it in both J P & KR and was looking forward to finally men able to read the story. I know there's many people out there who are severely angry about this but issues happen and unfortunately this is what we have to deal with for now. So please be respectful to the Devs so that they can get this sorted out honestly things could be much worst there are characters and story scenario that we will possibly never get. And honestly think about it this way you can always go through the main scenario when the ragna break is over and read through it that's what I'm planning on doing. I haven't went into the story mode yet but I know in the future we are going to lose the Japanese voice actors. So things could be worse to those who are upset please I'm just asking to be respectful. Into the game devs if you do read this thank you for all that you do and all you attempt to do to keep this game running properly. I love this game I play all three versions of it.

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