ssj LV.10 Nomad
Dec 24, 2021, 08:24 PM 607 read

Please devs

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With the last WB I was getting 20m damage and with this one I'm only getting 5m ... All I've done is switched out 3 attackers and 4 supporters.... keeping up with the ever changing meta is becoming a chore is there any chance the dev team could include a in-game list of the best child's for each WB please

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  • Mr. Gallo LV.17 Sage Dec 24, 2021, 08:35 PM

    This guide might help you, it was made by the Vietnamese community, so partes of it are not in english. But, the main part of it (recommended units and skill).

    However, you'll probably damage less than in the previous boss anyway, as we don't have Offensive Stance for Wood type childs (the buff that would force only Wood Attackers to attack on fever).

  • Gatsu86 LV.25 Champion Dec 25, 2021, 01:31 AM

    We don’t have an child that give double edge sword effect as well, so the damage is a lot less compared to other WBs. :)

  • Yen+ LV.14 Chief Dec 24, 2021, 10:53 PM

    Ofc switching attakers will change a lot the dmg.

    Mostly likely you had a good dark attacker for last boss, and now you dont have a good wood attacker.

    "Meta" on WB dont change that much, what change is the attackers you have.

    If you are dying a lot, try put juno or dark davi on team.

  • IcyLin LV.21 Sharpshooter Dec 25, 2021, 01:39 PM

    Front row 99% of time are childs that participate in every single WB.
    1)Light Sytry - best WB buffer ever, u'll need to get her to lvl 5 ignition at least to make her even better.
    2)Light Werewolf - best WB debuffer ever, u'll also need to make her at least lvl 5 ignition for stronger debuffs and S>T skill setup.
    3)Wood Bathory - good debuffer not really need ignition.
    4)Thisbe - one of the best units in whole game and staple for Most WB+Ragna+PvP, ignition to max is recommended.
    5)Newbie Mona - buffer for Most of WB/Ragna, not really need ignition, sad thing we got some replacements for her in last Ragnas.
    6)Wood Luin(Debuffer),very useful unit for increasing debuff duration time, ignition not needed.
    7)Navi -weak point def and debuff eva, ignition to at least lvl 5 is recommended.
    8)Midas or Mercury, Midas was a staple for every WB until we got Mercury,but to make Mercury every WB child u need to do at least lvl 8 ignition, ofc she really worth it.
    9)Sunbeach Mona(Fire Mona) - very good debuffer, i remember only 2 WBs where i didn't used her.
    10)Thetis - became a staple for WB not so long ago,but was very useful, atm most of ppl changed her for similar child-- Kalaratri,who has very good leader skill, so i recommend to focus on Kalaratri atm.
    11) Light Maat(healer) - the only and best healer for each WB, there was only 1 WB where i didn't used her.

    Theese 11 childs used for all WB, so my advice for u to focus on them 1-st of all.
    Here are 2 more childs who are "newcomers on WB" lets say so:
    1)Babel - used to stop WB from doing it's Drive.
    2)Juno(atm most broken child on WB and must have until(or if?) it'll be fixed) used to prevent WB from doing anything at all, under his debuff boss only uses simple autoattack 99% of time.

  • dr badunkachud LV.17 Sage Dec 26, 2021, 06:21 AM

    WB can resist Juno debuff so I run Juno with a debuff carta and Iphis together and drop out maat.