Prince2021 LV.2 Lurker
Dec 11, 2021, 12:23 AM 566 read

This World Boss HP increase is a terrible idea.


Good day folks.   I wanted to come here and absolutely unleash all of my wrath that would be enough to heat up my sweet Heph's forge. But I will opt for the more restrained approach.   This WB hp increase is giant kick in the balls of all of your players. It has achieved the following   1. Made refreshing and using tickets by watching ads and using crystals more painful, as the number of chances to use burst has decreased drastically. This makes it far less likely for players to refresh as often as not everyone is stuck to their phones all day.   Less refreshes = less revenue for you   2. By at least halving the number of bosses killed (thanks to increasing the hp by over 200%) you have at least halved the number of rewards we can get from boss kills.   The idea was probably that you will give out less rewards in bosses killed, and thus make players more likely to buy things from the shop to get ahead. When in reality, taking away rewards from players will only serve to piss them off and make them far less likely to purchase.   You did this in the last WB where you thought you could get away with nerfing the rewards and ended up angering your player base and reverting the rewards back. Oh wait that was a "mistake" so we will let that go.   Now you are trying to get away with screwing with the rewards again by increasing the boss hp.   Pissed off player base = less revenue for you   Finally, I'd just like to address the suggestion of another player who created a post on this also, of double damage weekends.   While this is a great idea, it does not fix the original problem as it makes refreshes during the week an absolutely unfun slog. The fix is not double damage weekend. The fix is to revert the boss HP.   TLDR: Pissing off your player base will not get you revenue. It will get you less. Spending players like myself who feel like Shift Up is being greedy will spend money elsewhere. I will still play DC though because the art is great (when the boobs are not the size of small planets), just won't spend as much.

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  • MisakiSakaki LV.16 Sage Dec 11, 2021, 01:53 AM

    I do not understand the decisions that these managers make, they do something "good" with the issue of implementing the ad system to get tickets and reduce the number of bosses that are needed in boss kill rewards, but now it seems that they are returning to the same but increasing the life of the boss with each kill.

    I literally said it 3 months ago when the thing was implemented, they are going to make everything substantially more difficult no matter how much it seems that they make things "a little easier" for us with these things like ad = tickets for example.

    Something as the MudRock magnitude has to happen for there to be a REAL change

  • SoundWind LV.8 Fast as Lightning Dec 14, 2021, 02:23 AM

    the solution is easy, swipe more and carry us