Paradox3759 LV.20 S
Nov 13, 2021, 01:20 AM 816 read

Not related to DC, but NIKKE


I humbly request the Devs of DC to pass on the message to the Devs of NIKKE, that please don't create a NIKKE lounge on MOOT like DC. I don't want to enjoy the game with community on a dead platform. Do it on any other platform but this. I'm writing this as a futureproofing in case they were deciding to do this. I know I know the game isn't even out yet and I'm already ranting. That's because I love the company and their products. Some people might downvote this because it isn't DC related. Just don't downvote, I want SHIFTUP to see this, especially Mr. Kim, since he's the person in-charge of this game. P.S. Patiently waiting for NIKKE to arrive in Global Market :)

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