Paul Green LV.20 S
Sep 10, 2021, 03:32 PM 355 read

Solution to Ragna Reflect (please don't flame me, only trying to help)


Simplest solution is to farm for a 3rd slot weapon ability like this one:

DESTINY CHILD: FORUM - Solution to Ragna Reflect (please don't flame me, only trying to help) image 2

Since we have an event that boosts S-rank abilities in equipment, now is your best chance to get it. Alternatively, you can aim for an A-rank ability that recovers damage on Tap, or a similar C-rank ability that's much riskier since it only procs 20% of the time. The focus on Tap is for survival during fever; reflecting 190 during regular gameplay is, for the most part, a non-issue.   Beyond that, it's uncapping Aurora and boosting her tap, but that's expensive. This may be a cheaper alternative that can also unlock other nice abilities across a variety of your equipment holdings.   Edit: Credit to Hayyy for bringing this up in the comments: Anti-Heal can be a problem for some if your HP allocation is focused on your attacker/s. Lower the HP cap of your chosen attackers since Procel's Tap targets highest HP units. Haven't had a problem with Ayane dying since I changed equipment and her HP is already low relative to my Supporters.

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  • dr badunkachud LV.13 Chief Sep 10, 2021, 03:41 PM

    I am going to use Siren her tap adds vampirism

  • Paul Green LV.20 S Sep 10, 2021, 05:39 PM

    That is also very viable!

  • Hayyy LV.5 Lurker Sep 10, 2021, 11:48 PM

    doesnt work in lvl40 cauz of antiheal

  • Paul Green LV.20 S Sep 11, 2021, 02:36 AM

    This can be bypassed by artificially lowering your attacker's hp relative to your supporters, although attackers naturally have lower hp anyway. The anti-heal targets 3 units with the highest hp, so your attacker will be spared and can fever safely. Thanks for mentioning this, I'll add an edit to the post.