Fuyumi LV.5 Lurker
Aug 11, 2021, 05:02 PM 419 read

Amp Core Lucky Pack 1? WTF?


So ummmm, .... folks...? UUUMMMMM FOLKS !!! I didn't think I'd see something like this pop up!

DESTINY CHILD: FORUM - Amp Core Lucky Pack 1? WTF? image 2

I'm a bit shocked and now I REALLY don't want to mess up where this goes. I'm guessing since it's a primary Def Amp and MOTHERFFFFF Amp Atk x2 this screams Attacker that has PvP usability?   Looking up the Ricemine, and assuming I'm correct in imagining this indeed best serves a PvP able Attacker AND picking out from the units I DO have, this is the list I got. Also as reference my other Ignited Childs are: -Isolde +2 6/12 -Lupin +1 4/12   Currently 6* -Dreamer Saturn +2 (but she's almost like a Debuffer though right?) -Ophois +4 (that's whom I imagine makes sense? REALLY want to make sure) -Serket +2 (I don't know if she's even really in the same ballpark) -Moonlight Artemis +2 (I don't picture the primary Def being as valuable on a Ragna unit)   Still only 5* -Forbidden Eve (literally pulled my first one yesturday) -Courtesan Bathory (though idk if Fire is wise..) -Justice Mafdet +1   Beyond that falls to Rank 8 and I seriously don't think Cleopatra is on the same playing field... plus... I already got a higher Dreamer Saturn anyway. Well technically Artemis is Rank 8 for PvP, but at least in her case I already have her Ignition ready... but even then... Again PLEASE do let me know if I'm wrong, I DON'T want to give a triple amp core... and a double amp atk one at that, to the wrong unit.   It's kind of funny how so far all my at least double amp cores have been Def cores...

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  • Ravenous LV.23 Titan Aug 11, 2021, 10:39 PM

    I would install this on Ophois but you do you. Congrats.

  • Fuyumi LV.5 Lurker Aug 12, 2021, 02:33 PM

    Yeah that sort of feels like it would be the smarter choice.... but I am terrified of fucking it up lol

  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Aug 11, 2021, 10:39 PM

    If you ask me there are limits to how strong we should make PvP attackers. For instance your attacker will be able to one shot targets if they score a critical without that particular core. The amount of targets they hit also remains the same.

    Reflect in PvP can return 50% damage so it'll be even worse if your PvP attacker has a lot of overkill.

    You can probably make a really insane Maat with that core.

    This is just my take on it, enjoy the core as you please.

  • Fuyumi LV.5 Lurker Aug 12, 2021, 05:12 AM

    The way I'm reading into Ophois as the one with the most potential, is she'd get as much benefit as possible in PvP and PvE becoming one of those Rank 10 in all modes unit at that point.

    You do make a point for Reflect, but Idk if that's enough of an issue to bring the choice down is it? Also if that's worth anything I do have Vampiric like options on some of her gear.

    Wouldn't Maat or Pomona benefit more from Def and Crit?

  • Tony Li LV.12 Chief Aug 12, 2021, 05:29 AM

    I think he mean Madfet. Pomona, Maat, Neptune benefit from amp crt, it increase the heal amount. I can tell you that nobody use any of them on the top 100. A combination of dot,stall, speed, reflect, and immoral are the most commonly use team comps.

  • Fuyumi LV.5 Lurker Aug 12, 2021, 02:33 PM

    I know I saw that Pomona helps against DOT and somewhat against stall, but I'm fairly certain I'd be mistaken for using this specific core on her.

    I'm kind of curious how the priority of Guard Buff Blast works. Does it break Fortitude/Reflect/Immortal and then does the damage or does the 3x2 hit portion happen and THEN the blast happens, it's always been tricky to pin point for me.

  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Aug 12, 2021, 08:27 AM

    Healers are more potent with increased ATK, I do think amplified ATK is included. ( Better confirm this. )

    You can test the ATK in PvE by seeing the difference by boosting atk with gear on a healer.

    CRT also boosts healing, but that's only when the healer lands the opportunity to score a critical.

    Of course igniting a healer isn't priority, it's just what I'd most likely do, as 1,000+ per tick for everybody on some crazy WB. (((Though come to think of it, we don't want our healers to be ontop of the atk list.)))

    If you use that core on Ophois she's going to hit 3 targets really hard, and she'll certinly be able to handle more abuse. Your Ophois will still do well in WB though for bosses Amplified AGL is more favorable.

    Your Ophois is getting 600 amplified ATK. Beware of these people.

    - Ymir
    - Athena
    - Hades
    - Clotho
    - Some others we don't see often. A.i. and M. Moa

    Though the amplified Def on your Ophois makes these encounters more interesting, and the tanks do take significant damage, it's still likely striking these tanks will cause Ophois to 1 shot herself with the 600 amp ATK.

    Without that much amp atk, an ignited Ophois will one shot opponents very often. 3 at a time even. You can bring Lupin but the overkill in amp atk won't really make a difference, except for when Dana is the last one standing.

    Anyway, the game has gotten kinda hairy. Ophois isn't a bad choice.

  • Fuyumi LV.5 Lurker Aug 12, 2021, 02:28 PM

    I was pondering maybe building an actual PvP team now. Something like Ophois, Lupin, Clotho and idk, someone between Banshee, Isolde, Thisbe and Pomona.
    Changing from Ophois, Tamamo, Dana, Chang'e and Pomona since that was always a bit ragtag and as Tony mentioned, at most I tend to be in the +2 Uncap range in general (well I know +6 Tamamo and +5 Hel are too niche especially for this core).

    I understand that this core won't give me a Child that is optimized for every content, but I don't think such a thing exists ... like there's a reason it's different typed content lol.

    Actually, I kind of wonder if ironically Clotho and Thisbe would help guard Ophois.

  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Aug 12, 2021, 05:52 PM

    They will.

    Clotho will cast fortitude on the 2 members with the lowest HP, while the others get reflect.

    Thisbe, will make it impossible for the 2 with the lowest health to drop below 1 HP, until her slide skill wears off. With her you can be calculated and let the opponent play first, then after they deal damage you can then slide with Thisbe. That all depends though. I find sliding with Thisbe too soon produces undesirable results.

    The attackers tend to be the first ones that get attacked. So you might want to let yourself get hit before sliding with Clotho and Thisbe. If not then someone else in the party might get the buffs you want on Ophois. Of course you can just dive in and smash them.

    Clotho can also pull a Dana with her tap skill and increase your defense, but nah. Better off just putting onyx in just her slide skill.

  • Fuyumi LV.5 Lurker Aug 15, 2021, 03:51 AM

    Yeah currently Clotho is only at +1 (and 5stars) so I wouldn't want to replace +3 Dana yet, but maybe it's worth aiming at.

    I'm going to assume what you meant falls under Manual play (which I read is the preferred method if I use Banshee), unless it's all assigned skill loadout.

    Tricky finding which way I want to go lol.

  • Degen LV.9 Nomad Aug 11, 2021, 08:30 PM

    holy cow, double atk? I don't think it was. good job sun bro

  • Fuyumi LV.5 Lurker Aug 12, 2021, 02:36 PM

    I was very surprised as well. So far Def cores are the way to go for me it seems (both Isolde and Lupin got Amp Def main cores with Amp Agi and either plain Atk or Crit for final stat). Literally any other kind of core I've crafted or gotten from a box has been single Amp.

  • Tony Li LV.12 Chief Aug 11, 2021, 10:45 PM

    Yes, that's the best pvp core and next best one is amp def, amp atk & HP for attackers. I would give it to D Saturn. The top 2 best attackers are Eve and Saturn with the right team comp. They served as both attacker and debuffer at the same time. Congratulations did you buy the core or create it? I don't think it's possible to creat god cores, because 90% of the cores I have created are just junk.
    NVM I assume this is from the summer login reward.

  • M00N LV.26 Bamboozled Aug 12, 2021, 02:21 AM

    Saturn gets her value from curse. She is basically a debuffer, as you mentioned. I wouldn’t put this core on her, but a more defensive core, like ADef AAtk HP, or AAtk HP HP/ADef
    For comparison: LaoTie101 has a ADef HP HP core on her

  • Tony Li LV.12 Chief Aug 12, 2021, 03:05 AM

    I think both would work. atm he really doesnt have enough uncapp of any child, he could use it on Ophis instead, but Ophis is better off for range and wb. A team with another dot such as Bathory or Eve would be the perfect pairs. I would personally use all 3 but no cores.

  • Fuyumi LV.5 Lurker Aug 12, 2021, 02:50 PM

    Given equal footing, maybe I'd go with Eve and pair her with Isolde... but as I've said I got my very first Eve (well the water one) just a few days ago so that would be a LONG time from now as opposed to +4 Ophois that tends to be in a lot more parties.

    And sorry for the delay but you are correct, this came from the summer login. The other boxes didn't give anything that good so far but I guess I need balance somewhere lol.

  • Danbo de Piano LV.27 Bamboozled Aug 12, 2021, 02:21 AM

    I'd save it for an attacker with strong vampirism ie work on siren , I haven't had any issue with reflect etc in pvp with high and boostes vampitism especially at fever , the Vamp skill rebates any reflected damage most of the time fully or mostly and at fever time she'll just fully hral herself while laying waste to others
    it's worth saving for a chance like that as if you don't have twlady have maxed skill 60/6 ignition is a bit of a waste /delayed return
    my recc
    save it till something is maxed out
    try to consider a strong grass attacker w vampitism , or an ignore reflect attacker (I think tiamat is a prime candidate)

  • Fuyumi LV.5 Lurker Aug 12, 2021, 03:01 PM

    While not true Vampirism, Ophois does have vamp like options on her gear.
    I also thought Siren's % sections preferred plain Atk increase instead of Amp, but I could be mistaken.

    I don't think my +5 Hel would be too useful for it either, but I am trying to finish Ophois. I'll take a look at the Wood attackers I have.... I might have a fresh Tiamat too....

  • Naota_kun LV.4 Lurker Aug 15, 2021, 12:33 PM

    This was my pull from a #1 - It does happen: