JohnTitor LV.8 Nomad
Jul 17, 2021, 10:55 AM 337 read

I need a little help here..

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  I am new player F2P and i want to decide which Child should i need to choose on this reward..   I´ve already have many of these childs but i don´t know which one priorize now:   Newbie Mona or Lost Maat? Or Autocrat Elizabeth? Or any other child?      

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  • Danbo de Piano LV.27 Be my Mootentine ❤️ Jul 17, 2021, 11:03 AM


    in. that order

    Later I would like gnite in thst order also .her cleanse of dot and convert to high percent vampirism at full ignition makes eve poison in pvp a non issue so she'll pay back in pvp raids and wb

  • JohnTitor LV.8 Nomad Jul 17, 2021, 11:22 AM

    I´ve already have Hard Worker Neptune and Lady Bathory.

    So Newbie Mona is better than Lost Maat in the early game?

    Anyways thanks a lot Danbo de Piano by the tip!

  • Gatsu86 LV.24 Champion Jul 17, 2021, 12:27 PM

    Lost Maat is the light healer or the dark attacker? I forgot it.. (dark Maat is very low priority)

    Newbie Mona is great for most contents. Light Maat is mostly used in World Boss, sometimes she is substituted by Pomona.. mainly vs death heal debuff.

    So both can be useful for you if you miss them.. is up to you.

  • JohnTitor LV.8 Nomad Jul 18, 2021, 09:15 AM

    Now i have only one team's healer: the Shining Leda. (Light Supporter)

    But unfortunately she is not that good as Lost Maat or White Pomona.

    That´s why i really want White Pomona or Lost Maat cause i wanna to raise my teams survivability in most WB.

  • Toeknee LV.22 S Jul 17, 2021, 12:58 PM

    Rookie Mona. She's a WB regular and has been used in many raids.

    She's basically a speed buffer as 2 units that have the highest ATK status will find an increase in their charge speed, which results in more damage in the given time. She also casts aid which beefs up weak point damage. All in a single swipe which hits two random enemies, or a single target twice.

    In a nutshell your two strongest attackers will end up hitting a WB more with R. Mona.

  • JJamez LV.7 Nomad Jul 18, 2021, 02:32 AM

    I know it would be a lot if you were to give us all details as to what childs you got specifically. Myself, I consider to still be somewhat new to game so I see how daunting it can be when you have such a wide selection of childs to choose from. I took forever in choosing the first 2 childs from that same item you are using. You know your childs and party compositions best. I would ask rather, what do you feel your lacking or is there a specific child/class that you need or want that could help your gameplay whether it be pve, pvp, ragna or wb. I'd also have to agree with what danbo, gatsu and toeknee said about rookie mona however, I did not have Light Maat or Pomona, and from what I had learned, Maat was best healer overall aspect so I got her first and she made everything for me just so much easier. I didnt know much about many of the childs and the complexity/detail of specs and mode of play (ie. ragna and wb). I went off of basic RPG mechanics for party comps, had Dana as my Tank, Maat as Healer, and I chose 3 attackers primarily selected because I liked the characters and tried to keep my party offset with elements covered. I didnt really know much bout debuffers/supporters other than their titles and skillsets until I joined Moot. Anyways, sorry for the sidetrack... back to your questions at hand, I ask in general, what do you feel your lacking and is there specific childs you want/need? After I got my main 5 party that plowed through PvE and PvP til Gold Rank, I chose Childs I needed to bolster my elemental formations followed by their class when I first started, after joining Moot and many players whom helped me, I selected childs based by WB (childs that were used frequently in all or most WBs first, than started selecting by WB's opposing element/class type secondly). I hope I wasn't confusing and this helps in your decision. I'm just giving my opinion and what I experienced when I started as well because I know its kinda nerve racking when you are trying to build, upgrade and form strong childs and party setups.

  • JohnTitor LV.8 Nomad Jul 18, 2021, 09:47 AM

    Yeah JJamez, i totally understand you, i feel the same since i started to play DC. (I thought it was some sort of RPG with a sexy theme! Lol)

    Unfortunately i don´t have a good team healer to WB, so i was aiming Lost Maat or White Pomona.

    I still don´t understand why Lost Maat is not in the same level as White Pomona in Ricemine website since many consider it Ricemine a good reference for DC game.

    But most comments here on Moot seems to converge to an 'conclusion' that Lost Maat is 'the best healer' for common people.

    According Ricemine, Newbie Mona is the best Supporter (I´ve already have the other considered Best Supporters Sunny Chang'e and Hard Worker Netune).

    That´s why i am so confused now: Which one to choose..

  • OhNoBees LV.7 Nomad Jul 18, 2021, 03:05 PM


    Newbie Mona: great for doing well in everything, particularly Ragna, but not used in PVP in late game

    Lost Maat: great for generally doing well in all World Boss. Best for WB survivability (unless boss has Death Heal)

    Pomona: Best for PVP survivability, and specific World Bosses

    About Maat vs. Pomona:

    Pomona heals more HP/sec than Maat. to a few people. So she is good for small groups (eg. PVP)

    Pomona helps against Debuffs, which is a really important quality if the enemy has a debuff ability, which can happen in any game type (Ragna, World Boss, PVP...), depending on the enemy.

    Maat heals slower HP/sec, but heals everyone in the group, which is great for world Boss where you have 20 people, especially bosses that can damage many people at once.

    So both Maat and Pomona have their uses depending on who the enemy is.

    About Newbie Mona/Chang'e/Neptune:

    Newbie Mona is great for World Boss, and Ragna, and for a while many people used her in PVP, but not so much in PVP now.

    Chang'e was great for everything for a long time, but now people use Thisbe and don't tend to use Chang'e any more. Thisbe is a staple in PVP, especially when fully ignited.

    Neptune is great for Ragna, and can be used in all elements, but she's currently only the best for Dark and Wood.

    In fire, Failnaught replaces Neptune
    In water, Summer Davi replaces Neptune
    In light, Frosty Saturn replaces Neptune

  • JJamez LV.7 Nomad Jul 19, 2021, 12:11 AM

    I hear what your saying and at a flustering standpoint to make a critical decision. If you want my advice to hopefully not be as confused in your decisions. Don't compare ratings and ranks from websites (you can use it as a simple base factor if your looking on which child to best focus on or to get but dont stress over actual #s and all that statistical ratios from random people/players on childs. There is far too many variables and adjustments that can make or break for what you want and all that you have to work with. OhNoBees gave more clarity and detail for Light Maat and Pomona. To kind of relate and make more simple from also being new, I didnt know about Ricemine, moot or any good wikis. I just googled DC Childs and classes. I didnt bother with the websites ranking order, I simply checked whatever class and elemental type I was looking for (and even though I am a hardcore gamer in detail aspect, if I like a certain character because she looks awesome or Hot or whatever but sucks in game, I'd still find a way to use her or at least in view as eyecandy, lol. I didnt know about Pomona until way later actually so I had Maat pretty much all the time. I chose Maat mainly because of her Revive drive skill, she was the only good healer that had revive and aoe heal from my list. Maat for me, was so damn great that I didnt need to bother looking for another healer for a long time until I got more into WB and vs. stronger pvp teams. I have both Maat and Pomona, they are both my primary and only healers I use, I had leveled and capped 6 other healers fully (that was complete waste of time, coin and resources) because I never even used or played them once. Maat and Pomona are the only 2 healers you will ever need for the most part, There are some that may be more viable in pvp dependent on your party makeup and composition but they are only good for specific aspects in pvp. Regardless, imo, I stick with Maat or Pomona, their revive has clutched so many wins and fights for me that its a must have for me in terms of safey cushion in my party/teams. Ok so sorry, I know this dont help in your choosing of one only so this is my simple cliffnotes version in my experience. 1. Maat is great in both PvE and PvP aspect, her aoe heals regen overtime, good for any team/party that can take some hits and damage but if your party gets hit hard or gets instagibbed, Pomona would be more ideal as she heals more hp in burst and when she revives so that the child has a better chance to recover and survive. Pomona is better for nullifying and evading getting debuffed. Maat can only remove Freeze/Petrify debuff. So it really boils down to how your teams are made, party comp and how much damage you receive. Both of them will do great in pve and pvp for you for quite awhile so you dont have to worry about shelving them.

  • JohnTitor LV.8 Nomad Jul 19, 2021, 12:02 PM

    Thank you guys for all the tips!

    I am still confuse which one to pick: or Newbie Mona to boost my team Attack or White Pomona to boost my team survivability on the next events.

    I think its easier to get Newbie Mona on a Summon banner that's why i'm more inclined to pick White Pomona cause she is a harder child to get on the game.