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In all likelyhood not everybody read this story...

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At the very least, my DC account until very recently hadn't had it unlocked. The reason is obvious, it's from behind an onyx wall. A low one at that, the screenshot comes from the Awakening Scenario II of a three-star Child called Teddy. All part of a step in developing my relationship with the game. My account doesn't have a lot of onyx, and the game doesn't feel like a source of good impressions from the scenarios cohesion, superposition, humor and world-building if not other things of the same scale. Rhetorical question is "perhaps more scenarios should be read?" Each non-material child (or demon degraded to, mechanically, the child's role) has a bit of story. There must be gems unbalancedly hidden in plain sight. My account still doesn't have a sudden influx of extra onyx, but Hecate's Library--a rather recently coalesced feature of the game--allows for cheaper way. At first, when this Library, weirdly used for world boss events narrative repository, was introduced, its description almost begged my hungry visit. But on its shelves not all books in existence were available. It took a bit of time to realize that only at-least-partially awakened childs get to appear in the "Awaken" section of the Library. That means here is the cheapest way to extract the maximum of scenarios allowed to certain players. You get the child, you awaken it to second-lowest class (it costs a 1k onyx in cases of three-stars), then move to read the second and the third awakening scenarios through Library for fees of 1k gold. Collab childs scenarios - you're screwed, if you don't have the childs. Five-star childs - if you don't hoard at least one of each, the proposed way won't work. As for collection points, useless as they've been, it should be safe to presuppose they wouldn't trigger. And once the child scenarios are accessed via Library, this post hasn't the answer, whether the book access is saved, when the originator child is consumed (back into onyx fodder or whatever else). The check on first one from below is done for me, the disappointment of Teddie's what it was. The plan for now's to move up through the list, while wasting little onyx, in exchange to learn of all the glory of the story. If any glory in the story's to be had.

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  • JohnTitor LV.8 Nomad Jul 6, 2021, 10:01 AM

    I don't want to disappoint you but this is only a small mobile game.

    It has not a magical or any kind of plot story..

    But it still has its own magic and fun..