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Greetings everyone !   I've been playing since ... mid February(?) ... or whenever Tamamo and Packet kept popping on my FB sponsored list. Anyway I do have a few question that I just can't seem to find answers for ... gonna admit FB groups might not have been the best place to get said answers in the first place, but hindsight is 20/20. If you wouldn't mind enlightening me, that would be most appreciated (also apologies if this trails on or I'm all over the place).   1-Agility: from what I understand, this influences hit change / dodge rate in some form of.... unknown manner. Reading a few notes on Ricemine also make me believe that a successful hit doesn't mean a successful debuff application, from say Isolde or Saturn. The question would be: Does Agility affect debuff hit rate at all or is that a completely independant roll outside of Agi?   2- Kind of a mirror to the previous point, but what about buffs? Some buffs like Dana's barriers seem to apply no matter what while some others like Lupin's Stun resist has an activation %. Does that ONLY get affected by skill level and therefore Uncaps / Ignition where applicable or does Agi give benefits to this.   3- I ask this because the only guides I could google were a few years old and tend to generalize units.... even though just a quick read of Preacher Dana, Ymir and Daoine will reveal are vastly different Childs despite all being Defenders... Those guides had me thinking Agi was a Supporter stat, but I got my first double Amp Ignition Core (Def/Agi with plain crit) and somebody said that has more value on Isolde then Chang'e.. even though the former is mostly a PvP unit and the latter can see broader use. In that case is it cuz Def for PvP and Agi for debuff hit rate? Like would there be any benefit for Agi on Chang'e while her buffs are either auto or % based?   4- Speaking of Ignition Amp... how does that work? Looking at the layout it says my Isolde gains 150 Def from the Core Amp, but gains 500 Crit per level from the plain crit branch... I thought Amp were supposed to give more? Am I missing something?   That's all that's on my mind for now, I'm sure my confusion would pop more stuff later, but this is plenty long as is already. Apologies if I'm missing some very obvious explanation .... or again if I'm a bit scatterbrained. Thank you!

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  • Gatsu86 LV.24 Champion Jul 1, 2021, 05:48 AM

    I will try to answer your questions, but remember that is only my opinion so take it as it is.

    1) Agi influence evasion by (don’t know how much) tot, so more evasion less chance to get hit or take debuff. To increase debuff application you need to add the option in the 2* slot of accessories that add % chances to that. I think more agi can increase chances to apply a debuff by is just my theory.

    2) Buff like Dana slide will be applied instantly (don’t have a % base), other like Lupin tap have chances to hit or to be applied. Uncaps, skill level and ignition increase that chances (if is a debuff even the 2* slot in the accessory can increase it). As I said for n.1 I think agi help here, but I’m not sure.

    3) There are different type of defenders (like who add barriers, who apply taunt and reflect, or who as Daoine that add double edge sword so more atk but less def... so is not good at defending but to add fire power). Agi is good for all childs, more on supporters or who need to act first in PvP like Isolde to debuff the enemies. Both Def and Agi are recommended in PvP it depends from what kind of team you want to build (if you want a fastest team is better more agi, if you want to survive more maybe Def can help more). In theory Agi don’t help Chang’e drive %, for that you need the 2* slot in the accessory or ignition (I didn’t check if she got extra chances with that).

    4) Amp stats (red stats) will increase by tot (%? Idk) those attributes so reds stats are more important that normal stats (white stats). Amp crt increase crt damage (white crt instead increase crt chances), Amp agi add more damage in fever vs advantage color (as water vs fire, fire vs wood, ect.), Amp atk increase atk and Amp def increase def (Idk how much).

    I thinks is all, I could be wrong in some parts so don’t hate me :P

    I hope this can help you, have a nice day.

  • JJamez LV.7 Nomad Jul 1, 2021, 02:49 PM

    Such humble modesty... *Cheers* to you Gatsu (B*tch smacker of WBs doing almost 100 million damage!!!) =P

  • Gatsu86 LV.24 Champion Jul 4, 2021, 11:06 PM


  • Fuyumi LV.5 Lurker Jul 1, 2021, 04:59 PM

    Thank you very much. You don't even remotely need to worry about backlash, I'm quite grateful for your observations (the most I'd get from the FB group is likes.. not quite as useful).

  • JJamez LV.7 Nomad Jul 1, 2021, 03:33 PM

    Hello Fuyumi, welcome to Moot! I am also still somewhat new to game as well (Think I started 1 or 2 events after you). I didnt join Moot until a bit later after I started but since I been here. Ive gotten quite a bit of help whether it be directly or just from seeing many helpful posts/guides or tips from others. I know I have improved my DC Child's in many aspects, especially Ragna and WB (many thanks to all who posted helpful party/team setups). Gatsu is one of the few who posts for new event bosses.

    Anyways... this is also just my opinion as well but from what Ive learned and experienced building/leveling/upgrading my Childs. I hope this can help being I'm also new and seen a big difference in terms of boosting for my childs. Gatsu mentioned a lot more in depth so I'm just going to give another general detail in retrospect.

    AGL = Skill ACC/EVA and increase to Slide & Drive Skill damage (*corrected after Kharl's update below*)

    General stat priority for child classes:
    Attacker - ATK > CRIT > AGL > DEF > HP
    Defender - DEF > HP > AGL > ATK > CRIT
    Healer - CRIT > ATK > AGL > DEF > HP
    Buffer - DEF > HP > AGL > ATK > CRIT
    Debuffer - AGL > ATK > DEF > HP > CRIT
    (This priority is for PVE generally.... PVP would be completely different and situational highly dependent on what Childs you have and how upgraded they are.)

    This is only for stats in general, not AMP from Ignition core stats.

    ATK - Damage/Heals (Base damage/heals > % based stats)
    DEF - Damage Mitigation/Reduction
    HP - is just HP (In DC, DEF is far more viable in survival aspect)
    CRIT - Crit rate for Damage/Heals / increase Drive Skill damage

    Sorry if I am wrong or off a bit with details, I don't bother with number crunching % ratios and all that. So I just wanted to give a general view pertaining to the stats. Hope this helped for any of the questions you had.

  • Fuyumi LV.5 Lurker Jul 1, 2021, 05:11 PM

    OMG so it DOES affect charge speed? Had some guy hard shut that idea down when I asked so I thought I had just asked a stupid question... then again the guy also said I should use Flower Mafdet even after I told him I didn't have her at the time so...

    So if I understand correctly: when you see a EVA prompt that would be from insufficient Agi (or much higher values on the target) while the RES prompt is from the target having too high a Def stat? And here I thought one was related to hits and the other related to debuffs, good to learn something new every day.

    I would have imagined HP to be more valuable cuz of Ignore Def or DoTs bypassing the Def score, but if you can straight up "dodge" through Def that would be handy.

    Gonna have to swap some gear around a bit then.

  • Kharl LV.23 Wizard Jul 1, 2021, 04:31 PM

    1. According to DC JP official guide, AGL has nothing to do with debuff ACC/EVA. http://blog.destiny-child.jp/archives/25620480.html

    2. Buff proc rate is not affected by stats.

    3. Amp stat is a different set of stats. Please refer to the pictures below for info about what each Amp stat does.

  • Kharl LV.23 Wizard Jul 1, 2021, 04:31 PM

  • Kharl LV.23 Wizard Jul 1, 2021, 04:59 PM

    What each regular stat does, for comparison.

  • Kharl LV.23 Wizard Jul 1, 2021, 05:12 PM

    4. Unlocking first node gives 150 of the main Amp stat.
    Unlocking subsequent center nodes gives 50 main Amp stat each.
    Unlocking side nodes gives
    - 100 Amp stat, or
    - 500 regular stat, or
    - 1000 HP
    per node, depends on the core's substats.

    For example, if I'm igniting a child with Amp ATK - Amp DEF - ATK core:
    - Unlocking first node gives 150 Amp ATK
    - Unlocking node 2, 5, 8, 11, 12 gives 50 Amp ATK each.
    - Unlocking node 3, 6, 9 gives 100 Amp DEF each.
    - Unlocking node 4, 7, 10 gives 500 ATK each.

  • Fuyumi LV.5 Lurker Jul 1, 2021, 05:25 PM

    I'm sorry I saw this later. Is it safe to assume Amp AGL doesn't affect Debuff and charge speed or is that AGL in general? I know in a perfect world more of every stat would be fantastic but there's sadly only so much at once :( Although I guess this means it might not be as convoluted to gear up Dreamer Saturn .... even if I probably should focus on Ophois first anyway.

    Thanks for those graphics btw, so that gives me an idea why my Isolde's Power jumped up even though it didn't seem to change her stats. The 150 Def Amp would then be roughly +1200 Def and that just Amp level 1, neat.

    2. So the % value on the skill level is the only number that matters. Fingers crossed for Uncaps then I suppose.

    3. Would it be fair to assume a non Amp (red) Ignition Core value just behave as a plain stat increase like armors and weapons with the effects listed above by JJamez?

  • Kharl LV.23 Wizard Jul 1, 2021, 05:46 PM

    1. Debuff ACC/EVA and charge speed aren't affected by stats.
    Dreamer Saturn kills with her Curse, not her attacks. You should treat her as a debuffer and boost her survivability instead.

    3. That's correct, but JJamez is mistaken about what each stat does. Refer to my picture about regular stats.

  • Fuyumi LV.5 Lurker Jul 2, 2021, 03:27 AM

    1. I guess that makes sense, I kept thinking she was a strange attacker.. but I like her so I didn't care, but I suppose with some Uncaps she would looks a lot like a debuffer... and unlike Tamamo she wouldn't be as much of a Weak Point target for a huge portion of the PvP Water scene....

    3. Thank you, I'll follow your picture and reorganize my equips accordingly.
    Incidentally, currently my Accessories (2nd slot was it?) are slotted to resist Death Heal I think from the Seth and Mircala events, I realize this is fairly situational though so is that worth keeping the 18-20% resists there or just play roulette?
    I suppose now that I understand a bit better, Isolde might benefit from a +Freeze ACC slot, but most others it might not be as clear cut.

  • JJamez LV.7 Nomad Jul 3, 2021, 08:57 PM

    Sorry for some of the wrong info I had noted and thanks to Kharl for the detailed info update. I'm still learning as well and what I had noted was just from my own play experience and notes from what Ive gained or thought it was. Even though I wasn't too off, I still apologize for the misinformation I gave.

  • Fuyumi LV.5 Lurker Jul 6, 2021, 03:06 PM

    Not to worry, we both learned some new stuff!

  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Jul 1, 2021, 11:15 PM

    It's been mentioned but I'll elaborate on CRT a little.

    By now you'd identify how criticals happen. Red spark then we have an opportunity to execute the command on time to score the critical hit. The CRT stat increases the likelihood of that happening.

    Just to get it out of the way, Amplified CRT works differently as it increases weakpoint damage.

    That being said, when it comes to WB and raids, the best weapon for attacker is the Passionate Mic.

    I say it's the best for bosses but if you have Lupin or Pantheon or Melpomene In your PvP or PvE party, it's the most lethal weapon period.

    The Q. Flask is good for those who don't get critical buffs as it increases the odds of critical happening, which isn't too often.

    Agility is good for dealing damage, and it's the same for all classes.

  • Kharl LV.23 Wizard Jul 2, 2021, 12:09 AM

    "Amplified CRT works differently as it increases weakpoint damage."
    You mean critical damage, right?

  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Jul 2, 2021, 01:51 PM

    Yes. As amp crt works regardless of the targets element.

  • Fuyumi LV.5 Lurker Jul 2, 2021, 03:19 AM

    Oh neat, I do have one of those on my Lupin.
    I was having a hard time finding an up to date list of gear.. and frankly I'm kind of doing with what I have.
    I have noticed some weapons like the Gothic Parasol or the Shrine Maiden Dagger are noticeably weaker but not counting those I got maybe a handful or 2 of A rank weapons.
    Similarly with armors, I saw the Wetsuit was ranked very low, so I pictured HP is prioritized over Def, though again my options are limited.

    Figuring out accessories will hopefully be less of a headache now... and Carta.... well I don't got much of those at all so sharing is caring.

  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Jul 2, 2021, 02:39 PM

    Carta's each have a high quality version. You can tell the difference by examining it's icon in your invetory, the high quality ones have some type of rainbow coloured tag on it's icon while the regular ones have a white tagvon the icon. The HQ versions are called Prisms.

    A prism also has a checkered sheen to it on the image itself. Prisms have slightly higher stats.

    Soul Cartas have these special options on them which are inscribed at the bottom. But when using cartas it's not always about the special option. You may use it because you need to boost your defense or ATK, so you might use a raid card in an unrelated event and it'll work out fine.

    The prism in the image has ATK and AGL which is okay for any attacker to use outside of a fire WB, cause again it's not always about the special option AND, we have to work with what we have. A wood raid comes about and you have one of these laying around, it'll be the best thing, or the 2nd best thing, or 3rd or you won't need it at all cause you'll have something better.

    There's more about SC, like the most efficient way to leveling and enhancing them them.

    Again with the prism in the image, it's a completed one and you can see those 5 gems at the bottom. There are leveling materials for it that resemble cartas and are stored with cartas, or using a copy of the same carta, prism or not, will complete 1 of the 5 slots for cheaper.

  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Jul 2, 2021, 02:44 PM

    This is a level up material for enhancing cartas. This one is a 5☆. You'll need 25 of them to complete all 5 slots.

    The 4☆ is rubbish and will come at a great price if you decide to use them. I suggest not using anything less than 5☆ for enhancing.

  • Fuyumi LV.5 Lurker Jul 3, 2021, 03:19 AM

    Thanks, that I had figured out but it's good to have extra confirmation.
    I just took it as me being too new for not having a whole lot of Carta and even fewer holo foil ... I mean Prism ones :P
    Perhaps I should level up some even if the option doesn't apply just for the stats.