Rooksillmane LV.8 Nomad
Jun 3, 2021, 11:04 PM 327 read

World Boss


Every world boss i feel like i fall futher and further behind in terms of where i should be in my team building and who i should be focusing on to the point of frustration and the guides help to an extent but there is still so much in this game i don't know or fully understand and it drives me wild. I'm not trying to complain but just i guess im feel more lost on where to proceed or how. As f2p player my resources ar e somewhat limited and i'm just trying to wrap my head around trying to use them effectively going forward

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  • BSCasino LV.16 Sage Jun 4, 2021, 11:05 AM

    You didn't ask for assistance, but I'm going to just leave a few things here just in case they can be of help:
    1) You can use this site to see the best units in the game:
    If you're starting out focus on getting the good units first, waifu's should be the lowest priority (although you can treat yourself every now and then).

    2) Towards the end of this video I showed a couple of my ragna core teams:

    3) In the first part of this video you'll see my WB core team:

    4) This video is an introduction to acquiring resources

    For Ragna and WB I try to have a core team then swap out the elemental attackers/buffers. Ragna is now (as a base/starter): Lupin, Neptune, N.Mona + elemental attacker + elemental buffer

    As it relates to equipment enchantments, I suggest you ignore those until the rate-up events roll around.
    On onyx, for starters only upgrade the unit's key skill (tap or slide, but not both). You can then go back and upgrade the tap skill for more fever damage when you aren't as constricted on resources.
    Lastly, do not use your native 5 star units to upgrade to 6 stars - you can evolve 4 star units/materials to 5 star (or use 5 star materials) as fodder.

    I tried to only give the most important bits, hope that helps.

  • Baeronin LV.8 Gym Leader Jun 4, 2021, 09:36 PM

    The Onyx is so scarce, trying to participate in certain events is just pointless. It of my light team, only 3 of the 20 have their skills filled.

    500,000 is my average damage, so it's really hard to even try to care for the boss.

  • Cheesaw LV.19 Assassin Jun 6, 2021, 07:11 AM

    So BSCasino gave you a solid Ragna team. I'm going to talk about the characters that you will use in almost every (or every) World Boss.

    Firstly, concentrate on Lupin and Newbie Mona. Did you notice that they are in his Ragna squad as well? Good. Then you realize that you get more bang for your buck with those two. I also like his third child, Neptune. She comes in handy for Works Boss sometimes as well, so you can't go wrong if you upgrade her next.

    After that, these are the WB staples...

    Light Werewolf
    Bikini Mona
    Light Sytry
    Summer Love Sytry
    Debuffer Luin

    Mars puts shields on your ENTIRE team and Maat heals your ENTIRE team. You may need both to survive early on. On the current WB I'm able to just use Maat and no one dies, but you need your WB staples leveled up, evolved, and geared up for that.

    The main advice I can give is to PAY ATTENTION TO THE WB GUIDE that's released before EVERY WB to see what specific childs you need in addition to the staples. Read it, and try to comprehend what the characters are doing in the fight.

    Also, attackers in BACK!

  • Mertceptic LV.5 Lurker Jun 4, 2021, 12:13 PM

    I feel the same, the dungeons are not too helpful for me. I'm alway behind on units when it comes to having them leveled up for them to be helpful in raids. Its come to the point where I dont care much about events anymore.