Jimmiee LV.11 Chief
Mar 4, 2021, 03:14 AM 606 read

Will Non-6-hit-Slide Attackers(Ignited) be Abandoned in the Future?


Since more and more attackers can be ignited in the global server, I personally noticed that as the game moves forward, gradually those attackers who have only 3-4 hit tap/slide attacks would be abandoned/ignored.   When Ragna or WB approaches, there would be no longer a situational choice for attackers to pick, people just vote more for the 6-hit slide attackers since they deal much higher dmg, which is rewarding. I personally would go for that too if I got enough good cores to ignite an attacker who has a potential of 6-hit-slide(Ophois I am looking at you.) On the PvE side, the impact is not that significant as compared to the PvP event.   But still, those attackers who have only 4 hit tap/slide attacks potential would absolutely be ignored in the future (Fire WB: Eve. + Mafdet + Bonus attacker; Wood WB: Tiamat + F. Bathory + Bonus attacker; etc.). Feels sad for them. Personally, I did not ignite anyone of them listed above. The only attacker I ignited is Bridal Hildr (only 4-hit slide), and I feel...   When it comes to the PvP, all attackers I see are Eve (She is the special case), Mafdet, Tiamat, Gun Hildr, and F. Bathory, yes they all 6-hit slides. I mean, it's okay as an individual as you wanna take full advantage of the 6-hit slide mechanics to climb your PvP ladder up.   That being said, from the perspectives of an observer, I mean it is just braindead. Legit you fully ignite all attackers then you win w/o any strategic positioning/thoughts against your enemies. PvP is not originally designed like that. That's why I am still sticking to the Double-tanked PVP team and maintain my ranks in Plat V Elo. (But I can feel Devs in the global server gives more favors to ignited attackers team, this is the trend.)   Then I tried the JP server and yeah, they are right now in the Debuffer Meta. However, as the attackers' pool gets expanded, we might only gonna use 6-hit slide children when the Global server comes to the stage where 6 hit- slide attackers are enough for all the content, which means, 3-4 hit tap/slide could be completely faded away unless you're a collectionist.   What I really want to deliver is that I like this game, Ignition feature absolutely improves the gaming experiences of gamers, and increases the revenue stream as a corporate to some extent. But what I am afraid of is that a certain amount of children will be 100% ignored and abandoned. There would be no stage for them to perform, to show themselves unless they're staples.   The global server follows the paces of the JP one. We are one year behind in terms of progress, which in other words, we have time to make adjustments on the Mechanics to improve the lifecycle of the Destiny Child Global one.   All the words above are my personal feelings from a veteran player who played Global server since day 1.   Have a nice day, guys! And I am looking forward to Ophois. (yes 6-hit slide, and who cares about the Water 4-hit slide attackers named Virupa, right?)   ———— TL;DR: We need diversification on attackers' picks to the different game contents.  

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  • P. Argonaut LV.22 Insomniac Mar 4, 2021, 11:15 AM

    Yeah, there were a few obsolete characters before, but the great divide of the 6 hit slide seems to make the vast majority of attackers obsolete.

    There's maybe a couple 4-hit sliders who attack a single target that have some niche use in PvP, and 4-hit tappers that excel on bosses, but it's kind of sad to see so many characters reduced to novelties or fodder.

  • IcyLin LV.21 Sharpshooter Mar 4, 2021, 05:42 AM

    Didn't read all that,but atm and in future some tappers will still be best option for ragna,for example Fire Davi(Love-Hate).
    Reason for it is that buffers for fire units boost tap dmg by alot and that tap do not have cd(tap cd=speed of skill circle charge) while strong fire sliders like Bathory have cd 9 sec(7 with buff),this making Davi do more hits than Bathory which lead to more dmg/per sec.
    Ofc overall full ignited Bathory and full ignited Davi will bouth 1-shoot wood ragna,even full ignited Tiamat will be able to,difference will be the time,that matters only for ppl who aim for top 100.
    Sliders(with no 3-4 hit tap) with 3-4 hits are a waste of cores(except some pvp attackers) ofc if ur rich u can go do it =).
    Also there is always a chance that boss will have some buff like -50% slide dmg etc.

  • Jimmiee LV.11 Chief Mar 4, 2021, 07:52 AM

    "Sliders(with no 3-4 hit tap) with 3-4 hits are a waste of cores(except some pvp attackers) ofc if ur rich u can go do it =)."

    Does that mean you admit you will probably ignore/abandon other attackers if they are not worth core investments, Lmao?

  • IcyLin LV.21 Sharpshooter Mar 4, 2021, 09:39 AM

    Yea some of attackers were useless trash b4 ignition and still useless trash after ignition,so it's ok,but there are some exceptions.
    Here is an example: Light Saturn,a decent child in pvp,who'll be very good when we'll get Endless duel mode.
    Atm i'll not invest anything in her couse there are alot of childs who'll give me more benefits, but when i'll be done with most of 1-st priority childs,she and some other childs will be my 2-nd priority(ofc p2w players do not have to choose and w8)
    There are around 7 attackers who have 4-hit slides and good in pvp.
    Also for most of players who not lucky to get HoR Hildr, standard Hildr(4 hit slide) is best light attacker for pve so 1-st for ignition.

  • Danbo de Piano LV.27 Bamboozled Mar 5, 2021, 12:54 AM

    i don't follow ,why would a multi tap attacker be abandoned since the dmg for fevers with proper buffs and ignitions etc is crazy high ? also some of the attackers become stranded incredibly strong for world boss after if ignite as in orders of magnitude stronger
    for example alilli hellfire world boss dmg kicker goes from 3k to 10k to 30k dmg per additional fire unit up to 10
    so it's w 10 fire team members additional 300k dmg per slide hit and inflicted vs 30k without igniten,this doesn't include the addition dmg the slide hits with and bonus dmg to wood nor the increase in dmg from increase in attk with att amp core
    calypso has some similar wb dmg bonus w tidal wave etc
    there's a few other units I've seen where the ignition unlocks a dramatic increase in dmg potential or unique still set ,ie dark maat- and her slide hit to all evolving to adding combo with deals additional random 1500 to an enemy if one dies from the attack etc

  • IcyLin LV.21 Sharpshooter Mar 5, 2021, 10:25 AM

    Aliil additional dmg also as Calypso and some other childs is considered as a debuff so amp cores do not affect it,also weakpoint and other boosts also do not affect it.
    On previous wb my Bathory was doing 400k crits,and i do not have a perfect core on her and a full ignited supports/debuffers, also not all of my sup/debuff childs are +6.
    As we saw on Korn's vid 6 sliders can hit for 800k-1mil per crit.
    On wb this days most profit comes from 3 attackers+all other sup/debuff,so Aliil is not bad, u can use her,but with 3x6sliders(fire) u'll do more dmg,ofc on bosses dmg u do not really matters couse it not affect a reward u get per boss.

  • Zagpak LV.11 Chief Mar 6, 2021, 03:16 PM

    Soooo many childs and so few different in PVP