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Updated PVP Tier-List, January 2021 (Ignition included)

DESTINY CHILD: FORUM - Updated PVP Tier-List, January 2021 (Ignition included) image 1

      In-depth video explanation:

    My interpretation on the strongest childs in PVP right now. Some shifts are visible with the new Light Ignitions dropping. Let me know what you think!

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  • CRBY LV.19 Sage Jan 7, 2021, 09:31 AM

    Some notes in case you didn't watch the video:

    - Water element is still dominant

    - Mafdet & Hidlr are the strongest damage-dealers after Ignition (2 enemies x3 hits)

    - Pomona hard-counters Eve after Ignition (debuff cleanse to 3 allies)

    - Thisbe is (still) the most essential PVP unit

    - Anemone can replace Chang'e

    - Element-specific childs excel in full water-comps

  • Toeknee LV.22 S Jan 9, 2021, 08:30 PM

    They're showing you some hate this time CRBY. Probably over Eve.

    I have this party I call The Big No No and Eve is clearly stronger than Sniper Hildr. I think she's better than the other attackers combined in this set up.

    Eve's Poison is nothing but an expression now. Not accurate but by description Eve's poison is 0.000001% of what ignited Eve does.

    In PvP ignited Eve is like this....

    - Slide skill massive damage.

    - 2nd turn slide again. it's practically over, or it's over.

    By the 2nd turn Drive skill is ready and her drive skill is incredably nuts. Everyone gets it.

    Or in Labyrinth. 1 drive skill and 1 slide and the 3rd party in that challenge, and it's over.

    In underground ignited Eve's drive will 1 shot the 15th battle even if it's Good (15 points on the gauge )

    With Sniper Hildr she's bottle necked between 2 targets which isn't bad, but a step backward for Eve, and I never saw Hildr eat 48% or more of the opponets health the way Eve does. Eve's drive is also more powerful.

    Regardless of the numbers, there's a good chance Ignited Eve is broken cause you'd think she would do less damage what should be smaller numbers between 3 targets but it's really different than it is on paper.

  • CRBY LV.19 Sage Jan 10, 2021, 12:43 AM

    It is fine, let them hat. I don't see Eve as strong but I still love to discuss these things. I also adjusted the tier-list based on several opinions. Thanks for your input as well man.

    Eve is very strong, but I see more than enough counters to her, especially now that we have Pomona Ignition. Eve's raw damage output on her slide is not great. I have played tons of PVP teams in Top 100 and Plat 5 in general to know what the biggest threats are.

    It is just that literally everybody had Eve ignited anyway and it is hard to let go of her. When Wood Bathory released people were hesitent to swap Eve out for over a month before realizing that she was not that useful anymore. We will see.

    Obviously she is broken for most PvE modes, cause AI has a hard time finding counters to what is on paper a very overtuned skillset.

  • Toeknee LV.22 S Jan 10, 2021, 03:12 AM

    Here's some frames I extracted from a video of Ignited Eve's slide skill. A lot going on in this image actually.

    ( The opponents Eve would have killed my Bathory if it weren't for Thisbe. Lucky I was able to play her before I swiped Eve )

    In this scenario it was the first swipe, all 3 targets died. 46,222 damage dealt, and Eve isn't the leader so it could have been worse, and mine in particular has ignited ATK and DEF.

    In the event the opponent survives the first set of lashings, there's another dose on the way followed by the nastiest drive skill I've ever seen. ( In Labyrinth Eve's drive skill can deal over 50% damage on hardest setting )

    Critical or not the slide skill is insane, I don't think she ever gets to play more than twice at this point in time.

    As for poison It doesn't really matter with an ignited Eve. It's just still there. Pomona takes away poison, and Eve's like "Yeah that's fine, I'm dropping drive skill after you btw"

    Sniper Hildr will never 1 shot 50% of the opponents health like this, cause she's bound to hitting 2 targets, and her drive skill can't touch Eve's.

    I think Eve is the deadliest attacker in DC Global right now.

  • CRBY LV.19 Sage Jan 10, 2021, 04:01 AM

    Yo, I respect your opinion. And I also respect the detailed answer.

    You apparently run a Pantheon comp which is kinda important to note. Without those crits Eve does around 3k damage per Hit at best. That is not even half a health bar of most high level PVP units. It is still a respectable amount of damage. You found a comp which works very well and once again Eve is still very strong. I might do another Video on why I think she hinks behind a bit.

  • Toeknee LV.22 S Jan 10, 2021, 05:18 AM

    No Pantheon. Same attacker party. 3 attackers, 1 tank, 1 Thisbe.

    Only reason I did that was because of ignited Hildr.

    That round I got 2 criticals. Eve does get criticals often enough, while Bathory get's criticals the most, especially when she's leader, but in that case Athena was the leader cause I wanted to boost their defense.

    This party isn't as bad as it looks though I know it won't last forever.

  • CRBY LV.19 Sage Jan 10, 2021, 07:32 AM

    I see. Might try it out actually.