Kara Sol Stay Calm LV.20 Supersonic
Dec 28, 2020, 11:57 AM 142 read

Gambling and exploration


I am past the point of wanting quickest possible gains of childs' exp. On the other hand, none of the resources present in the game would seem to defy possible sinks available for said resource. Stamina is the closest to do that, but that is not my point this time. The exploration system, which is a widely recognised source of exp for two-star childs crystal farming (though not advertised by the game itself as such, which is not my point either), gives 50% more exp for the same time of exploration done in 1-hour chunks. I'm not in the mood of running the duty to restart explorations so often, so I opt to use only 12 hour exploration most of the time. It gives three-star and occasional four- or five-star evo materials, instead of lower ones, and I welcome the resulting reduction of strain on my gold reserves, I spend less gold on combining the lower-tier materials to evolve childs. Note the occasonality of getting four- or five-star mats. That's the point. How often do those pop up instead of apparently guaranteed three-star materials? Been playing long, done a lot of explorations. Can't help but notice, that of five 12-hour runs you with barely an exception get the four three-star mats and one four-star mat. And that four-star drops in the fifth exploration you claim of the five simultaneous explorations. If materials dropped were a random thing, with whatever percentage there should've been more variety. Five three-star mats, or two four-star mats in five runs. Or a four-star mat dropping not on the fifth report. It's not random, it's either a hidden mileage gauge, or a blunt switch that is programmed to deliver some sweets with the beets. And with such obvious fake random aspect, why wouldn't same fake random things be imaginable in other places, too. Like, softly discourage non-paying customers by giving them worse summon rates here and there and worse pvp auto-attack order. Or, if someone had bought a 777-coin ticket from the Devil Rumble shop, zero the probability of those appearing again for three months. Or, if someone is in your managerial good graces IRL, let them summon banner childs on each try. Helps me never to think of myself in terms of "lucky"/"unlucky".

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  • mill0048 LV.22 Supersonic Dec 31, 2020, 12:43 PM

    I'm with you in wondering if there isn't some silent hand in the shape of formulas to 'limit' or 'force' luck/balance, but I don't think it's skewed for paying players.

    I generally do the 1-hour exploration for the exp benefits, but don't hesitate to switch to 3/6/12-hour if it works better with my schedule for the given day. I haven't paid attention to the difference in the materials rewarded, but I'm curious now.

    As for farming Evolution Materials, I find it hard to keep stock of 4/5* materials too. I use Rumble coins to get 4* mats that I'm low on (usually fire) and pay gold to convert to 5* when I'm low on those.

    Granted I'm later stage in the game where I have most key units at 6*60. So I'm really just keeping pace with the new units and my evo material consumption is more manageable.