XyriS LV.7 Nomad
Dec 4, 2020, 01:46 PM 231 read

Mixed opinion...😶


I never upgrade my child to level 60 if s/he isn't uncapped for at least once. But now I can do it right?😄 She should be a force to reckon with in pvp. The forge system is good... But I hate that you have to use 5* based child to get cores! I mean why!? What about HOR then? Should we forget about doing oversoul ever?😡 If they added an option to use 4* based 5* child it would've been bareable at least. But not efficient though... At the moment we are getting free core materials but who knows how long that will keep happening... I wished for new content when I updated on dec 3 but all they gave us was a system for whales to feast on. I don't mind whales getting ahead as it's a gacha game but have at least sensible farming options for f2p too. We too want to make a 50k cp mafdet or bathory.😔 Oh and Hephaestus is gorgeous... Waiting for her release impatiently 😁

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  • Xentarim LV.4 Lurker Dec 5, 2020, 12:41 PM

    Completely agree. I have so many childs that have not gotten to +6, even using HoR. I don't know... I think they need to at least tweak the drop rates if they're going to use natural 5* as materials. Not to mention the scarcity of every other resource (gold, onyx, stamina) that are only barely being balanced off by time-limited missions... Maybe I'm not playing it right?

  • XyriS LV.7 Nomad Dec 5, 2020, 01:11 PM

    for me onyx is the only resource problem, gold and stamina are given frequently without having too many places to spend them... but I completely agree with the 5* drop rate being tweaked. Having a 6% general drop rate will make the game somewhat f2p-ish. They should also add more places to earn gold from as the spending is increasing after each new update.