XyriS LV.7 Nomad
Nov 14, 2020, 01:06 AM 201 read

So about the raid....


How's this raid going for everyone? I finished the story just now. I know it's late but I needed time and headphone as I wanted to enjoy it all in one go. Rate the Raid for me okay?😊 Story = 9/10 Music = 10/10 (I enjoyed the lobby theme as it's a nice to have voice once in a while) Dev effort = 100/10 (They added cut scenes!) Gear = 8/10 (I don't like free frej child but at least he's a HOR food) How about you?🤔🤔 Btw this is my second most favourite Ragna Break ❤️❤️

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  • Biska LV.22 Epic Nov 14, 2020, 03:37 AM

    Personally I enjoyed every last bit of the story, it made laugh here and there at times and Frej been the drunk avenger was well placed. The thing they did with the short cutscenes in the end was realy nice addition to the eyes as well.

  • XyriS LV.7 Nomad Nov 16, 2020, 12:30 PM


  • Ravenous LV.23 Titan Nov 14, 2020, 05:16 AM

    Story: overall I liked the story but without the Frej parts. Although, to be honest I've been skimming and skipping a lot of the story up until now because I've been in a hurry so maybe I missed something but to me it felt off that Frej has the power make Channel Evil go with his whims and set up the whole play. I also hadn't realized demons think lowly of Childs, as suggested when Frej says "why should I apologize to a Child?" or something along those lines when he hits Attis. And when is this chronologically? Frej is not in his resurrected form..

    Music: the OST of this game in general is up there with some of my favorite video game OSTs. Which I did not a expect from a mobile game.

    Dev effort? I don't think they didn't put as much effort previously. If we compare recent drive animations, live2D animations, designs story presentation etc with early content it's clear they've learned and improved. Or maybe they hired more experienced staff (that's also possible).

    Gear: I think you mean loot? I got all the special skins from plat chests so I can't complain there. But I haven't gotten a single 5* and from all the raids I've spawned only one of them was Aurora King.

  • XyriS LV.7 Nomad Nov 16, 2020, 12:33 PM

    such a constructive comment! thank you!👏

  • Archfiend Laharl LV.23 Warrior Nov 15, 2020, 12:54 PM

    Story: 9/10 I enjoyed it, and even though the setup was pretty contrived, I'm a Frej fan for life, and seeing him drunk-dialing Lisa was worth the price of admission alone. Yes, yes, the love story was nice too. lol

    Music: 9/10 I'm with the OP, I love the lobby music. The fight music isn't as good, though. It's fine.

    Dev Effort: 10/10. I mean, they made 3 special costumes this time. I'm not exactly wild about Neimhain's nurse look, but the fact remains they put it together and it's solid. Frej is, of course, a stud. lmao

    Gear/Loot: Hmm. 8/10. Honestly, I want to rank it lower. I've gotten very few plat chests, and they've been filled with 4* equipment. The only cool thing I got was a spa skin, and I already had it.

    BUT, the onyx mission pass is associated with the ragna, and that's fantastic. The crystals from the missions were good as always, and the stuff in the shop was on par with any other time.