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The DOAXVV☓DC Collab Is On~!

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Hello, lovely DC Mooters~! It's wonderful to see everyone again, I hope you all have been well and are enjoying the DOAXVV Collab~♡

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First, I would love to know everyone's thoughts on the return of Honoka, Kasumi, and Marie Rose. I'm personally excited, since I've regretfully sacrificed my original Kasumi unit for Onyx. It's great to have the chance to acquire her again..~ as for the other units, I decided to pull on the StepUp Summon Banner, and on the second pull, I received a copy of Marie Rose~! Honoka hasn't graced my collection just yet. I'm rather hesitant to pull for Ayane, despite the presence of her dedicated banner. I won't be pulling for Leifang since you can acquire her through grinding out her ND~ I'll leave a dedicated poll for everyone to vote on how they're feeling about the original DOAXVV units' return towards the end. As for news, I'd first like to sincerely apologize to everyone who participated in any DWCU Event. Those posts have been taken down, though I've kept any results charts/graphics attached to them. There will be another grand restart to the events I host, with reduced overlap. I attempted to hold three separate events at once, and it became incredibly difficult to consistently dedicate time to each of them. I'll be doing some restructuring and reorganizing of projects momentarily~

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A Reincarnation Reset is in order~! One thing that I've learned to accept is that schedules are never final, and can change depending on many other circumstances. Life interfered quite a bit through the first round, however, I'm hopeful that this second trial will yield more consistent results. I sincerely and wholeheartedly appreciate each and everyone of you who supports what I do, and continue to encourage me to do my absolute best. ♡ The Reincarnation Reset details will be highlighted in a separate post. I'm looking forward to seeing you all there~! For now, let's enjoy this amazing collaboration event and continue to acquire those waifus~!! ♡

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How do you feel about the returning DOAXVV Childs?

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  • Not terribly affected. 7
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  • Gatsu86 LV.25 Champion Oct 21, 2020, 01:49 AM

    I pull both Ayane (1x) and Leifang (1x) with 6 multi each... I'm really glad I found both, they cost me all the crystals I've collected so far but it was worth it. (34k crystals)
    I tried to summon on the step up banner (3 multi).. nothing, ok I hope to find Honoka or Marie Rose there, (at least other 3 multi) I just need to collect some more currency. :)

  • Cronoxys LV.2 Lurker Oct 22, 2020, 11:29 PM

    Si estaba emocionado a que salga pero me decepciono un poco las recompensas , Me explico , estuve aumentando el nivel a todos mis tipo wood para enfrentarme a kasumi en el world boss por las recompensas , pero al entrar al magic mirror shop , me decepciona que todo lo que se puede conseguir es lo mismo y menos que el evento anterior de Doa (que yo ya tenia), en la version korea por lo menos agregaron el skins de honaka y kasumi . en fin medio decepcionante comparado a la ver. coreana .