Atreides LV.20 S
Jul 3, 2020, 09:35 PM 390 read

The most annoying, tedious part of DC


Collecting coins and ending/re-entering baths at the SPA.   What an overly complicated and long process full of slow transition screens. This needs some quality of life improvement, such as a "collect all coins" and "re-enter all bath" button that doesn't require you to go to each of the 4 baths individually.

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  • Child's Play LV.25 Pokémon Master Jul 4, 2020, 02:26 AM

    I second this

  • Baeronin LV.9 Gym Leader Jul 4, 2020, 04:17 AM

    At least its not like the "Devil Rumble" weekly reports that force you to stare at the screen for 10 seconds before they allow you to hit the button to continue... to the next 10 second wait.... and then the next 10 second wait...

  • Butterfly LV.17 Sage Jul 4, 2020, 07:47 AM

    Agreed, and if you don't have 6 hours to slowly stagger in and out to get your coins, you loose them. A "collect" option would be AWESOME

  • IraqVet LV.21 Dragon Jul 4, 2020, 12:24 PM

    so true 😇

  • NO NAME verified Jul 4, 2020, 03:37 AM

    I agree too 👍

  • Anytime LV.18 JUST SEND IT Jul 4, 2020, 03:38 AM


  • Ivy Felissa LV.24 Genius Jul 4, 2020, 02:42 PM

    Agreed, and i also wish there would be autoplay function for midnight parade without having to use colored lantern, it's super tedious & boring job. I wouldnt want to go on daily parade 10x if it werent for the mission

  • Luciferia~✿ LV.23 Monster Jul 4, 2020, 01:18 PM

    A lot of the features I wish were in our current spa are in the Japanese server's spa. If only! We got KR's version (which is indeed the tedious, not-so-convenient version you speak of). There's pros and cons to both, but in my honest opinion, the JP server has the best QOL design. Perhaps if we make it a loud enough statement, they will consider a change/update.

  • Callipsos LV.6 Nomad Jul 4, 2020, 07:30 PM


  • SuperSonico LV.15 Chief Jul 5, 2020, 02:28 AM


  • PantsuNinja LV.19 Sage Jul 4, 2020, 01:47 PM

    Good thing I ran out of bath towels so I don't have to deal with this atrocity!

  • Uddra LV.11 Chief Jul 4, 2020, 10:31 PM

    That's true... I don't have the patience to collect coins all the time and now I don't have any bath towels for my childs to take a bath :(

  • Ericool Lim LV.18 Sage Jul 5, 2020, 08:57 PM


  • Pink Ballons LV.21 S Jul 6, 2020, 06:41 AM

    just do a buttom for all and put a question saying " do u wish to re enter them all after ?"