DariusSenpai LV.4 Duo queue god
Jun 30, 2020, 08:26 PM 255 read

Rng pity.

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Sometimes i spend 10800 gems on a banner just to get 4 starts but this time i only had to spend once to get 2 !what are the odds?

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  • Sisi LV.13 Chief Jul 1, 2020, 01:09 AM

    My luck hasn't been very good myself I've probably tried 6 times so far so no lightbeam Mona yet :( Last child banner took me 30k crystals just to get one.. which was terrible. Before that though it only took 1-3 pulls to get atleast one.

  • DariusSenpai LV.4 Duo queue god Jul 1, 2020, 04:07 AM

    yeah rng is most of the time not my side either but I still love the game . I wish they wouldn't rehash the same characters over and over mona david and lisa .

  • Sisi LV.13 Chief Jul 1, 2020, 10:36 PM

    Yeah I think we got plenty of davi mona and lisas.. I am looking forward to the new Sytry though.. Would like to possibly see more pactmaker skins if anything.

  • DoT LV.7 Avatar Jul 1, 2020, 01:20 AM

    The odds are about 1% actually

  • Dmemphiz LV.7 Nomad Jul 1, 2020, 01:35 AM

    I'm no man of math but would the odds dimish to get 2 in one pull? So .5%?

  • DoT LV.7 Avatar Jul 2, 2020, 11:21 PM

    Sorry I think it's about 3% to get 2x 5star pull

  • Q_Roi LV.22 Link Jul 1, 2020, 10:24 AM

    who ever invented the term RNG Pity?
    not that it is the first time i heard of it

    im just wondering thats all..
    i just like to know what does it mean when they say rng RNG pity? sorry im not used to gaming terms and i heard some people even used the term broken? i get it in a sense but words like imba? what is that?

  • DariusSenpai LV.4 Duo queue god Jul 1, 2020, 10:52 PM

    i just used it to say that the system took pity on me for never getting the right nr to get a banner charachter.