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Item reference


Hi all! Do you know what is this item? It called Mahai and is "magic" and special medallion used by Munsu (one of two last Onshi in Jushin) in Blade of Phantom Master Shin Angyo Onshi. Him Mahai can summon a ghost army who kill only monsters and demons (not humans). I really love this manhwa and all charater, expecially Munsu and Sando (this is

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a title not her real name). The story is intrigant and... well... sad but like it (the story was inspired by a old legend). I hope to see in the future she and he. Happy to see this Item in game =D Sorry for probably bad english XD but I'm happy to says this little curios fact.

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  • IraqVet LV.18 Dragon Mar 30, 2020, 07:31 AM

    it's just a pixel worth 4 mbps to me

  • LycaDelish LV.22 RIP Mar 30, 2020, 08:12 AM

    Neat. I assumed it was based on some old Japanese legend.

  • Archfiend Laharl LV.22 S Mar 30, 2020, 01:04 PM

    I love this kind of info! Thank you. 😁

  • Tilly LV.15 Billy Mar 30, 2020, 05:23 PM

    Really, I just thought is was jewelry for, you know, someone with a big, long


  • Tilly LV.15 Billy Mar 30, 2020, 05:31 PM

    Tilly's just being a jackass because he wants a Donkey-chain.

  • Q_Roi LV.20 Link Mar 30, 2020, 07:34 PM

    got no idea of everything you did just said?
    but that piqued my interest.. why is it in the game? any relating info in the game? does a child use it or something?

    and what should i particularly search in the internet to know about this thing?
    not that im actually interested, just wanna ask

  • Ajani LV.21 GG Mar 30, 2020, 09:17 PM

    I don't know, it's a popular korean legend: "The legend of Chun Hyang” . I have only read manhwa version (little different about the original).
    Probably it's only a "legend reference" and not "manhwa reference" because Munsu use two Mahai with 2 horses each and not 3 (3 horses is the most powerfull single Mahai).

    In game there'isnt another item who I have see linked about the legend/manhwa ( indeed item is called "horse medallion, not "Mahai"), maybe is only a funny casuality who know only korean people or who has read the Manhwa.

    I hope to see a collab. in the future, Sando is really great, cute and letal, Munsu is.. Munsu: tormented and rude shooter XD

  • Q_Roi LV.20 Link Mar 30, 2020, 09:37 PM

    now im excited! hope to get collab child too!

    anyway..sorry to ask this here? but just to make it quick question, what is the theme of this legend? is it a historical love story thingy? or just plain warrior hero type story?

    i may try to research it now that i got time to do so.. thanks for the topic tho.. maybe it is worth a minute or so..

  • Ajani LV.21 GG Mar 30, 2020, 11:31 PM

    About the original story i cannot reply I'm sorry but the Manhwa it's a tema: action-adventure, dramatic, Fantasy, horror, sovrannatural (seinen for matur public) and have 17 volumes (really big story with so much events and character background approfondiment).
    I copy the plot by wiki:

    "Blade of the Phantom Master takes place in the fictional land of Jushin, modeled after feudal Korea. In Jushin, there once lived secret government agents called the amheng osa (or angyō onshi in the Japanese version), who traveled the countryside in disguise. They were charged by the king with finding and punishing corrupt government officials, and bringing justice to the country's citizens.

    At the start of the series, Jushin has been destroyed, fractured into numerous fiefdoms and kingdoms, many of which are ruled by corrupt and tyrannical warlords. Blade of the Phantom Master follows the adventures of one of the remaining amheng osa, Munsu, as he continues to wander the countryside and deals with the chaos caused by Jushin's fall.

    Though initially episodic in nature, it becomes apparent as the series progresses that Munsu's travels are not random. In truth, Munsu is searching for the man responsible for assassinating his best friend, the king of Jushin, an act that led to the fall of the country.

    But as Munsu grows closer to reaching his goal, he encounters old friends and comrades from his past, some who have since switched their allegiance to his enemy. Through them, it is revealed that Munsu was not always an amheng osa and is himself partly responsible for the king's death and subsequent fall of Jushin.

    In addition to the overarching plotline, the series also uses the exploits of Munsu and his companions to retell various Korean folk stories."

  • Q_Roi LV.20 Link Mar 31, 2020, 12:09 AM

    that's pretty cool.. you must probably in to this kind of stuff to know old legends and at the same time coincidentally you're playing this game, actually folks around my age doesn't really have any interest in those kind of stuff! but yeah! it's better to learn something new everyday than to just bum all day at the house XD

  • Q_Roi LV.20 Link Mar 31, 2020, 12:18 AM

    hope u don't mind my words but actually i think i need to Google..the word seinen? and sovrannatural?? what the hell are those words mean 🤣🥴🙃🤪? actually i got no clue.. anyhow your very informative, i got a topic to google about.. thanks~

  • Ajani LV.21 GG Mar 31, 2020, 12:52 AM

    XD Random info in random things in random life days.

    -Seinen (by wiki, sorry but i dont know how to explain in english XD): "are manga marketed toward young adult men. In Japanese, the word "seinen" literally means "youth," but the term "seinen manga" is also used to describe the target audience of comics like Weekly Manga Times and Weekly Manga Goraku which are aimed at men from their 20s to their 50s"

    But depends on personal taste, I'm a girl and really love about this story, it is a part of my youngess.
    I'm enjoy if I can says somthing "new and good" =3. With DC I did the same thing before the release, I said to all of my friends "look this, look the art! You know Hyung Tae Kim? It's the same artist about Magna Carta, War of Genesis and Blade & Soul.. etc etc..". Ty you too yup!