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Spa Guide and Tips - Full Version


EXP Table - as follows on what does it take and how long to max 3*, 4*, 5* Childs in Spa:  

DESTINY CHILD: FORUM - Spa Guide and Tips - Full Version image 12

Spa Calculator   The google sheets I am sharing with you below have the following:   1. It is a calculator which has 2 tables to show you the final stats of the child you are leveling.   2. Table 1 is to calculate stats based off a child that has not been leveled in spa yet, in this you can choose a desired likeability level from level 2 to 100. Why not just keep it to 100 you say? Because it takes forever to reach 100, so why not I show you what are the stats if you just level them to 50 or 51 or whatever you like. But of course, I will still show you level 100 to compare.   Sample of a Defender below that I wanna level to 70:  

DESTINY CHILD: FORUM - Spa Guide and Tips - Full Version image 4

3. Table 2 is for childs that have already been leveled since most of us would not have kept data of the base stats before spa levels. This table only shows you level 100 stats, how about if you desire a level instead? Well, if you download this sheet into your own google sheets folder or to excel I can tell you how to add it manually, for now, I haven't thought of the formula yet if I wanted it auto.   4. Lastly, read the notes in it and if you wanna play with it I guess you gotta place it on your own google drive folder or download.

  NOW FOR THE TIPS   Spa coins - Priority is Towels and next is the Red Essential Flower Oil   How do you earn them? A child bathing will give you spa coins at 01:30, 03:00, 04:30 bath intervals, it is fixed and does not care if you do not check on time, for example, if you check at 01:35 time left, you can get the spa coins from 03:00 and at 01:30 it will appear again.   Spa coins amount given by childs from the bubbles is calculated by current level +9 and caps at 70, so if you have a level 1 child it will give 10 coins, level 2, 11 coins and so on, at level 62 it will give 70 since that's the cap.   You earn them from Night Walks too and Spa Level Ups   FYI, Spa Level (not child spa level) is capped at 40 as per the Korean version (so far).     Gifts - Only give a present to a child if it has 2 hearts,   the following is a table, credits to whoever made it:

DESTINY CHILD: FORUM - Spa Guide and Tips - Full Version image 8

    Who to level? - highly recommend to level your PVP team since PVE childs do not really benefit much from miniscule stat increases unless already at high spa levels.       Some side notes if you guys like more info:   The stat increase is fixed by type. For example, Neptune and Chang'e although has different base stats will have the same amount of stat increase per spa level.   From level 1 to 2, both of them will increase ATK by 76 points, level 2 to 3 they will increase DEF by 60 points, 3 to 4 will give 56 AGL. This is true for supporters, other types will have different amounts like Attackers will have more ATK points and Defenders more DEF.   So if you notice, each level does not add points for all the stats, it is a rotation, as said 1 to 2 is ATK, 2 to 3 is DEF, 3 to 4 is AGL, 4 to 5 is CRT and so on....       Lastly, if you wanna learn more about the game and you're looking for a great community.   Join us here:

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    Nice info.

    I had no idea spa would take that long to max level, but it’s good to know we’re capped at 40 for now.

  • Reika Mae LV.33 Dragon Mar 6, 2020, 04:53 PM

    No no, dont mistaken it, Spa level is capped at 40, not Child's Spa level. I think I need to use another term :)

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    Oh, gotcha. Thanks.

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    wow that long?

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    end game grind is always long

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    Thx for the infor!
    For god sakes, around 296 days lol.
    One thing I am not satisfied about the spa is that we can only give spirit to those who get duplicate skin, I have no idea why Shiftup not making a pool to collect them and let us decide who to use.

  • Reika Mae LV.33 Dragon Mar 6, 2020, 09:52 PM

    well content is still new, let them gather feedback and I hope they decide on a path that is good for everyone if they want to make changes

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    Thanks for sharing! I was looking for the Intervals for the Spa Coin Bubbles. :D

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    Thank you :), I also wanted to know myself so might as well share the info I managed to get, there are contributors too that were whaling to get me the data. I think I mentioned them on my previous posts.

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    Once again the game gets easier than it already is because you spoon feeded us 5* Large Ramen goodness.

    5* Child Achievement Award for you!