Dadai LV.12 Chief
Feb 25, 2020, 04:38 AM 404 read

Devil Rumble Silver V


Why 70% of players in this league all have Bathory/Chang'e/Newbie Mona... >>> powerful teams all childs + even +6 at least 2/3 child I mean it's not fair they should be in platinum league ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I only have Dana 6* +3 this is ridiculous no way to win against them (◞‸◟)

DESTINY CHILD: FORUM - Devil  Rumble Silver V image 2
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  • Kelerher LV.17 Sage Feb 25, 2020, 06:38 AM

    Well, you know... Considering your team in terms of lacking some stacks and having that amount of overall power I'd say you did put yourself in a pretty decent spot right there.
    Yet I would like to add my two cents into this discussion.

    The one thing I don't personally like in PvP format here is that it's relying so much on such a few "trending" heroes. That's how I feel it. If you hasn't been lucky enough to get some of these relevant childs via events' rewards or random summons or if you're not the one who invests money into the game to get additional summons/resources it's hard to even consider of climbing somewhere high in here. UNLESS you've spent A LOT of time in the game, not missing the events, rewards, steadily and daily farming and grinding, having fortune on you side, etc.
    However it is how it is, right? It's kinda "the price" for the game being free and stuff. Fair enough. Sort of.
    But still, I'd like to see a bit more versatile and various pool of childs able to compete on the same level at their max growth and strength. We have so huge list of 5-star childs nowadays - it's more that a hundred now - and yet so many of them are not suitable, are not effective enough in comparison to some minority. Minor number of heroes which are happen to be "trending" whenever they get crucial skills to kinda shift the current meta or they just too much strong on their own nature. (Have you seen any other legit and popular tank other than Dana, for instance? LOL) In general, it's all about what number of childs now - ten, twelve? I counted around 20 in today's top100, but even here almost a half of them were super rare occasions. And the same faces tend to appear in gold and silver leagues, not only in top100 and plat.

    Again, that's only my thoughts. And I can't even say I've ever reached the very top level myself. However I'm playing since April, have missed only several days in total since. Yeah, I'm not the one who spends money cause developers don't have regional prices (be this otherwise still not sure if I would, though). And yeah, I somewhat seriously joined pvp section couple of months later. I can be totally wrong in my viewpoint and assumptions. But still.
    Not an easy life, man.

  • Dadai LV.12 Chief Feb 25, 2020, 12:02 PM

    Ur right in most parts, where i'm from 98% of people they don't have credit cards i'd like to buy those 4.59 € package but this is not the case here, is this team and my team looks like to you having that amount of overall power ? Come on man...I mean what can he do to climbing somewhere high, if this is a silver v team then my team deserve bronze to be Fair enough.

  • Kelerher LV.17 Sage Feb 25, 2020, 08:55 PM

    I think you don't give yourself enough credit in that regard. This is already a pretty nice result with your team, I really mean this. You still may disagree, however I would like to point out a few more things as I see them from my perspective.
    1) I fairly believe that PvP system in Destiny Child has similar player distribution like Starcraft 2 ladder has, for instance. So if you look at the today's player distribution there (screenshot below) you will see that even though it has completely separate full league of "masters" with the same 3 divisions as any other league has, only ~5% gamers reached this level. And from "diamond" to "silver" the amount of players is almost identical with a little deviations through the seasons. "Bronze" has about 10%, half of an usual number. And now let's talk about leagues experience in Destiny Child. I received my stats from A.I. announcer this Monday while I was in "gold"-2. Do you know how many people are above me, approximately? It said: ~3300. 3300 for the rest of "gold" divisions and the whole "platinum". That's insanely low. If I remember correctly when I was somewhere near the border between "silver" and "bronze" leagues numbers were ~17000. It was a while ago though. Considering that I assume our whole "platinum" league has truly elite players which amount is really low. Somehow even "gold" doesn't feel to have too many people, but it already should be a bunch. If we do a projection from SC2 onto DC ladder, what it would be? I'll put here a rough numbers, don't mind me.
    plat - 2-5%?
    gold - 25-30%?
    silver - 25-30%?
    bronze - 25-30%?
    ruby+rookie - 10-15%?
    Having yourself in a highest "silver" spot - congratulations, you already reached ~top35%
    2) Now, about meeting strong players in the leagues they don't belong to. This PvP system has a bit crazy placements sometimes. For example, I did a climb from ~8000 to 9200 in 7 days once with a 95% score. Game placed me in the 9000 next week, where I lost a bunch of PvPs, but still stayed around 9200 (3-7 fights with unknowns each day). Next week placement was in 7200 (or 7400? anyway). 7200! I LOLed.
    And not only the placements can be weird from time to time. Amount of plays you have each week also matter a lot. As other people say and I've experienced myself if you don't play enough, you'll drop out anyway. Most of those contenders with powerful teams you meet in lower leagues gotta be them, I believe.
    And don't forget about the day of week itself. At the start of each week stronger players should be on lower positions than usual. And usually it's easier to climb up after Wednesday or Thursday when more active players have reclaimed their regular spots again.
    3) Also a note. Aside from those "strong" individuals you meet. You should have noticed already that others, mere opponents, in silver have stacks on their childs. At least, on couple of them, right? They should have them. Don't underrestimate this feature. It's not only about some aditional "+" to general stats, but also +10 levels to every skill child has. That's significant.

  • Kelerher LV.17 Sage Feb 25, 2020, 08:55 PM

    4) And a small adding to the "power" characteristic. You're not that far from me right now, about 1k points, right? If you think those guys with 78000 overall power are mastodonts at your level, just look at people 1k above it:

  • Dadai LV.12 Chief Feb 26, 2020, 01:03 AM

    I think i get it thx bro i really appreciate it :)

  • Kelerher LV.17 Sage Feb 26, 2020, 02:42 AM

    Glad if I really was helpful, you're welcome! :3

  • Toeknee LV.23 Warrior Feb 25, 2020, 05:08 PM

    For awhile I've been on Gold 1, and I'm a long time global player. The thing is Devil Rumble takes a lot of time to advance.

    I built a sick party and grinded my way all the way to Platinum 1. I had to play the game every hour or so. Along the way I noticed which childs I fear the most and avoided fighting them.

    Now last week I never put much effort into the Rumble so after collecting the platinum 1 reward I fell down to Gold IV.

    Some players don't have the drive to do 20+ rumbles a day.

    All that aside congratulations on making it to Silver with just that.

    The image below is from grinding through Gold 1 to Platinum 1. We don't need that many wins to stay put. But it's probably a lot, not sure.

  • Dadai LV.12 Chief Feb 26, 2020, 01:07 AM

    Thank you

  • dctouko LV.20 Champagne Showers! Feb 26, 2020, 11:10 AM

    They used to be at higher ranks they probably got bored of the game and didn't reached the requirements to stay on the spot. So that's why you're seeing them at lower ranks as they got deranked multiple times.

    I highly suggest avoiding them since your childs is not ready yet it might take sometime before you can actually fight and win them.

  • IraqVet LV.21 Dragon Feb 26, 2020, 02:26 AM

    get good hahaha