N7KaidanYzack [FR] LV.5 Fearless
Feb 7, 2020, 09:36 PM 274 read

2 days left to reach the 100th boss


I don't think we'll make it.... This wb was pretty bad for me - the boosted whild were new childs - Spent 90k and got none of them, the game is starting to feel like a scam to me, first time I couldn't finish a shop & by now we should have reached the 100th for the blood gems =/

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  • IraqVet LV.21 Dragon Feb 8, 2020, 03:47 AM

    I did my part so idk

  • WetPantsu LV.2 Lurker Feb 8, 2020, 08:21 AM

    Sameee lol

    I've only missed a single day

  • NO NAME verified Feb 7, 2020, 10:05 PM

    While I certainly empathize with your poor “luck,” we will definitely make 100th WB. It is 3x damage hot time this weekend.


  • Plentiful LV.4 Lurker Feb 8, 2020, 12:55 AM

    We get blood gems for defeating world boss 100th?

  • N7KaidanYzack [FR] LV.5 Fearless Feb 8, 2020, 01:00 AM

    yes, after the 100th boss - every boss killed gives a blood gem, but like I said we only have two days left - World Bosses are a community content