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Sep 20, 2019, 08:33 PM 1,808 read

So, Shift Up are becoming the publishers of Destiny Child Global

I'm assuming you've all heard the news.   Just to be clear, Shift Up are the developers of Destiny Child. Line currently handles the server for Global, Stairs currently handles the JP server and Kakao handles the KR server. I'm not sure about the other servers (apparently KR might now be being published by Shift Up only as well), but Global is going to be handled by Shift Up from October 21st onwards. What do you guys think?   Personally I think this could be a positive. It's usually publishers that ruin great games, only for the devs to remain helpless. A sole publisher/developer combo often results in great things (for example, the Witcher series is solely developed and published by CD Projekt) but we have yet to see how SU will run a gacha (please chime in if you know). I'm mildly hopeful.   Remember, it's the publisher who determines price points/rates/banners for games as well.

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