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Sep 18, 2019, 11:12 PM 396 read

Ragna: Break Team, I am never prepared

Team 1 is literally my always go to team to use. Why? I put way too much time into them, thou it's a bad team. It's possible for them to be Gold V, in PVP if I tried. But they're not a horrible team, their usual damage in Ragna in about 700k. But honestly I'm never prepared for the Ragna Break or World Boss Raid.

Thou here's a team I would have used for this Ragna: Break. I know have used for this Ragna: Break. Yeah, it's a weak cause the of the 2 natural 4 stars. Which are: 🔫GREEN VICTORIX (ATTACKER)🔫


These 2 are literally my highest attackers, cause they are uncapped childs. My highest uncapped child is a +3 Dana, but Maat is +2 and she's the strongest cause of equipped items. So basically in the end I'm literally never prepared for these events. Thou I'm not complaining, cause I have a lot of fun with Destiny Child.

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