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Sep 12, 2019, 03:19 AM 376 read

ND: Onyx and Gold Cards

Can we get a dev to chime in on this?   Onyx and Gold cards are... not good. When I'm trying to get coins to get through the ND, the last thing I want to see are those. They have a ~23% chance of appearing and are NOT affected by booster units. They give 2,250 gold or 175 onyx per flip, which is very, very low.   In 70 runs, of the ~210 cards I flipped, I got 51 Gold/Onyx cards. That's 17 (of 50) runs worth of card flips. Of 2000 stamina spent, 510 stamina (= 17 runs = 51 card flips) was lost on these.   For that 510 stamina, all that's returned is: 45,000 Gold (= 20 card flips) 5,425 Onyx (= 31 card flips) 3,400 XP   To put it in perspective, farming 7-8 with 510 Stamina nets about 19 2* childs, along with gold and 13k XP during hot time. Those 19 2*s = 400 Crystals and 7,600 onyx minimum.   It's obvious that these were added a way to stunt the players progress but also make it look like a desirable thing.   One or more of the following need to happen: Reduced the chances of each 7% or lower. Increased base amount significantly (3x to 5x). Be affected by boost units.

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