Ruka Urushibara LV.17 Rare Candy
Aug 12, 2019, 06:12 PM 656 read

Onyx Farm?


Anyone got a good way to aquire Onyx? Just bad enough maxing out skills on my mains, let alone doing Leda Rank 1 all the way up to Rank 4 Got quite a few characters I need to Rank up like Jupiter and Maat but struggling to hold onto Onyx

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  • †Cross† LV.12 Pokémon Master Aug 12, 2019, 10:03 PM

    Hiya, Ruka,

    Here are a few ways to nab yourself a few Onyx:

    1) The usual login rewards.
    2) The dice counter feature.
    3) Spending Friend coins[FC].
    4) Acquiring 1-2* on story mode.
    5) Using up your summon tickets.
    6) Lisa's tasks.
    7) Daily Underground quest.
    8) BlazBlue dungeon + store.
    9) RE: Birth Labyrinth store.
    10) Spend on the 10x gold summon.
    11) Convert crystals into stamina.
    12) Max out your friends list with active players; the more they use your "favourite" character, the more FC you get.
    13) Max out your likeability by sending FC daily. The higher your likeability, the more FC you get per friend, e.g. 5-7. It might be higher!
    14) Cash out at the Devil Pass[DP].

    The DP rewards are completely random. They range from items, summons, crystals (I got 400 once), and even coins (I got 200k just this morning). Naturally, you can use these to increase your Onyx count.

    0) Reset Onyx-rich events, e.g. Underground (costs Crystals).

    That's all I've got for now atm,😅 ~hope this helps!

    P.S. Flameseeker is right. It's best to forget about the Onyx counter for a while and let it build up overtime. This will mitigate the temptation of spending/wasting them right away.

  • Atreides LV.20 S Aug 12, 2019, 09:07 PM

    We are near the end of 10 days(?) of free x10 summons. All those 3-4 stars child are worth a lot of onyx.

  • Flameseeker LV.7 Nomad Aug 12, 2019, 06:31 PM

    Other than sending on expedition a bunch of 2-stars and then salvaging them for Onyx, there's not really any reliable or "fast" way to farm it. My advice is to not stress too much about it, do your dailies and just play the game. Sometimes I forget about that counter and when I look at it again, I can see "how much" I've gotten.

    PS: Onyx cost for fully awakening a 5-stars is ridiculous let alone maxing all of his skills.

  • Ruka Urushibara LV.17 Rare Candy Aug 12, 2019, 06:33 PM

    Completely agree and thanks for that. I'll start saving 2 stars