Loleta LV.2 Lurker
Jun 6, 2019, 09:55 PM 1,543 read

Couple suggestion for the Team behind the Global version


      1 - We want a Maat banner or any easier ways to get more Maat   2 - Give all players free +200 inventory + character slot or change it like the Japanese version with only 50 gems cost to expand if this is too much for your "generosity"   3 - lower the skin costs in the custom shop or change it to gem costs like other versions   4 - Re-balance Devil Rumble and fix the AI power creeping + add GM's rank double boost so players and newcomers can catch up to Plat easily   5 - Add a "one click" in Exploration to apply and claim rewards from all locations   6 - Remove the Event dungeon limitation and make it EXACTLY like the JP version with stamina cost   7 - REMOVE the 5* ticket from the lucky box packages on the SHOP .. its too scammy and it doesn't give you the child that you payed for   8 - make better ways to COMPENSATE players instead of making the game a money eating machine if you want a healthy stable community that support you .

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  • NO NAME verified Jun 6, 2019, 10:14 PM

    As someone who plays quite often, respectfully no to pretty much all this. Sounds like u just want an already free, generous and relatively easy game to give more for less.

    I would respond to each of your points, but honestly they just aren't well thought out enough to bother. Plenty of things to change, but these are all un-needed at best.

    As someone who doesn't play JP or KR, I don't compare it or even know what the other versions have. I think if this were the case for you, you would also be happy with what is available.

  • AndiVannir LV.20 Good Leader Jun 7, 2019, 03:28 AM

  • Ferry360 LV.5 Lurker Jun 6, 2019, 10:31 PM

    I fully agree with point 7, partially agree with point 3 and I think the rest of the point may be too much to ask and I think that the administrators treat us quite well considering that they have to make profits from the game, but I respect everyone's opinions.

  • ReaD LV.20 S Jun 7, 2019, 12:14 AM

    1. no
    2. no
    3. no
    4. no
    5. still no
    6. no
    7. we do dumb decision, but no
    8. not a suggestion

    is what the dev/linekr would say...

  • Lozhac LV.11 Chief Jun 7, 2019, 12:17 AM

    Go play jp

  • Otakuman706 LV.20 Insomniac Jun 7, 2019, 12:34 AM

    I agree with some, especially when it comes to spending like 50 buck for a CHANCE at a character- for that amount it should be for sure thing.
    I also think that costume costs have been a bit high.

    I would also like the prices of additional slots to be adjusted- they start to get very costly after a point (both child and equipment increases.) Wasn't a big issue before but it is getting to be one as time goes on and we add child after child. This especially bad if compared to other regions- 1000 crystals (and even more with further increases) against 50.

    If the prices weren't so outrageous I (and I know quite a few others who feel this way) would definitely support the game even more, but as it is I can't even afford to do much, and the little I could afford comes out to be worth very little. I mean look at the DOA stuff, you could spend over 500 bucks and still not get what you want. This doesn't even include other new stuff- 5$-50$ to unlock 'side-missions' and the comparatively high devil pass prices etc. If this continues I would expect more and more content to be behind a paywall.

    And it isn't a big deal imo, but a QOL update for that 'collect all' would indeed be nice.

    I know they are good on freebies but thats totally seperate from purchasable content- heck I would even understand it if freebies were 'lowered' if they would adjust various prices to even anywhere close to other versions or just at a more... palatable prices. At current prices they do limit the number of players willing to make payments.

    And yes I understand that different regions will have differing prices but they need not be outrageous differences. Long before I even knew there was a price difference between regions I felt they were a bit high. KmIn general many of the best games make good profits, even without making them straight up pay2win- something this game seems to be getting closer too.
    Had more I could further elaborate/correct but I don't wanna make this more of a wall of text and I need to go.

  • Diafylim LV.10 Nomad Jun 7, 2019, 12:54 AM

    I can get behind what you proposed. Most of OP's suggestion is just asking for what they want as an f2p. I'm an f2p too, but OP's points are ridiculously in favor of him/her. A few points I can agree upon like the inventory slot, but not 200 slots for free, but just make it cheaper, its just convenience for the players after all.

    I can fully get behind the shitty loot boxes. I'm not paying 43.99 for a 90% chance to possibly get Mammon, just imagine the rage if the 5* ticket hit him. I read JP gets the child for what they pay. We should too, that would actually give players who would be willing to make a purchase do so if they are 100% sure they will receive the Child. Not that bad a business decision.

  • Ninjaboi LV.5 Lurker Jun 7, 2019, 12:22 AM

    1 - No "We" don't

    2 - Why are you comparing Japan and Global here, Global gets a ton more crystals then Japan does daily, as such the costs are adjusted.

    3 - It's defo not getting changed to gems this late in, decreasing the price? It's fine, blood gems are just one of those meh currencies imo if you care for skins just save and get em.

    4 - Don't do or care for pvp outside of events so I have no opinion

    5 - Would be nice, I can agree with this.

    6 - While I do like the JP system, global is fine. I'm satisfied with my progress even with these limited tries lock.

    7 - Not a paying customer so not commenting on an issue that I don't experience.

    8 - I hate this point so much, this game is one of the most generous gacha games out there and while they do have their flaws the amount of free shit they give us is something else.

  • MonSTAR LV.4 Lurker Jun 7, 2019, 01:20 AM

    I’ve been playing for sometime; aside from the rates and questionable pricing(don’t have to buy), for the most part it’s fine(not going to play JP ver.) I would however like to see the shop icon under the news tab moved to the bottom main tab and somehow someway ensure the “completed” event/supports/services icons disappear off screen like Lisa’s daily’s. id even accept a drop down menu. Sooo much going on screen my eyes are about to fall out👀 lol. Good day

  • Impaler/Asmodeus LV.7 Nomad Jun 7, 2019, 12:56 AM

    I agree with point 3. I already mentioned this in one of the previous posts. 240 blood gems for a costume is too much. It's not like they increase all the stats by 1000 or something. Actually since costumes are just for flavor, we should be able to buy them with crystals. Otherwise I really can't justify paying 240 blood gems that you've been saving for couple of months to buy a costume.

  • Diafylim LV.10 Nomad Jun 7, 2019, 01:07 AM

    Not upvoting or downvoting. My thoughts on two of your points:

    Point 1: You are basically requesting a Maat banner in a weirdly worded way. I can get behind that, but it isn't something the devs would need to change besides doing a Healer banner poll which Syrinx and Maat would obviously take the top spots. Stop spending all free crystals on collabs with shit rates if you want a stronger team. Stay on the look out for possible Child specific banners. We had a Maat banner which included Healer Maat, Liberated Maat, Chang'e and maybe one other(?) before the the Kemono collab I believe. The Meta water team have been getting the most chances at Child specific banners so if you want the meta team, save some crystals for them.

    PvP, despite my gripes with it most times with the auto target switching feature, its actually not all that hard to climb. If you play at least 10 matches each day and have at least a 70% win ratio, you'd rank up at least once a week. Do some research on how to beat the Meta team. Sure fire way, use the meta team or opt for wood attackers focusing on tap skill burst damage. Choose your opponents instead of playing against each of the listed five. If they are too strong, wait for a pvp list reset and reset the list and again choose a team you think you can best.

  • LycaDelish LV.22 RIP Jun 7, 2019, 02:47 AM

    I completely agree with point 7. You should be paying £40 for the child you want, not gambling. End of.

    Don't really agree with anything else.

  • Da_Realshoota1879 LV.18 Sage Jun 7, 2019, 06:33 AM

    Wasn’t there already a Maat banner?

  • dislocke LV.6 Professional Noob Jun 7, 2019, 04:32 AM

    Well I do want a cheaper slot increase...1k crystal and almost 1 mil gold is quite expensive.
    That being said I do thought this is the most generous gacha game existing now and the most fun and spend the most time here
    Other gacha games I quit after a few days at most
    Idk about JP or KR version...but well this is Global
    Gotta deal with it lol

  • Luminous Likwid LV.3 Lurker Jun 7, 2019, 04:43 AM

    Some points i agree with(like taking the limits off of dungeons, more space for childs aspap and lowing the cost on some things)this game is one of the most generous games out there on all platforms KR JP and global have its pros and cons. They give out a ton of free stuff in events and easy ways to collect Gems rather than other games. So you arent forced to use your money at all. Ive played games that are less generous and fustrating and only cater to their paying players rather than their long term supporting players. Im not gonna lie either I've also started playing the KR just because theres more content but i believe once the game gets going the global version will have more content and things changed to it within time. Its only been 6months.

  • Extra Epitaph LV.11 Sweaty Jun 7, 2019, 05:23 AM

    Ok clearly most of these are ridiculous, but dont just shoot down the whole post like the first guy did.
    No, a maat banner isnt a necessity, shes amazing, but gacha games make there money around limited runs of units.
    Pvp, in any mobile game, will always be ruled by whales, this Is just unchangeable.
    The cost of inventory should be flat across all versions, yes, but Japan is far more lenient with its jp players across most gacha games.
    Also this game has the most overpriced microtransactions I've seen, they value costumes a bit to highly.

  • Revoltriot LV.7 Nomad Jun 8, 2019, 11:23 PM

    I would like a child slot expansion. I try to get rid of 1*, 2* and 3* all the time, but I also have to keep resources to evolve the Childs. As I keep more of the high grades *'s my Free space keeps getting lower and lower...

    I heard kr version already got an expansion and I can see the same happening (hopefuly) for us as they add more and more Childs, though.