Reika Mae LV.34 Dragon
Apr 12, 2019, 09:23 PM 3,079 read

World Boss Hype..... Dead?


Hmmm so, all these months we been preparing for World Boss and had so much hype for it, when it was released yesterday, did a couple of fights and resets, went looking at the mission rewards and everything else, hype died.   With the current onyx debt, most childs can't be used due to lack of onyx, it made me think if this event is even worth it to spend my onyx on the childs that will be used to fight this World Boss. The rewards are so..... underwhelming for the effort required preparing and planning and maybe some spending for those who can spend to get their team ready.   Let's see....   Do 237 million damage and you get 300 crystals? Is this a joke?   421 million damage and you get a 4-5* ticket? Really? All that work to do good damage for 2 weeks and you give us this?   Lastly, the whole freaking server reaches phase 10 and you give us, wait what equipment ticket is that? For potential equipment fodder that could not even raise a level? OMG   On a side note, big thanks to giving us Archfiend Davi after clearing 13 missions, maybe we should just do 13.

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  • Juna LV.3 Lurker Apr 13, 2019, 02:15 AM

    I have actually created an account just to honestly reply on all those thoughts about wb event.

    I haven’t played any other versions of DC so far and I have been really excited about this event. My preparation was okay, as good as I could do it. I got a couple of +6 6* childs and wow - I am so disappointed.

    It feels like the event itself isn’t really progressing anymore. We are on phase 2 now and it seems like many people will not even compete anymore. It is way too hard and we will all get whiped in phase 3 I guess. I highly doubt we will even reach phase 4.

    And the rewards are garbage compared to ragna. This is really frustrating and we are only on day 2.

    Also reaching 3 mil damage - I mean.. okay if we could have some time and try different setups - no problem. I did 2.8mil damage and thought i can just try for the 3 mil later on but now the WB is just being too strong to reach that goal. Fml.

    Also. stop those horrible 3% Chance banners. Those are absolutely depressing.

  • Ginebra LV.7 Nomad Apr 14, 2019, 09:15 AM

    +1 on the 3% banner (and everything else really) i just feel like they are treating us like we are dumb or something.

  • Ginebra LV.7 Nomad Apr 12, 2019, 11:44 PM

    meh, i was praising this devs for what the`ve done before (like the 25m gold they gave us as an apology for screwing it up) but i just lost interest lately, every nice skin is behind a BIG paywall (sorry 40$ for a stupid ass skin is way to much, i can buy a entire new game with just that, lets not talk about shop prices ugh) the banner rates are shit (almost a scam, they show you a child with a 3% rate when is not even 1% and you can still get any other child most of the time) and now this event, every time i thought on supporting them i fell back, disappointed.

  • LemonDr0p LV.21 Dragon Apr 14, 2019, 10:38 PM

    I've been waiting for Diablo's skin since the beginning of the game. I really hope we can work for it and it's not $40. That would break my heart.

  • Atreides LV.20 S Apr 12, 2019, 09:37 PM

    Yep, that's what I thought when I saw the rewards. I hope there is something more to come because so far it's disapointing.

    I guess the real reward is supposed to be the magic mirror shop? I'm saving for my sixth and final Eve.

    As for Archfiend Davi, that's nice, but as usual, special 5* child that you can't uncap are pointless. She will end up with Charlotte, Krampus, Moa and Morgan­.

  • Cheesaw LV.20 Assassin Apr 13, 2019, 02:19 AM

    Wait! Charlotte can't be obtained anymore?! I think I'm gonna cry now. She was the second child that I got and I used her constantly up until recently, always believing that one day I'd 6+6 her...

  • BroknSwrd LV.15 Outlaw Apr 13, 2019, 03:19 AM

    Shell still be around for rare banners, but you can pull her from regular things.

  • YoungDadBod LV.25 Wolf Apr 13, 2019, 07:28 AM

    Yeah, been playing almost since Global was first released and was really looking forward to WB but boy oh boy. Hopefully this is a good foundation for them to make the future ones much better. They've been doing pretty good in terms of listening to feedback so I'm also hoping that our voices are heard on these matters.

    Biggest problems for the moment seem to be:
    1. Supreme lack of onyx
    2. Short notice on Ragna & WB child reveals
    2. Low damage to WB & impending doom to our teams
    3. Lackluster Trial Mission rewards
    (Although the shop isn't terrible in comparison)

    Still a lot of good to the game though, honestly the longest I've committed to playing a mobile game, so I really hope to see it continue to grow and prosper.

  • Cheesaw LV.20 Assassin Apr 13, 2019, 09:33 AM

    Honestly the only thing that bothers me about this one is the rewards. I feel like there's nothing to strive for. The best thing in the shop is the Eve, but one more uncap is not that exciting. The Archfiend Davi and petite Mona are nice, but those were easy to get. The Eve costume would be awesome, but as someone else said I won't spend $43 for it (though I know some will).

  • franky rai LV.5 Lurker Apr 12, 2019, 09:32 PM

    I definitely agree to this. Now I regret spending all those onyx for those water specific wb units which i will never use after this event. All those resources wasted just for some crappy rewards is BULLSHIT!! Yes i repeat BULLSHIT!!! The global devs needs a slap in their faces for this bullcrap of a WB "shitty rewards"event.

  • ReaD LV.20 S Apr 12, 2019, 09:36 PM

    reaching phase 10 for......fodder?

    nice joke dev, please stop taking medicine that make you high...

  • 辣鸡游戏毁我青春 LV.3 Lurker Apr 12, 2019, 09:51 PM

    Can't agree no more. The resources you invest in this event are many times more than in the Ragna Break, but the reward is less than one-tenth of the latter.

  • Haziel LV.1 Mootie Apr 12, 2019, 09:54 PM

    Indeed, the effort to participate in the WB was too big and the rewards are really small. I don't even know if I will have enough mirrors for just another Eve.
    The lack of Onyx broke everybody.

  • Child's Play LV.25 Pokémon Master Apr 13, 2019, 04:55 AM

    Couldn't agree more with this post. too little time, too much onyx investment, too little rewards

  • AnotherMae LV.10 GG Apr 12, 2019, 11:09 PM

    I agree with the reward not worth the resource that we used to build 20 childs.

    About Onyx for upgrade skill is really a problem while other servers use gold to upgrade skill we global use Onyx that is harder to get than gold.
    Onyx for max skill rank7 lv10 all 3 skill cost about 910k+152k for awakening 5* = 1.062 million/+6 5* child

    And I don't know this is only for global or not but my front row dies a lot because damn Maat always uses her goddam tab skill instead of slide skill even if no one got freeze or petrify.

  • Johan Kim LV.20 Let’s play Destiny! Apr 13, 2019, 02:03 AM

    I got you there. Playing 20 childs manually is hard but auto really ditches my team like Davi is about to DS and my Mars CD is on the way expecting she uses slide but no...she tap and then 3 of my childs die. 😭

  • ブルーベリー餅 LV.5 Insomniac Apr 13, 2019, 01:19 AM

    This feels more like a test than actual least i'm glad it was davi and not khepri with such a lackluster showing

    However, as someone said before, with this type of event that requires SO MUCH PREP, announcing exactly what wb it is the day before is not smart at all, and seriously gimps the playerbase. They should have announced it was davi 2-3 week ago, allow us to properly prep and build excitement.

    I love this game, but between the lackluster rewards and lack of proper communication, my wb hype died quickly....

  • R.E.Z LV.20 Gameboy Apr 13, 2019, 02:24 AM

    Yea, they’re pretty lackluster.

  • Lozhac LV.11 Chief Apr 12, 2019, 09:32 PM

    any response? Game manager?

  • Mirastoria LV.22 S Apr 12, 2019, 10:03 PM

    Those missions rewards are just not really attractive for ur work, only those from Shop are kinda better like evolve slime, Eve, and tickets. And all those rewards rely on everyone’s work , but I don’t really think it is possible to reach that high, only Eve looks more doable.

  • Reika Mae LV.34 Dragon Apr 12, 2019, 10:08 PM

    I bet we only reach Phase 4 if we are lucky, not that it matters now. LiangChou will carry us there.

  • JokerOfAllTrades LV.20 Epic Apr 12, 2019, 10:12 PM

    Sounds about right. Looks like DC team is aware of this since they are having "double damage" weekend for the WB. Still don't think it will help enough.

  • Reika Mae LV.34 Dragon Apr 12, 2019, 10:14 PM

    It's like, hmm we do double damage then what? Not like the rewards are gonna be double too

  • franky rai LV.5 Lurker Apr 12, 2019, 10:19 PM

    we get 2 devil fiestas in a row maybe the dev thinks its enuf

  • Reika Mae LV.34 Dragon Apr 12, 2019, 10:21 PM

    Well if that's the case, every WB I will just use the auto build team function. Don't need to do any preparation since rewards are not in it anyway, haha

  • Mirastoria LV.22 S Apr 12, 2019, 11:17 PM

    Reika Mae  At least every boss contain many similar child
    Leda, Maat ,Mars, 5 fire, Midas/Persephone, Freesia/Tiamat/Jupiter, 1-3 speed up, one poison, then only several fit elements attackers need to prepare.

  • LemonDr0p LV.21 Dragon Apr 14, 2019, 10:56 PM

    I got Eve yesterday and I already have 70k coins. I don't know how it'll be after WB hot time though.

  • Not on Mod Watch LV.2 Lurker Apr 12, 2019, 10:34 PM

    I agree the rewards feel lackluster in comparison to the amount of onyx gold and fodder I need to spend to even get a wb team going.