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Dec 6, 2018, 05:03 PM 16,210 read

Special Events for New Archfiend Candidates

Attention, candidates! ​ As the Archfiend Contest begins, we’ll be holding a permanent event to constantly support new Archfiend candidates. ​ If you’re new to Destiny Child, we recommend checking out the events we’ve prepared! ​ [How to participate?] Just start the Game! ​ ■ Welcome Package -We’ve sent [Welcome Package] to help your journey. Check your mailbox! ​ ■ Devil Festa -Tap [Devil Festa] button on the lobby -Clear event missions and get tons of rewards! -New event missions will be given each day, complete them all to claim the final reward! ​ ■ 8 days of Promises -You’ll be receiving gifts simply by logging in every day! -Gifts will be given for 8 days from your first login. ​ [Event Details] Start Date: December 6th, 2018 UTC End Date: None! We will constantly support every new Archfiend candidates! ​ Don't miss out tons of rewards and gifts we’ve prepared to support you!  

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